Hospital Supplies link to Economic Woes in Venezuela

One of the largest hospitals in Venezuela, University Hospital of Caracas, is a worrying representation of the economic state of Venezuela. The BBC News May 7th reports on the lack of electricity, essential supplies, and resources available to patients and doctors. Local doctors describe the shortages as all encompassing that requires them to come up with ingenious ways to help patients. This includes recording X-Rays via personal phone and finding other materials to write on since paper is a scarcity. These shortages can easily be dismissed as an anomaly specific to the medical field but zooming the lens to the whole of Venezuela suggest that this anomaly is more common than previously assumed.

Recent news reports by El Venezolano of government workers only allowed to work two days a week and electricity being cut from neighborhoods for days suggest the dire economic issue surrounding Venezuela. Not only have oil prices greatly decreased, an important commodity for Venezuela, but local droughts have caused the states’ hydro-electric dam unable to produce consistent electricity. There are supports and detractors from both sides on the role the government has played in the current economic status of the country. The question from analyst David Osio remains if the Venezuelan government can come up with a sound economic plan to revitalize the economy as well as the people.


Dick DeVos Announces The Hiring Of Phil Dolci

Billionaire businessman Dick DeVos has hired Phil Dolci, 48, to head the Stowe Company, part of the Windquest Group. The Holland-based corporation is the manufacturer of custom storage units and home modular systems. Dolci will replace Fred Newman, who is retiring at the end of this year. The highly-successful Stowe Company operates under the Amway umbrella, the global corporation that was founded in 1959 by family patriarch, Richard DeVos.

Dolci is a proven leader with more than 23 years in the consumer manufacturing and marketing industry. He previously served as CEO for Cincinnati-based sports shooting manufacturer, Crosman Corporation. “We are ecstatic with the hiring of Phil Dolci. He brings more than 2 decades experience to the table,” said Dick DeVos. “We thank Frank for his decades of leadership, and he will continue on as a member of our board of advisors.”

Dolci has worked for a number of high-profile outfits including ConAgra, U.S. Playing Cards, Dean Foods and Kraft Foods. He attended the University of Chicago and received an MBA from Northwestern. The Stow Company employs 280 people in the Holland and Indianapolis manufacturing facilities. There is no information regarding yearly revenue of this privately-held company.

The Stow Company has been in business since 1984. With the recent expansion, the facility is now a 200,000 square foot operation. The company’s custom home organization solutions are sold under Easy Track, Distinctive Wine Cellars, Home ORG Custom Solutions and Easy Closets. The Windquest Group have acquired at least 12 additional companies.

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Is Too Much Harming Your Look?

More is not necessarily best, especially when dealing with your wardrobe. Although, going the minimalist route on may be harming your expression of self and having the best possible outfits everyday. So, the median line is to find a place somewhere between having so many clothes there is no where to put them, and barely having enough to fill a backpack.

Many believe that a core statement piece is the way to go. They spend hours choosing out pieces that will go with this statement piece and then find that they are identified solely by that piece. Trying to get out from under the statement on that core piece makes about them, many then find they acquire too much and have no room left for everything they have bought.

JustFab has many different accessories that can help with this dilemma. Starting with shoes and working our way around to stylish jeans that will fit every time of day and outing, JustFab is a good place to go when starting off with a new wardrobe, or topping one off.

Core pieces for a wardrobe should consist of items like white t shirts and flats, as well as some jeans and a solid jacket that will go with almost anything. These are the pieces that we can use on any day and will go great with whatever we pair them with.

This does not mean that a bold sweater of flashy jacket is never in order. Rather these have their utility and one or two of them should be included in any wardrobe in order to round it out. The key is balance, not excess.

Fashion can be a fickle mate. What is hot one season can fizzle and die the next. Having core pieces that never go out of style is the way to ensure you stay stylish and fashionable no matter what the present trends are. While minimalism may be the best idea when speaking of consumerism, sometimes in fashion a little more may sometimes be best. Get pieces that make you feel good and work well for you, and fashion will follow your trend.

Gold Is Still A Good Investment Option Today

There has always been a strong interest for gold investments. For thousands of years, people have been using gold as an asset for their wealth. In the category of precious metals, gold has always been one of the most alluring, and despite other commodities, gold has endured the test of time and remained a valuable investment.

Gold Will Continue To Retain Its Value

Gold cannot go under, unlike other currencies created by the governments. This makes gold, and other precious metals, safe to have despite the fluctuations that happen in the market and economy.

Gold bullion, of physical gold, will continue to hold value despite what happens to other currencies and form of investments. Fiat currencies that are created by the government actually have a running lifespan, and even the strongest of them has lost it’s value since first being introduced.

It Is A Universal Currency

PR News Wire reported that ss far as currencies go, gold is universal, as in it is recognized around the globe and despite where you are, it will most likely be tradable for the U.S. Money Reserve. There are some gold bullion coins that are accepted tender in the appropriate countries.

This is the reason many investors keep small amounts of gold or other precious metals on them just in case, since it can always be used as a currency to exchange. Of course, it is highly advised to keep the majority of physical gold in a private place or holding facility to keep it secure.

Gold Retains Purchasing Power

When it comes to changes in the market or economy, it can have a huge effect on a person’s wealth, potentially cutting their wealth and purchasing power down. In the case of gold, it has retained its value and relative purchasing power over the course of time. This means that gold will still by about the same amount in product or services today as it did in the past.

The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is among the largest distributors of gold and other precious metals that are issued and backed by the government. Since it was founded back in 2001, it has shipped more than a million coins of different varieties and continues to grow and build clients today.

The professional team behind the U.S. Money Reserve have a long history in the market and are experts are finding the best products for customers at all levels. To ensure a feeling of security for it’s customers, the U.S. Money reserve offers a money back guarantee on all of its certified coins –

Venezuela Makes Down Payment To Dairy Farmers

Although Venezuela is suffering from financial difficulties, the company is taking steps to address various financial obligations. Most recently posted on the DavidOsio Blog, the Venezuelan government completed a $30 million payment to dairy farmers in Uruguay. The dairy farmers are sure to be pleased with the payment, but the amount is only a down payment. Venezuela owes the dairy farmers $100 million. When the remaining $70 million is to be paid is not known at present.

Currently, Venezuela is dealing with several problems adversely impacting its economy. Oil prices are down to the lowest levels in many years due to a host of global market factors. In addition, a massive drought has led to electricity shortages. Without power, an economy is not exactly going to run efficiently.

Economies have their ups and downs. History reveals this to be an undeniable fact. How long the ups and downs last is never known until a reversal in the trend commences.

The decision on the part of the dairy industry in Uruguay to extend $100 million in credit is really nothing outrageous. Venezuela’s economy garners tens of billions of dollars in oil exports alone. Unfortunately, the volume of exported oil – among other issues – has led to economic hardship. Venezuela ended up overextended with the dairy farmers and other importers.

A change in the oil landscape and an end to the drought could put Venezuela on better fiscal footing. Hopefully, these changes will occur within a reasonable amount of time.


Squaw Alpine Boss Interested in turning page on the divisive fight

The communities located at the north shore of Lake Tahoe have not had it smooth in the past years after an epic drought hit during the winter resorts and greatly affected the small businesses which most of the residents depended on.
The communities living at the north also had to face the political change which came in form of an incorporation battle over the home to Squaw Valley Resort, the most iconic winter sports terrain in North America and the Olympic Valley in addition to the natural challenge they were already being subjected to.
However, according to the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings president and CEO Mr. Andy Wirth, soon there could be relief. Wirth also revealed that the communities have been through some very tough four years.
The communities were provided with a mother nature which came in the form of early season storms accompanied with cold temperatures which helped the Tahoe area resorts and the Squaw Valley resorts to open much earlier than it has been for the past years.
The individuals who had supported the incorporation effort which was considered by Andy Wirth as a threat especially to the civic climate and the business instead provided political relief after they officially withdrew from their struggle in having Olympic Valley incorporated.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars were used by the Squaw Valle Ski Holdings as they tried to oppose the efforts of incorporation because according to Wirth, the move could have resulted in higher tax to the residents, the businesses and the a decrease to the level of services such as snow plowing and road maintenance which most people depended on. Andy Wirth also revealed that it could have easily isolated the Olympic Valley from the communities at the north shore.
Andy Wirth also claimed that it was a true recipe for disaster which was a long threat to business operation. The article was published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.
About Andy Wirth
Born in July 1963, Andy Wirth works in the hotel industry and mountain resort. He is also Squaw Valley Ski Holdings current CEO and president. Andy Wirth is grandson to Conrad Wirth, the former Director at the US National Park Service and a great grandson to Theodore Wirth.
Andy has been working in the hotel industry and the mountain resort for the previous 25 years. His career started in 1986 working at the Steamboat Springs Resort and managed to work in different leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth was later appointed as the Chief marketing officer and the vice president of the Intrawest in 2007.

Sanjay Shah Investment Strategies Propels Solo Capital to an Influential Level in the Financial Industry

Financial firms are distinct from other companies in the industry. The financial service providers operate under regulation. The laws that govern their operation differ from one state to another. These regulations, as well as stiff competition, make investing in financial industry tricky and complicated. However, Solo Capital Market has managed to succeed in the competitive and tricky financial sector. The firm is based in London, England, but its regulation occurs in the United Kingdom.

Solo Capital offers services ranging from proprietary trading, consultation as well as investment in professional sports. The net worth of the firm towards the end of March 2015 was £15.45 million; the assets totaled to £67.45 million, and a total cash flow of £30.26 million. Solo Capital Markets operates under a close watch of Solo Group Holdings and Solo Capital Partner that are both managed by Sanjay Shah.

The Life and business ventures of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a former Kenyan national, who currently holds British citizenship. He completed his medicine degree but ventured in the business sector. He served as an accountant and offered his professional services to established investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. He decided to venture into private business in 2009, immediately after the financial crisis. He proceeded to establish his brokerage company, which marked the birth of Solo Capital.

Business ventures

He is an established investor who holds companies that offer services to over forty countries. The main offices are based in London and Dubai. Currently, he serves as the CEO and President of Solo Partners Capital. He has been able to lead Solo Capital to a respected company with an incredible online presence. His financial strategies have enhanced the growth of the company in terms of returns and increase in numbers of clients. Before Solo Capital was established, Sanjay received £19 million towards the end of March 31, 2011. He acquired Old Park Lane Capital, a firm that specializes in natural resources. Currently, Sanjay uses his extensive knowledge of the financial sectors to advice clients on how to make investments that are likely to attract great returns.

Philanthropic activities

The self-established billionaire is a resident of Dubai. He has established himself has a respected person in his community. He uses his personal wealth to support various community organization and projects. Sanjay goals are to build a strong business relationship both locally and internationally. He funds Autism research, a study that is aiming to establish the causative agent of autism. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, a non-profit organization that focuses on enlightening people about autism. The campaign also seeks financial supports from well-wishers to fund the autism research. The idea of starting the Autism Rock Foundation was propelled by the diagnosis of Sanjay’s son with neurodevelopment complication.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation Discontinued! Andy Wirth Cleanup Mission Reaches High Gear!

Amidst the recent political disaster Lake Tahoe survived after Incorporate Olympic Valley crusaders failed to earn the council’s favor; Andy Wirth continues his quest for community development. The region’s north shore zone have faced challenges beyond imagination as natural disasters such as drought cause economic setbacks. Olympic Valley houses some of the region’s best winter sports topographic landscapes and the renowned Squaw Valley Resort, a Reno-Gazette Journal piece remarked. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings invested a considerable fortune into stopping the incorporation under Andy Wirth’s leadership.

Fortunately, the storm season arrived earlier in recent months, which has resulted in resorts and small businesses opening ahead of schedule. While Wirth succeeded in averting an incorporation, backers have been the least reasonable. In fact, the masses expressed the rudest remarks and accused Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Holdings of having a personal agenda to stop the incorporation. Wirth quickly quieted this unreasonable interpretation, explaining that it’d expose surrounding communities to economic chaos. Amidst the problems included tax increases and other issues. Throughout the course of the next couple of years, Wirth plans to expand his commercial and residential development projects. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski landscapes have long needed express transportation services. In light of this, Wirth plans to support the building of an airlift base-to-base gondola.

Andy Wirth explained the gondola plans during an interview with Powder Magazine. He explained that Troy Caldwell whose land connects both ski landscapes agreed to project. Wirth remains a formidable force who continues to mastermind community development and humanitarian efforts. He survived the worst near-death ski accident and temporarily lost mobility. He couldn’t have recovered without therapeutic training as an Ironman triathlon participant. With this, Wirth formed an alliance with the empowering Navy Seals Ironman triathlon training team. Today, Wirth embarks on meaningful community development programs to aid the NAVSPECWARCOM (Navy Special Warfare Community). Through a dedicated Crowdrise campaign, Wirth supports ongoing initiatives of the NSF (Navy Seal Foundation).

The RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority) elected Andy Wirth into office as chair to RAAB (Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board) in 2013 according to a Sierra Sun press release. With this appointment, the agency accomplished needed development for the region’s economic welfare. Amidst enhancing the region’s business community, Wirth promised smartening air service, gaming and the entire ski landscape in hopes of strengthening tourism opportunities. Andy Wirth has the greatest hopes for restoring Lake Tahoe iconic resort village. He’s joined the Undercover Boss team on the hit CBS TV network series. He’ll highlight the iconic Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley zones, before transforming both ski resort villages. As Squaw Valley Holdings chief executive/president, Andy Wirth remains hopeful that this transformation is what the region really needs.

Retired Igor Cornelsen Shares his Wealth of Investment Knowledge with the World

Igor Cornelsen is a highly experienced banker and financial investor. He has worked in the Brazilian banking industry for many years. At the peak of his illustrious career, he held various executive positions at several top banking institutions in the couantry. Although Cornelsen is retired from active employment, he still consults in the field and writes many articles concerning the banking sector in Brazil.

Today, Igor Cornelsen lives in South Florida, US, with his family. He spends most of his free time golfing in various top golf courses in the United States as well as abroad. However, the avid golfer is still involved in investment activity as a hobby. He often consults with both institutional and private clients.

Investment Activity at Bainbridge Inc.

Cornelsen according to bizjournals works as the main proprietor of Bainbridge Inc. He is in charge of the company’s investment activity in the capital and financial markets. While working as a banker in Brazil, Cornelsen was at the heart of financial and capital investment. He gained firsthand experience in various investment opportunities and strategies in the stock markets. This has allowed him to take part in various successful investments personally as well as consulting with clients.

Stress on Long Term Investments

Throughout his career according to newsvine, Cornelsen has always stressed on the importance of long term investments in the stock markets as opposed to making quick short term returns. According to him, investors stand to gain more when they focus and plough back their returns into the stock market. Cornelsen has reiterated this message in many of his works and postings on social media platforms like Tumbler. His work and advice has also been published in many major publications around the world.

Although people want to make more money quick, Cornelsen insists that investing in passive income has more returns in the long run. He states that some of the benefits for investing in passive income include no direct involvement in the investment. This allows the investor to focus their time and energy in other income generating activities. Other benefits include continuous flow of income and the use of minimal resources that appreciate over time.

Advice on Investing in the Stock Market

Cornelsen advises clients and the public to pick their stocks in the stock market wisely. He cautions against investing in damaged companies because such stock offers no returns in the end. It will only depreciate because the company is not doing well. He however encourages people to choose damaged stock because they will be able to buy it cheap when prices are low. The stock price will eventually rise. This guarantees the investor good returns with a bigger pay off if they decide to hold it in the long run.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Plan Fails To Go Through

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission decided to call off a case by a group of pro-incorporation backers from Olympic Valley to incorporate Olympic Valley with the Northern iconic winter sports terrain. They told the group that the plan was not viable even in matters of the finances needed. The backers, however, were arguing that the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLP Mr. Andy Wirth had some hidden interests that he was protecting, and that is why he spent thousands of dollars opposing the incorporation plan; that he did not want the local residents who are the future town council to make decisions on land use. However, Wirth defended himself pointing out that the pro-incorporation backers too spent thousands of dollars to make the proposal pass.

From an article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth encouraged the residents to see the divisive fight as a process of healing for all in the Olympic Valley. He asked the community to work for an improvement in the transport services of Olympic Valley. Olympic Valley has been having the challenge of drought in the area for over four years but this time round, the temperatures are good since winter came weeks earlier. Their businesses will now improve, and there will be more tourists in the region. Wirth saw the pro-incorporation plan as a recipe for fiscal disaster in Olympic Valley. Taxes for residents and their businesses would have gone up and any person running a business even a wine business would have had it rough.

Wirth opposed the plan to save the future of Olympic Valley and for its development. He has a good plan for the area to develop like starting investments in real estate and building of commercial plots. He is also for the plowing of snow to enhance the safety of the area for its residents. Back then, Wirth had a serious injury that was considered fatal while skydiving in Olympic Valley .the injury took too long to heal but Wirth from the experience now runs a team that raises money to help Navy Seals in their rescue missions and for their family welfare once they return home.

Wirth has experience with airlines as he worked there for a long time. Also, he is holding a senior position with the airport authorities. Back then his duty was to manage airlines and connect them to tourist resorts in North America. His experience will be of good use to all resorts in Olympic Valley since he will help create airlines connecting the resorts to the airport in addition to developing the road system. The area will be easy to reach for many tourists. Wirth is also constructing a base to base gondola connecting Alpine Meadows with Squaw Valley. The two cultures merging will also be a form of tourist attraction in the area. His development plans prove that he had no hidden interest opposing the pro-incorporation plan.

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