Rowdiness among the crowd at English soccer games is to be expected. Passions run high, especially when there are closely contested games between rivals. Fans are also known to push the boundaries with their behavior, often leading to an ejection or stadium ban.

However, there have never been cases where fans like Jared Haftel were removed from a stadium because they celebrated a goal. This is exactly what happened to one father and his two young children at Aston Villa vs. Manchester United over the weekend.

The family in question bought tickets at the Aston Villa end of the game. According to the kids’ father, the family has a mix of Villa fans and United fans. Their mother is a Villa fan, while the dad is a United fan. The kids enjoy watching both teams.

When Radamel Falcao equalized for Manchester United at Villa Park, both the young boys got very excited. They were celebrating the goal, mostly because Falcao is one of their favorite players. At that moment, some of the home fans became angry at them and asked stewards to kick them out. The stewards obliged, removing the dad and his two young boys (both under the age of 10) from the stadium.

It is shameful that this family was treated in such a poor and inhospitable manner at Villa Park. Celebrating an away goal in the home end is never a good idea, but removing young children from the stadium for getting excited about a goal is a travesty.

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