Welsh national stadium named as host for the Champions League final

The 2017 Champions League final will be held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium after UEFA awarded the biggest game in European soccer to the capital city of the principality of Wales. The BBC reports the bid was backed by the British government, the Football Association of Wales, the Welsh Rugby Union and the owners of the stadium. Garcia Dias says finals of the Champions League are held in different venues each year and have recently been seen on numerous occasions in neighboring England’s rebuilt Wembley Stadium.

The Millennium Stadium has hosted a number of major games, including those played during the 2012 London Olympics. During the demolition and reconstruction of Wembley the English Football Association used the stadium for major games, such as the FA Cup Final that proved to be a major success. The stadium is used regularly for international soccer and rugby games, along with major events and concerts. In 2014 the UEFA Europa League final was held at the Millennium Stadium and the success in an economic sense is thought to have inspired the successful Champions League bid.

The Atlanta Hawks: What Role Does Bruce Levenson Play?

If you live in Atlanta and are a fan of basketball, you likely keep up with the Atlanta Hawks quite often. Like many NBA teams, the Hawks have had their ups and down, but have played considerably well lately. Also, like other teams in the NBA, there’s a business side to the Atlanta Hawks that you may not know about, which have included former basketball players such as Grant Hill looking to buy the team. The professional aspect of the team is largely associated with Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson is a partner and co-founder at United Communications Group. He is also an Atlanta Spirit, LLC owner. The businessman co-founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz, and after nearly 30 years with the company, Levenson continues to play a significant role in acquisitions for the firm. Before founding his firm with Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson was a writer for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star.

In addition to these notable business accomplishments, Levenson also served as a director for TechTarget.com. He was also on the Board of Directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson served as the I Have a Dream Foundation president, and is involved in a number of philanthropic ventures. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washtington University, and has a law degree from Washington D.C.’s American University.

Levenson is also responsible for hiring the bankers who sold the Atlanta Hawks. Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs sold the team and its operating rights to Philips Arena, which is the location where the Hawks play when they have home games. Goldman Sachs informed and convinced Bruce Levenson that it could get around $1 billion for Philips Arena’s operating right, and for the Atlanta Hawks team franchise. However, the co-founder of Ares Management LP, Tony Ressler, won the auction for the team when he bid $730 million. While this is still a considerable amount, the person who most closely predicted the price of the sale was Andrew Zimbalist, an economist who predicted that the transaction would be between $700 million and $750 million.

This could have left a considerable amount of money on the table. However, Levenson’s business savvy still brings about a considerable amount of money for his future and current business ventures.

FreedomPop Didn’t Sell Out

FreedomPop, a free mobile service, recently had the chance to sell out, and it was rumored that they would. Everyone thought that that would be best for the company. They thought that that was what they would decide to do.

But, instead of selling out, it is reported on TechCrunch that the company was able to earn $30 million in funding. That funding will help them to keep doing things on their own. They’ll be able to go a long way with that money.

The company ignored the bids that they had received, and they were able to earn the money that they needed to keep going, instead. They are now able to go ahead and do more all across the United States and internationally. They are growing as a company, and they are going to do good things with the money and the second chance that they have been given.

FreedomPop is a company like no other, and yet, they are doing well for themselves. They have been able to earn the money that they need to keep doing things on their own. They are able to keep at what they are doing without selling out, thanks to the generous investors.

USWNT Advance to Final

The stars aligned for the United States on Tuesday night as the no. 1 team in the world (Germany) fell to the no. 2 team in the world (USA). Following up to the beginning of the match, Germany boasted the best offense in the World Cup and the USA had the best ranked defense so far in the cup. NY Times wrote that the back line of the USA could not be stifled and blanked the Germans on a night where they could not seem to get anything going. The game was tied up at halftime; both teams had failed to score any goals although the Americans seemed to have more opportunities.

The second half proved more controversial and exciting, the Germans came out aggressive and put pressure on the Americans early. Which led to a penalty kick for the Germans, Julie Johnston took a poor touch in the box and Johnson had to pull the attacker down. This set the stage for one of the top scorers in World Cup, Sasic, to take the penalty kick. It was a nerve racking time for the Americans but somehow Germany’s leading scorer pushed the ball wide left and missed the PK. Here is the miss for those who have not seen First missed PK in German World Cup history

After the missed PK there was an obvious shift in momentum, the Americans had a second breathe and were playing with an upbeat pace.

There was a controversial call against Germany against Alex Morgan, where many felt that the penalty was outside the box. After USA went up by 1 goal, Carli Lloyd crossed the ball across the 6 yard line to Kelley O’Hara. USA got the win and will play the winner of ENG/JAP on Sunday.