IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has announced its plan to acquire two business units from the famous DRW Technologies, Inc. The two businesses include the Tactical Networking and Communication Business and the Aviation and Logistics Business. The Oklahoma-based Logistics and Aviation business provide mission support solutions, logistics, and air repair management. The Tactical Networking and Communication Solutions business are based in Aberdeen to provide information technology, engineering services, and communication solutions to the United States government. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. will integrate the two businesses on prnewswire.com uniquely to form their long-term strategy for growth.

This acquisition depicts the true nature of the company. For the firm, developing high-end solutions to every need is their core purpose. The acquisition will also increase the capabilities in place to IAP Worldwide Services to deliver solutions to their global client. Their addressable market will, therefore, double from the recent few years. The businesses will form a new common force for good. The National Security Program will integrate with the Aviation and Logistics business. The addition of these two businesses unto the company will fit naturally into the working environment. The company’s portfolio of services will be doubled to cover all the needs presented by the United States Government and other agencies from around the world.

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According to the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Kitani, the company has established a strategy to ensure that they grow organically. They will envelop themselves to meet the client’s needs through lean operations, customer-focused discipline, and innovation in all segments of the government. The core business of the company is integrated into the two businesses this acquisition also demonstrates the support the company has from its investors and board members. Therefore, their long-term commitment is established by the enterprise.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading international service and solution company. It has more than six decades of professional experience. The company offers a wide range of services to international government agencies and the United States. When it comes to the provision of seasoned program management, the company is a world-class leader. IAP Worldwide Services integrates and leverages its capabilities on iapws.com to provide a safe and reliable solution to meet the daily needs of the complex society. For the company, engaging in the unexpected is their daily business. The corporate headquarters of the company is located in Cape Canaveral. It has regional offices in more than 25 countries in the world. Other offices are located in Washington, D.C. area, Florida, Panama, and the United Kingdom.

Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner – Restoring Healthy Hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks so dry and lifeless after a good wash? Do you always remember to condition your hair after washing it? Conditioning is an essential part of the hair maintenance process. Here is why.

  1. Washing strips the hair of its natural moisture. A good conditioner will restore this moisture and restore shine to the hair.
  1. The vigorous action of washing roughs up the hair cuticles. Conditioning helps to smooth the cuticles. As a result, the hair detangles easily and is less frizzy.
  1. Most conditioners contain nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair. Regular use of these conditioners leads to an improvement in hair volume and texture.
  1. A conditioner is essential for anyone who has colored hair. The conditioner locks the color into the hair and keeps it looking fresh.

Now that we know why conditioning hair is necessary, the next step is finding the right conditioner.

Ever heard of Chaz Dean? Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen Hair Care, a range of natural hair products. These products are suitable for all hair types. Chaz Dean launched Wen Hair Care after he realized that most products in the market were stripping hair dry. His aim was to develop a hair care line that would leave hair looking moisturized and healthy.

After a lengthy process of product development, Chaz Dean came up with a no-lather Cleansing Conditioner. This 5 in 1 formula (http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589) combines natural ingredients that cleanse hair thoroughly without damaging it. WEN Cleansing Conditioner moisturizes and nourishes hair, leaving it easy to manage and style.

If you are searching for an excellent hair conditioner, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the best choice. This product will cleanse, condition and detangle your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Your hair will thank you for making this choice.

Be sure to like the WEN hair Facebook page and follow Wen hair on Twitter for updates! Also visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.



Air Conditioning Made Easy By Goettl Company

Air Conditioning is an essential need of today’s world. Goettl is an excellent Phoenix-based air conditioning company which is responsible for installation and services of air conditioners. Since its inception in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, the company has been known to deliver exceptional customer results through the 70 years of economic changes and technology change. There are two main service centers of Goettl Company. One is in Greater Phoenix, and another is located in Greater Tuscan. The company boasts of an excellent set of engineers and management team who are guaranteed to deliver best results at your home.

The current CEO of the Goettl company is Kenneth D. Goodrich. When he bought Goettl in December 2012, then the company was at a low ebb. However, with his business acumen and technical know-how, Kenneth instantly restored the company to its past glory. He has been able to successfully maintain the business in Las Vegas, Nevada, Corona, California, Phoenix, Tuscan and Arizona. He has 30 years of experience in HVAC system. Kenneth is also a President of the Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association.

Apart from his success in business, Kenneth is noted for his community service and humanitarian efforts. He is mainly interested in reforming the educational sector. On May 12, 2016, Kenneth awarded $1000 to Nick Hughes, a Marine veteran for starting his life in the industrial air conditioning sector. Kenneth is also known to fund many educational programs in Las Vegas.

The following are the three top services offered by Goettl Company:

Cooling services: From heat pump, AC installation, repair, emergency service, new designs and installations.

Heating Services: Gas and electric furnace installation, radiant heating installation, maintenance of air handler, ductless heating system and other services are offered.

Indoor Air Quality: hole house humidification, air cleaning, thermostat installation, air duct cleaning, UV germicide lights are provided.

Goettl Company maintains an interactive Facebook page where all the recent news associated with the company are posted. The customers can comment and give their suggestions. Apart from that, interesting topics on maintaining the air conditioner are posted now and then to increase the knowledge of the customers.

Goettl Company has an informative Linkedin Page which has all the necessary information regarding the company. Like Facebook, many engaging articles are posted on the page regarding the Company news and Air conditioning.

Maggie O of Las Vegas, NV gives a glowing review of Goettl Company and its service in YELP.COM about how the technician showed up on time and gave her step by step guide and solved her installation problem. She also managed to save $75 by being their member. She is the trusted reviewer on the site.

Perm Advice Women Can Use

Women can take the following advice into consideration, if they have a perm or will be getting one. Also, they should consider using WEN By Chaz products. More information will be discussed later on.

General Advice About Perms

First, there are a few things women should avoid. They should avoid perming bleach hair and they should not perm hair that has been straightened. This is because hair is too fragile after receiving those treatments.

Its advisable that women only get three perms per year. A good perm lasts for around 12 weeks and if your hair grows fast, then get the roots done in between perm sessions.

Using re-balancing shampoo is recommended because it can help make your hair shafts stronger. When you wash her hair, make sure you do it gently. Hair masks are also recommended.

If you want to maintain your curls, then use a voluminous mousse. You can use booster sprays too, and feel free to use a booster spray on a regular basis.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a very popular hair-care brand on Sephora. The brand was started by Chaz Dean, a stylist based in Los Angeles. He has worked with many well-known celebrities, and he has brought amazing products to the market(http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/).

Some of the products the brand sells includes specialty conditioners, frizz control products and styling products to name a few. The products are known for working very well and for being affordable. If you’re a woman who wants to use only the best hair care products, then order Wen By Chaz products. Visit the WEN YouTube channel for more information today.



Lovaganza Foundation Postpone Show For Five Years But Maintain Its Mission for Unity & Togetherness

With the aim of unifying the globe by showcasing different cultures, the bohemian inspired celebration of Lovaganza is bound to take place from May to September 2020. Plans for the global-wide celebrations are already in motion with the aim of the celebrations being to showcase, acknowledge and pay respect to all cultures around the world. Lovaganza 2020 will be rich in culture. It will mark an unprecedented display of magnitudes of culture on a global scale.

The show will take place in eight locations around the globe and will feature groundbreaking décor, exhibitions, and entertainment. Lovaganza 2020 promises a classic Cinerama feel celebration that portrays the past, present, and future of all nations in the world. Some of the “flagship” locations chosen to host the show are North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Middle East. Lovaganza celebrations will last for four months and will culminate with a climactic celebration known as Hands Across the World.

Initially scheduled for 2015, the bohemian inspired show will be pushed to 2020 to leverage the emerging entertainment technologies as well as allow incorporation of new cutting edge concepts. The Lovaganza Foundation aims at pushing boundaries and setting precedence for the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, more time is required for those technological advances to make their vision to come to life. The theme of the 2020 celebrations will be “Embarking on a bohemian adventure around the world.”

Before the Lovaganza Celebrations, a traveling show will leave in 2017 in a bid to promote the 2020 event on Wikidot. The traveling show will also be tasked with displaying cutting edge cinematic 3D glasses which will all be sampled to people for free. They will also elaborate on the missions and goals of the 2020 celebrations.

The Lovaganza foundation will release three motion pictures on finance.yahoo.com to get the crowds and people warmed up for the 2020 celebrations. The trilogy of motion pictures will be shown using 3D technology. These movies will be shown in Lovaganza’s Traveling Pavilions and will also be available in select theaters too.

The shooting of the footage has already begun in countries such as Spain, the US, and France. As for India, Africa, Middle East and the rest of the world, they will begin shooting the footage at a later date. The film trilogy will be shown in different venues and production will use groundbreaking immerscope screens that will offer viewers a contrasting feel of nostalgia and a futuristic feel.

Kevin Seawright The Brilliant Economic Strategist

Kevin Seawright is a manager and administrative leader well known for his strategic financial ability in achieving organizational long and short term objectives. Through out his career over 13 years now, Kevin Seawright has used his economic strategies to lead the people of East Coast in corporate responsibility.

He is currently the Vice President and Chief Officer of Finance Netwark Economic Development Corporation, through his superb economic strategies he has earned a positive reputation of himself and lead to appointment of his current position in the company.

Highlighting his success strongholds is that, Kevin Seawright has been able to formulate the finance/account department to align with the long term objectives of the organization and produce brilliant results through the use of technological initiatives.

He has also been able to formulate a strategic planning process in the company which has efficiently and effectively worked across branches in the Mid Atlantic region.

His main career accomplishment includes:-increasing customer satisfaction which has in turn rendered 25% increase in profit margin in the organization.

He has also enhanced better human resources services through; improving staff retention, job creation opportunities, improved customer relationship and overall company’s performance towards meeting its main objective. In turn these strategies has lead to good reputation of the company, supply of quality products and customer satisfaction.

Through out his profession he has set a pace as role model that is, a excellent leader we can all emulate, a man of the people as he has built a good rapport with managers, staff, leaders and most paramount the clients.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been awarded oftenly for his financial efficiency and extraordinary strategies and techniques in meeting the long term objectives. Kevin Seawright holds an MBA, and of current he is attending School of Business at Notre Dame Mendoza. What a brilliant leader and financial economist.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owners Take On Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is making a legal claim against the insurance company he used back when he was an owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson did business with a company called New Hampshire Insurance Company, also known as AIG. He has filed against them in court due to a breach of contract regarding the former Atlanta Hawks’ coach Danny Ferry.

Back in 2015, Levenson was entertaining an offer to sell the Atlanta Hawks. He employed Inner Circle Sports as well as Goldman Sachs to the all the necessary market research and to advise him financially on the deal. Part of the deal was the rights to the Philips Arena, and also the permission to choose a new coach for the team. This regrettably meant that Danny Ferry, the current coach, would have to go. Ferry was on a 6 year contract where he was promised compensation of $18 million. Since he was being terminated early Levenson and his company provided a generous package to compensate Ferry for his losses and the deal to sell the Atlanta Hawk’s went through. It is currently owned by Tony Ressler. Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Insurance Company who was supposed to cover Danny Ferry’s settlement package did not release funds to cover the matter. The insurance company had an obligation to immediately release funds as soon as it was notified of the deal going through and that stipulations in the policy on workplace torts, and wrongful termination had been triggered.

AIG did not give a response to Levenson (check out brucelevenson.com) and company when requests for a reply were sent and thus Levenson has now filed in court against AIG to recover the damages. AIG is being charged with breach of contract, and negligence which could justify an additional penalty of 50% being charged against it in this matter plus legal fees to the suing party.




Learn About College Basketball Betting And Useful Tips For Beginners

More people are getting into sports betting and there are many options when you enter into this industry. One of the most preferred sports in the U.S. is basketball betting and this is attributed to the many options one has for information.

Websites like Covers.com offer users a chance to get the latest information about different sports and particularly college basketball, which allows you to compare teams and performance as well as progression. With this information at hand, you are able to pick teams you are sure will not disappoint you while placing your bids. Below are some tips you should keep in mind while betting on college basketball.

Observe team’s effort
Every team stands out because of one factor and this is something you should keep your eyes on. Effort in basketball is one of the keys that determine the outcome of a match and a team that displays dedication to walk away with overall victory may be a good choice. Many people have used reviews posted on Covers.com and emerged with tremendous success in their betting on March Madness odds. The website offers odds and tips that help you to bet and choose teams that are likely to win more matches.

Don’t judge the bad performance
Teams are not always accurate and failure in a match does not imply the team is bad. In most cases, failure is motivated by lack of preparation or a number of factors that push the team to concede defeat. Instantaneous failure cannot be used to rule out a whole season for a team, so you need to use other metrics that show the real performance and potential of a team.

This is the only way you can avoid blind betting as exhibited in most bettors online. Do research to understand what could have caused the situation and if the team stands better performance in near future.

About Covers.com

Covers.com was established in 1995 by Paul Lavers with support from Joe MacDonald. The website is a flagship brand of Covers Media Group and it operates as a one-stop shop for gaming information covering topics on all areas. The website is managed by a 24-hour staff team that undertakes editorial tasks to offer statistics, articles and details to enthusiasts in sports betting. Some of the useful features included on the site are live scores and odds as well as detailed pages with key angles about each sport.

George Soros and Black Lives Matter

There have been a lot of rumors circulating that George Soros has been funding the Black Lives Matter movement. These rumors have been started around the time the protests have been interrupting speeches by Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush. They have been saying that the three women that have started the Black Lives Matter movement have been involved with the Open Society Foundation for a while. The amount of money that George Soros is said to have been giving is a total of $33 million. There have been plenty of sources that have been saying the same thing from right wingers to mainstream speakers.

After a while, Ken Zimmerman, the director of The Open Society Foundation has officially stated that George Soros has not been making any kind of donations to the Black Lives Matter. He has also stated that they don’t know how anyone could have jumped to those conclusions. One thing that could have triggered such a jump to conclusion is that George Soros has made donations to Hilary Clinton who is running for office. Therefore, they have thought that his Open Society Foundation has been involved with the shut down of the speeches within the last month. However, there are attempts to shut this rumor down.

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Zimmerman has stated that the Open Society Foundations does not necessarily fund protests. They instead look out for new voices. They are involved in the handling of immigration as well as the reform of the criminal justice. George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have been involved in global issues which include the EU crises which has culminated in the UK leaving the EU. The Open Society is highly involved with the issues of human rights and the handling of conflicts between governments. One thing that Open Society stands for primarily is justice for all. See: https://www.neweurope.eu/author/george-soros/

When Her AC Died, Local Company (Goettl Air Conditioning) Saved the Day:

Jean Jackson was in a bind, and a potentially deadly one at that. The 94-year-old woman lives in a trailer in Las Vegas, which was cooled by two small window air conditioners. At the height of summer, both units finally gave out. There was no way to replace them, as those air conditioners are so old they are no longer made. Not only that, but her trailer was in desperate need of rewiring, an expensive undertaking for someone living on social security. For the elderly, living without air conditioning during the hottest months of the year can be dangerous.

Enter Goettl Air Conditioning and its sister company, The Sunny Plumber. They came to Jackson’s trailer and set up a system to cool the entire trailer in the summer, and keep it warm in the winter. The trailer’s water line was also fixed.

“I think it’s incumbent on all businesspeople to look after their community, and to give back to people who are less fortunate,” said Ken Goodrich, Goettl’s owner. Your text to link…

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 and moved the business to Las Vegas in 1968. The company also provides service to Arizona residents in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Its expert technicians can repair and install a variety of AC systems. In addition, Goettl offers regular maintenance of air conditioners.

Goettl offers many different kinds of AC systems. These include packaged air conditioners, ductless mini split air conditioners, duel fuel ACs, and swamp coolers. Along cooling homes and businesses, Goettl’s technicians can also install systems designed to heat homes, improve indoor air quality, and promote energy efficiency.



Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

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