Beneful And Their Wonderful Food Options

If there is a dog food brand that sticks out from the rest and provides amazing service, this is the best one to provide on the market. The company has remained to be quite unique because of what they offer, the ingredients they use, and the fact that they us estriol sly real food in all of their options for dogs. Don’t worry about getting annoying preservatives in your foods, because Beneful strives to give real food to your dogs.

Healthy Puppy Real Chicken

This is one for the many dry dog food options by Beneful, and it can give your growing puppy all of the required calcium so to keep them healthy. It’ll give them all the required DHA to help support their brain and improve their vision. Development of their health is so important to see them get stronger and healthier.m the real chicken inside with the lead and carrots make the perfect combination.

ORIGINALS Real Chicken

This is by far one of their best dry dog food options for dogs because it has real chicken with a ton of antioxidant rich nutrition on for dogs to take in daily. If you want your dog to be energized and moving with an active lifestyle, they need to have this amazing chicken to help keep them strong and healthy. Let them enjoy the crunchy taste of this specific treat. Expect to have your dog enjoy the carrots, tomatoes, and avocados mixed in with the real chicken.

Beef Stew

This is one of Beneful on facebook get dog food options that has peas, carrots, rice, and barley in their ingredients list. Everything is real and strong, so there is no need to think these are all fake food. Everything is perfectly fine for your dog to eat. Providing wholesome grains, veggies, and other great meaty chunks, your dog will enjoy bringing this amazing blend of food into their daily regimen.

Chopped Blends

This is one of Beneful’s chopped blends available on the market right now. It has beef, carrots, peas, and barley. Keep your dog’s taste buds happy with this specific treats it can roof ice them with a savory experience because of all the ingredients mixed in all together. There is a delicate and strong taste that provides an amazing texture that makes it fun for them to eat.

Beneful is one of the few brands you need to buy your dog food from.

Tennis Pro Marcelo Melo Signs A Deal With BMG Bank’s Ricardo Guimarães


Brazil is known for its white sand beaches, party-like atmosphere, the smallest bikinis in the world and football. But it’s not just Brazilian football that makes the people of Brazil go crazy. Tennis is another sport that Brazilians love. Tennis pros in Brazil are not that well-known outside of the country, but this year a Brazilian tennis great may change that. Marcelo Melo has been winning on the tennis circuit this year and some tennis experts believe Melo could become number one. There is one bank in Brazil that thinks Melo is already number one. BMG Bank, the Guimarães family-owned bank in Minas Gerais just signed an agreement with Melo. The President of BMG Bank, Ricardo Guimarães, wants to help Melo become the best player in the world and Guimarães is putting up enough money to make that reality.

Guimarães is a sports lover. BMG Bank sponsors football players and teams as well as volleyball and basketball events. Mr. Guimarães knows Brazilians connect with sports, and he wants to develop a strong connection between Brazilian sports and BMG Bank. Guimarães uses sports as a marketing tool to promote his payroll loan product.

Melo has been winning matches around the world this year, and tennis experts think he has a good chance to win one or two of the big matches in the United States and the United Kingdom. Guimarães thinks Melo could put Brazil on the tennis map, and if he does the BMG Logo will be prominently displayed on his shirtsleeve. The deal between Melo and Guimarães is a basic sponsor-player deal where Melo will endorse BMG Bank, and BMG Bank will help Melo become a visible and viable force on the men’s tennis circuit.

BMG Bank and Melo will both get a lot of media coverage and according to Guimarães that is a win-win for both of them. BMG Bank is one of the top banks in the consignment credit industry and this new relationship with Melo will help the bank attract clients they never had before. There are more than 40 million middle-class people in Brazil, and at least 25 percent of them are tennis lovers.

Guimarães told that he plans to wear a Melo tennis shirt in the bank, and all of his bank employees will do the same. BMG Bank employees already wear football jerseys on certain days in the bank, so the tennis shirts will be a welcome change, according to Guimarães.

I Have A Foster Dog Who Loves Beneful

I unwittingly became a pet owner because my neighbor became homeless and asked me if I would watch her dog. Even though it’s been two years on, my neighbor claims she will come back for her dog, but for now, he’s mine to care for. I’ve fallen in love with the dog, and I do a lot of things to care for him. I give the dog showers with my extended shower head, and I make sure that I take the dog for a walk every day. I play with the dog a lot, and I can see that he loves me as much as I love him. I’m dreading the day when his owner comes back for him, but I’m living for the moment.

I wasn’t sure about what kind of dog food such as Beneful on facebook to feed the dog when I first got him, but the pet owner suggested that I give him Beneful. I didn’t think twice about buying the food, and I have to reinforce her decision to buy Beneful. I see what Beneful does for my dog, and I can understand why he likes it because it even smells good to me when I pour it out into his bowl. I’ve bought some of the bowls of wet Beneful as well, and my dog just goes nuts over it. The bowls of wet Beneful have some amazing ingredients in it, and I can smell that it’s also a great food.

Between feeding my dog Beneful, taking him for walks, and giving him showers, I also care for him in other ways as well. I learned that dogs can have problems with their teeth, so I take my dog to regular veterinarian visits, and I always make sure to get his teeth checked. I give my dog Beneful dental treats, which are a great way to help him clean his teeth every day. I also take a toothbrush and brush my dog’s teeth whenever he lets me, so I know that I have a very clean dog. I hope when my dog leaves me he’ll be as happy with his previous owners as he was with me.

Success and Society with George Soros

Before he was an active philanthropist and busy fighting for voting rights, George Soros survived World War II while living in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Rising to become Chairman of the Soros Fund Management LLC headquartered in New York City, Soros’ story has been an incredible one. His journey led him to leave Hungary, eventually authoring fourteen books and becoming a successful hedge fund manager all while making philanthropical strides with Open Society Foundations. After fleeing Hungary in 1947, Soros made England his home, graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952. Upon graduation, he began his career in finance first as an entry-level investment banker in London, then moving to the United States in 1956. After gaining experience at several New York firms, Soros founded his own hedge fund company in 1973 called Soros Fund Management. Soros’ foray into this venture was hugely successful. Soros Fund Management evolved into the Quantum Fund firm, known for aggressive investments which successfully made returns upwards of 30% per year. Soros proved to be so accurate in his investments due to his talent at translating economic trends into market plays. Although he specialized in the short-term move, his big predictions always proved wildly accurate. Using his hard-earned insights, Soros churned out not one but fourteen books on the subject. His expertise has led him to become a best-selling author, with readers clamoring for his financial wisdom. His book subjects span a wide range of the global market, politics, and the economy at large. His books cover European Unions, the Crash of 2008, global capitalism, the Soviet system, and many other subjects. With his latest release in 2014, his insights continue to be fresh and relevant. In addition to his lengthy career in finance, Soros has made philanthropy a center focus in his life. Establishing his organization Open Society in 1979, Soros sought to establish open societies instead of governments following an authoritarian style of rule. He has set out to tackle this goal through a variety of ways. For example, he supports black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa through scholarship support to give them an opportunity they may not have previously had. Soros has also begun supporting the fight against voter restrictions in the United States. Currently, there is a legal battle hoping to clear the way for more equal voting rights and Soros is ensuring Democrats have the financial backing to continue the fight. Republican-led legislation seeks to impose time restrictions on early voting and voter identifications that target the vulnerable’s right and ability to vote. Soros has noted his pride in this fight to ensure equal ground on Election Day. His philanthropy has also been a highlight of his career, crediting his success in the financial market giving him the freedom to pursue just causes. Although this work is certainly to be admired, his incredible success in the financial industry is an accomplishment that can stand on its own as well.

New Products Unveiled by Slyce Search Platform

Slyce is a visual search platform that aids retailers in improving their customer engagement. The technology seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s e-commerce site and then allows customers to search for products with nothing more than a picture. Slyce then provides products from the retailer’s inventory that most clearly match the picture. According to a piece originally published on Yahoo! Finance Slyce was scheduled to showcase several new search products at

Among these products was Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This new technology makes visual search that much easier for users by providing multiple avenues with which to search. Now, in addition to pictures, customers can also search for products via QR codes, bar codes, and even coupons.

Along with the Universal Scanner Slyce has come out with Snap-to-Coupon. This exciting new feature helps out retailers and customers alike by increasing the likelihood a person will actually use their coupons. This technology allows customers to quickly save coupons by taking a picture of them. It then follows up with the customer by alerting them when they are close by a store that they have coupons for. Snap-to-Coupon also helps customers out by reminding them when their coupons get close to their expiration dates.

Slyce Insights is also debuting as the preeminent visual search data analytics platform. This platform provides vital data to the retailers encompassing how customers are searching for their products. With the addition of this new service Slyce hopes to provide information key to improving a customer’s online shopping experience.

Another intriguing product being brought out is an out-of-stock mitigation tool. Although still in beta development this product shows great promise for the retail world. Currently if a consumer is searching for an item and it is unavailable they will quickly move on to a new website to obtain what they are looking for. With this new tool Slyce hopes to curtail the problem by immediately providing close substitutes for the product to customers. This could help to significantly increase sales by providing customers with new options and even giving customers exposure to products that they may never have heard of.

Kenneth Griffin Contributes To Financial Markets Field While Aiming To Make Them Safer

People in the hedge fund field know who Ken Griffin is and the contributions he has made to the field. His contributions, however, stretch further than just his ability to manage funds well; including his philanthropy, he also aims to help his field grow through better rules and regulations to keep the market safe and fair.

Ken Griffin on citadel was not always known as the hedge manager he is today, however, while earning his degree at Harvard University he started a hedge fund. This first hedge fund would be his breakout success showing his talent before officially joining the field. Kenneth Griffin’s success was not that of just being able to make money in the market while still in college, he was also responsible for the strategy to protect his funds investments during the stock market crash that happened in 1987.

In 1989 Kenneth graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics. After graduation Kenneth had a chance to invest $1 million provided by Frank C. Meyer, Meyer is an investor and founder at Glenwood Capital LLC. This gave Kenneth Griffin the chance to once again show his ability to read and understand the market, affording a profitable return on the original investments.

With the money made from past investments Kenneth set out to found his own company known as Citadel in 1990. Citadel blew past expectations by having over $1 billion in investment capital within only 8 years; this period also saw the company expanding to over 100 employees.

Today Citadel is still considered one of the top financial service business and has won various awards for not only their performance in their field, but also in their work place environment which saw Citadel take home the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial services in 2015. Kenneth Griffin frequently aims to create an environment which aims to encourage teamwork and creativity to help create unique ideas within the company.

Kenneth has continued to show how he believes employees should be rewarded for hard work by implementing multiple employee perks which includes; free lunch, museum tours and a fitness program. This sentiment goes further than just his employees by pushing for better regulations aimed at making a more fair equity market in America.

While politics and regulations is not usually considered an interesting topic Kenneth continues to try to bring change that would offer better stability in the market. Investing is all about taking risks, however, risks should be mitigated.

With Kenneth Griffins success he has been afforded the change to help others by donating $150 million to Harvard for scholarships. This and his donation to help Children’s Memorial Hospital, while also funding University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center. Kenneth and his wife, Anne Griffin, believe in helping young minds achieve their goals.

Kenneth Griffin is likely to continue to push for better regulations and offering insights from his many years in the financial markets field. His continued success in business is unlikely to slow, and his continued help in various communities is going to continue.

Saving Our Environment Starts with Our Youth

Catastrophic weather events, eroding of shorelines and an increase of toxic waste are just a few of the events that are contributing to the decline of our environment. Water, Air and food are many of the things we take for granted but are adversely affected by the decline in our environment. Unless we take action, things will only get progressively worse.

Jon Urbana has always been passionate about environmental issues and working with young people. Rather than sit back and wait for the world to change, Jon is actively working to shift the way we think about and treat our environment and he’s starting with our youth.

As indicated on Crowdrise, Jon Urbana received his B.A. in 2005 from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, where he played on their lacrosse team. Urbana is co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and has spent the last several years as Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies, a medical device company. In addition to his other roles, Jon collaborates with local youth and encourages them to think about ways they can improve the environment. This fosters personal ownership of our environmental problems and assists the youngsters in thinking of new and innovative ways to improve the state of our planet. As his videos show, the youth Jon works with are able to experience nature and learn about the effects our actions today have on the environment in the future.

Jon has partnered with Earth Force, an organization that engages youth to learn about environmental issues. In partnership with large corporations, Earth Force, Inc. encourages youth to learn what they can do to foster a healthier environment. Their focus areas are clean water, sustainability and health.

Jon’s passion and dedication to working with youth shows in his commitment to ensure that our youth know even one person can make a huge difference in fixing our environment.

Doe Deere Brings an Extra Element of Excitement to the Cosmetic Industry

When people think of high powered executives they’ll usually come with some preconceptions. But cosmetic CEO Doe Deere would come as a surprise to many of those people. Because she’s not only a business and technology executive. She’s also someone with a breathtaking and often quite wild style. It might seem an odd match of styles at first. Someone who would look at home on stage at a rock concert in control of a successful company. But to understand where Doe Deere is, one must first look at how she arrived there.

Not all that long ago Doe Deere was studying fashion in school. But like many people interested in artistic pursuits she found herself wanting to branch out. She was also eager to try applying another of the truths which usually go along with artistic mastery. It’s well known that art from one sphere tends to help enhance performance within another. Doe Deere knew that she had a talent and a passion for fashion. But she began to wonder just what that could mean for other artistic pursuits. It’s little wonder then that she jumped when given the chance to join a rock band. It wound up being one of the most influential decisions in her life. It would be hard to imagine at the time, but joining a band was what would eventually lead her into a position at the head of a company.

The main reason comes down to makeup. Being on stage can give a visual artist an amazing opportunity to really gauge how different decisions work with the crowd. It’s easy to see how both small and large changes can impact an audience. This gave Doe Deere an unprecedented chance to really hone her skills. And for the most part she had a lot of success in that venue. However, there was one aspect of it which continually left her unsatisfied. Every makeup brand she found came out subpar in one way or another. Higher quality brands tended to be far more subdued. While at the same time the more exciting types tended to be made with a much lower level of quality assurance. She needed something that fit into the best of both worlds. Something wild but also high quality. It didn’t seem like such a thing even existed. And as such Doe Deere once again decided to make some big changes in her life.

Doe Deere simply decided that she’d need to take matters into her own hands. And she proceeded to create her own makeup. It proved so amazing that she was constantly asked just where she’d bought it. And just as often she had to tell people that there wasn’t any way to purchase it. This would eventually leed her to decide on a change in career paths. She wanted to bring her creation to the people who desired it. And this was the birth of both the Lime Crime brand of makeup and Doe Deere’s career as a cosmetic CEO.

Notre Dame’s Matt Landis Awarded For 2015 Season

matt landis lacrosse
Notre Dame Lacrosse’s senior defensive player Matt Landis is no stranger to athletic success. The Pellham, New York native has been winning awards for his athletic ability since high school, and his 2015, junior season at Notre Dame was no exception.

The close defense player started all fifteen games of the 2015 season, during which he helped lead the team to a second straight NCAA National Championship bid, that ended with a close, 11-10, loss to Denver in the semi-final round. His most notable contribution during the tournament came in the quarter final game against Albany when he held the NCAA’s leading career scorer to just one goal.

matt landis lacrosse
Having already been selected twice as the ACC Defensive player of the week during the 2015 season, it came as no surprise when Landis was voted the ACC Defensive Player of the Year by the league’s head coaches. The first team All-American selection was also the first defensive player to ever be named Player of the Week by Epoch/Lacrosse Magazine in May. His 2015 honors culminated with the awarding of the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association’s William C. Schmeisser Award as the nation’s top defensive player.

matt landis lacrosse
As Matt Landis enters his senior year in the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame University, he continues to show promise both academically and athletically. He will undoubtedly play an integral role as the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team pushes for a third straight championship run in the 2016 season.

Sergio Cortes Keeps Jackson Alive In People’s Hearts And Minds

Few would argue against the idea that death is always a tragic occasion. It’s the end to so many things. But while it’s tragic in any context, it’s perhaps most so in the case of the greatest artists. Everyone has influence on the people around them. The joys of one’s life have a tendency to spark the fire of joy in another as well. But the great performers are more like a bonfire of joy within the world. Their life provides a vast amount of joy and warmth to all the people’s of the world. But for some performers death doesn’t have to be the end. For example, Michael Jackson continues to give some amazing performances even after he’s passed on. This might seem impossible at first. But it all makes sense once one meets MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes isn’t simply an impersonator. He’s a performance artist in his own right, whose craft is centered around Jackson. He’s set a difficult task for himself. Not only does he need to be able to sing and dance as well as Jackson, he needs to do so while staying in character. And that goes for the times when he’s off the stage as well. And this is one of the aspects to his take on impersonation which makes him so amazing and unique. Cortes isn’t content to simply play the part of Jackson on stage. He really wants to bring the full experience of interacting with the King of Pop back to the world. When Cortes is in character, he stays in character.

Sergio Cortes obviously has an almost miraculous resemblance to Jackson. But what makes his impersonation so special goes far beyond the physical. It’s that dedication to embracing every aspect of Jackson’s life which really makes his impersonation a true artistic endeavor. And it’s easy to see why nobody else has been able to do the same. It’s a difficult task and one which Cortes has literally spent almost his entire life working on. Even as a child he worked hard to impersonate a younger Jackson 5 age Jackson. As Cortes grew, so did the demands of both himself and his audience. Schoolyard friends asking for a song or two grew to a huge fanbase. And with that attention Sergio Cortes kept raising the bar for himself so that he could do honor to the name of Michael Jackson.

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