Tony Ressler Takes Over From Bruce Levenson At The Atlanta Hawks

The ownership of the Atlanta Hawks has recently been an area of great discussion and rumor as the multi million dollar sale of the NBA franchise has reached its conclusion. Eventually, Bruce Levenson‘s Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium decided to hand over the keys to Philips Arena to a Tony Ressler led group of investors for a reported $730 million. Ressler has been looking around the NBA for many years seeking the perfect entry into franchise ownership and felt he had arrived with the sale of the LA Clippers, only to be outbid when Steve Ballmer bid $2 billion for the LA based franchise.

Ressler is already a part owner of the Milwaukee Brewers MLB franchise and is looking for a good way of increasing his presence in the sporting life of the US. The Hawks sale came at the perfect time for Ressler and a valuation of around $1 billion saw many potential bidders put off entering the race for the team, which entered the playoffs for the 2014-15 season as the number one team in the eastern division. The sale of the Hawks will return them to part of a sporting empire that now includes the Brewers, but in the past Hawks owners have also controlled the Atlanta Braves MLB team and the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise alongside the Hawks.

In 2004, when Levenson led the buyout of Time Warner his Atlanta Spirit consortium took control of both the Hawks and the Thrashers for a reported $250 million. Alongside the rights to use Philips Arena the deal was a high profile success for Levenson who already led a successful life as a businessperson involved in analytics and data gathering for many industries. Over the years Bruce Levenson grew into his role as the public face of the Hawks and joined the NBA Board of Governors and a number of charitable programs he and the Hawks backed together.

The Bruce Levenson led consortium had already sold the NHL Thrashers franchise and seen the team relocated to Canada as the Winnipeg Jets. The $170 million paid for the Thrashers franchise and the $730 million paid for the Hawks sees the New York and Washington DC based consortium receive a major profit for their decade as custodians of the Hawks franchise. Tony Ressler has inherited a Hawks organization that is close to breaking into the upper echelons of the NBA and has a solid community base that has been created through programs backed by the Levenson family over their tenure as the leaders of the Hawks.

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England Beats Itself

Nothing is more heartbreaking in sports when you have a chance to do something great but end up losing on your own accord. This is very much the reality for England women’s soccer player Laura Bassett. The semifinal game of the Women’s World Cup between England and Japan was tied at one apiece going into the 92nd minute when the unthinkable happened. Bassett, an England defender, was trying to stop a pass to a Japan forward when she slid and accidentally knocked the ball into her own net giving Japan a 2-1 lead and the victory. To add insult to injury, Bassett’s name is on the official score sheet.

According to an account from Keith Mann, England coach Mark Sampson tried to console Bassett when the game ended. Bassett had tears streaming down her face and Sampson tried to keep the tears from streaming down his face. He patted her on the head but was unable to muster any words. The two then went off the field in different directions. Sampson stated that Bassett did not deserve to have this happen to her but that she will always be looked at as a hero. She is a hero who kept the team together. England as a whole supported its team as well as Bassett with positive Twitter comments and thoughts. Sampson told his team that it was ok for them to cry but in the morning it was time to finish what they started.

Why Bruce Levenson is a motivation to many

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur, former Atlanta Hawks owner, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of the United Communications Group (UGC) that he collaborated with Ed Peskowitz started in 1977. The Company was initially in Bruce’s apartment where they published newsletters that mainly focused on the oil industry on Bruce is also a member of the Board of Directors of TechTarget, a Media Company in the Information Technology sector.

Bruce was born in October 1949 in Washington, D.C. He was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He studied at Washington University and attended American University where he attained a law degree. His career in NBA began in 2004 when Atlanta Hawks LLC was formed. They then bought Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Atlanta Hawks LLC became a collection of executives who owned Atlanta Hawks team and the Philips Arena. Levenson was made the team-managing partner and member of NBA Board of Governors.

Bruce is an active contributor to various charity organizations. Examples of philanthropic organizations he has participated in include the Community Foundation of Washington, Hoop Dreams Foundation, and I Have a Dream Foundation.

He is also a donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The museum offers a program to city students that train them on how to be tour guides at the museum. Levenson has made great contributions to the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace, which is a youth organization that advocates for peace building.

Coming from a Jewish family, Bruce also supports Jewish based initiatives and organizations. They include Birthright Israel which is a Jewish Federation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and a Jewish-American youth movement called BBYO.

In 2010, Bruce and Karen Levenson supervised the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership AT the University of Maryland. Levenson’s contribution to help others is far more inspiring than all his other works.

Atlanta Hawks
This professional basketball team participates in the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is based in Atlanta, Georgia where it was founded in 1946. It was originally called Tri-Cities Black Hawks and later Milwaukee Hawks. In 1955, the name was changed to St. Louis Hawks and now Atlanta Hawks. The team colors are Torch Red, Volt Green, granite Gray and white. The team represents the Southeast Division on the Eastern Conference. All their home games are played at the Philips Arena.

Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks team and Philips Arena operating rights. Antony Ressler a well-known entrepreneur agreed to buy the basketball team for approximately $850 million. Ressler is currently the owner of the basketball team with Wes Wilcox as the general manager and Mike Budenholzer, the head coach.

Was the Human Rights Foundation Right to Condemn Messi?

Lionel Messi is a popular figure in the world of Argentine professional football, but he is currently being criticized for his trip to visit Gabon back on July 17th. The Human Rights Foundation feels that his trip to this area was in poor taste due to the reports that have surfaced about the country’s leader, Ali Bongo.

Ali Bongo is known as running a dictatorship in the Central African country, as stated by the Human Rights Foundation. He has controlled various aspects of the political system since 1967, and his worst offense is that he is accused of murdering children and harvesting their organs. The harvested organs are then used for human consumption, particularly the rich and wealthy. Rituals are held in which the organs are removed from the body and eaten under the belief that the consumers influence would increase as a result.

Lionel Messi’s foundation works to support children’s rights, and visiting a figure such as Ali Bongo is a big discredit to the goals of his organization. Lionel Messi serves as a UNICEF ambassador and is a big help in the growth of youth educational systems. The same cannot be said for the country of Gabon, which offers very little rights to children and is accused of mysterious disappearances and murder of their youth.

During the trip, Lionel Messi was treated as the guest of honor and was there to lay down the first stone for the Port Gentil stadium that was about to undergo construction. The purpose of the stadium is to hold the African Cup of Nations tournament that will be used in international football sporting events coming up in 2017. It’s rumored that he was heavily paid for his time in Gabon, being offered a big sum of €3.5million. However, this claim has been denied by Gabon and has stated that there wasn’t an exchange of money but the trip was instead a promise being fulfilled by Lionel Messi.

Ali Bongo claimed that he had met Lionel Messi a couple years ago during his trip to Barcelona a couple of years ago, during which Lionel Messi had made a promise that he would come visit him. That is the reason that Lionel Messi agreed to the trip and came down to set the first stone of the stadium. He is a man of honor just trying to fulfill his word.

The Human Rights Foundation isn’t buying into any of it and believe that Lionel Messi took the trip in order to make a quick buck, despite it going against his foundation’s interest. It has gained a lot of attention but Lionel Messi has given very little outspoken opinion towards the mounting criticism he is facing.

Highlighting the NBA’s South East Division

The NBA is a pretty wacky league once you come right down to it. In an offseason you can see entire divisions crumble and rebuild with teams rising from the bottom (Cleveland) all the way to the top. A team that has gone to the Finals 4 seasons in a row (Miami) can fall to the point of not making the playoffs. With so much oddness going around in the NBA in terms of team churning it is worth taking a closer look at one of the most interesting divisions in the entire league: The Southeast Division.

Last season we saw the Atlanta Hawks roll out to the second best record in the entire NBA with a 60 – 22 mark. Atlanta dominated their division, going 12 – 4 on the year, and they made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. Bruce Levenson, the owner of the Hawks since 2002, helped to craft this team by building an identity that focused on sharing the ball. Bruce Levenson’s Hawks went on to sit near the top of the league in offense and defense thanks to their unselfish play on the court. Levenson sold his share of the team and now Atlanta is looking to push forward with their new owner. The Hawks will be hard pressed to repeat last seasons performance.

Orlando, who finished at 25 – 57, is our favorite team to make a huge jump this coming season. The Magic are full of young studs and they have two burgeoning superstars in Elfrid Payton and Victor Oladipo. Add in the 20/10 threat that is Nikola Vucevic, the offensive threat that is Tobias Harris, and defensive youngster Aaron Gordon and there is a ton of reason to be hopeful going forward. In fact, were we to pick a dark horse to come and steal the division we would have to point to the Orlando Magic.

Orlando is not alone in their presumed ascent, however, as the Miami heat have once more shown that they can retool with the best of them. Miami made it a priority to resign their stars so when they locked in Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic we weren’t surprised. Chris Bosh should be back healthy for the start of the year and alongside him we will see newcomers Gerald Green and Amare Stoudemire. The Heat are a deep team this season and they will be playing with a chip on their shoulder.

However, until someone dethrones the Atlanta Hawks we have a hard time thinking that Coach Budenholzers team will be relinquishing the position any time soon. The Hawks have added depth to their bench and have had another year to gel together in the offseason.

Networks To Change the World

In today’s constantly changing world many businesses depend on network technology in distributing services, applications and various transactions for their success. Virtually every industry in existence seems to utilize networks that include the federal and national government, major banks, utility and energy companies, healthcare organizations, schools, a few of the biggest stock exchanges globally and the list goes on. The world has never before seen such a communication instrument that fulfills understanding, information and the sheer progress of individuals.

Depending on the type of data transmission technology needed for tasks, a network has the means to transport signals such as data and/or voice, which in turn transfers over to whom and what is dependent upon the private or public network. Rather than using the hard drive of a computer, cloud computing has also taken off successfully as it functions to access and store various forms of data and Internet programs.

One major company that comprehends what customers require is Juniper Networks. Established in 1996 they dive in to rectify difficult problems that other network technology companies wish to avoid due to lack of knowledge and skill. This company employs the best leaders in fact in 2014 Shaygan Kheradpir became their highly recognized CEO. Part of his duties include speaking at various events, such as a 2014 speech he granted in Las Vegas for Juniper Networks annual RevUp conference, where he expressed his vision for Juniper’s future growth. Kheradpir’s thoughts are that business partnerships are vital since they understand customers and their changing needs. Due to his years spent with Barclay and Verizon (and innovative thinking), he has a wealth of experience that has benefited him at Juniper in making important decisions regarding technology networks that will thrive.

Highly committed, Shaygan Kheradpir studied at Cornell University in which he earned a bachelors degree, masters and Ph.D. which emphasized electrical engineering. Beginning with GTE Labs, he began his brilliant career at their Boston office where he could be found tending to the supervision of network routing and control. While managing its software systems department, he created a revolutionary organization which ultimately was responsible for the monumental creation of the Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System or TONICS, a network management base that was national for GTE, which implemented a merged infrastructure with switching and interchanging abilities. In 2000 as Bell Atlantic and GTE joined up again in creating Verizon, this technology executive headed to New York to ultimately become Verizon’s chief information officer (CEO).

Just as Shaygan Kheradpir has done in his career by creating teams of individuals to make global information technology changes that help everyone, a networking technology business must make it their goal to do the same to be successful. A company must work towards achieving solutions for their customers, yet enable them to become leaders among their competitors. This type of company must accomplish tasks such as lowering costs of the network, creating services for their customers while providing a positive customer experience.

Bruce Levenson Plans To Sell The Hawks For Just Under $1 Billion

Leading executive, Bruce Levenson, was on a mission to sell his
Atlanta Hawks majority shareholding for $1 billion during the final
months of 2014. However, recently, he and his strategic business
partners announced their decision to accept Antony Ressler’s offer of
approximately $850 million. Remarkably, both Levenson and Ressler
agreed that the final bid accurately represents the current status and
future of the National Basketball Association team. Most importantly,
this extremely fair negotiation price is viewed favorably in the
sports industry and is the direct result of the prominent
businessmen’s former professional experiences.

Levenson’s decision to sell the Atlanta Hawks intrigued renowned
businessmen from across the United States. Although many interested
ownership groups expressed concerns about the team’s present sports
facilities like Philips Arena as well as the antiquated practice and
weight rooms, Levenson and his business partners still expected to
generate a profit on the sell.

After many months of continuous bidding, the team was sold to Antony
Ressler who is the co-founder of two private equity firms known as
Apollo Global and Ares Management. Ares Management is headquartered in
Los Angeles California and currently maintains over 700 employees and
estimated $74 billion in offices around the world. This prominent firm
is commended for leading the investment sector with unique credit
strategies in direct lending and real estate transactions. Today, Ares
continues to thrive which is primarily the result of Ressler’s strong
leadership skills and techniques.

Notably, this renowned businessman has a net worth of around $1.4
billion and is ranked number 418 in the United States on Forbes’
richest businessmen list. Moreover, Ressler is also extremely
knowledge about sports management as he was a minority shareowner of
the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005. Remarkably, he reportedly watches
ESPN’s top 10 plays of the day before bedtime and enjoys attending
basketball games after work. His MBA from Columbia University’s
Graduate School of Business in addition to his former leadership and sport experiences will both contribute to his success as a Hawk’s owner.

In addition to controlling the Hawks, Levenson is recognized for
his contribution to United Communications Group (UCG) which is a
prominent company that guides customers in their acquisition of
long-term profits. He has also served in many leadership positions at
TechTarget, the Washington Star and Observer Publishing, and the
Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Most prominently, he
holds degrees from both Washington University in St. Louis and
American University in Washington DC. During his free time, Levenson
enjoys volunteers at many charity organizations such as, “I Have A
Dream Foundation,” “Hoops Foundation,” “SEED Foundation,” “The
Community Foundation,” “Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit
Leadership,” and The United States Holocaust Museum.
After his resignation, Levenson hopes Ressler will glean knowledge
from his noteworthy Hawk’s ownership. Notably, under his guidance, the
team maintained the best record in the NBA’s eastern conference during
the 2014-2015 season and has competed in seven consecutive playoff
championships. Levenson and Ressler anticipate similar success in
the future.

A Healthy Diet with Beneful Keeps Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Whether you have just brought home an energetic little puppy or you have an adult dog of any type, they become part of the family quickly, and you’ll want to treat them that way. To keep any dog in their best health, it is important to keep these health tips in mind, not only when feeding Fido, but when giving him/her treats. Since they can’t tell you what they are feeling or if they are in pain, use these tips to keep them happy and safe from things that could potentially be dangerous to them.

Tips in Keeping Your Canine Healthy

1. Keep your pet away from small bones he could swallow like chicken and fish bones. An oversized soup bone is better for them.
2. Don’t let them eat bread dough. It will increase in their stomachs causing abdominal pain and may even tear the stomach lining.
3. Keep them away from anything with caffeine; it is toxic to their system and causes clumsiness, hyperactive behavior and muscle shaking.
4. Contrary to some myths, dogs can digest corn, beets and corn and they make great fillers in their food.
5. Avocados contain a toxin to animals called persin. The poisoning causes diarrhea and vomiting.
6. Alcohol can be dangerous for your pet. Keep mouthwash and drinks up in cabinets or where they can’t reach them.
7. Read the labels on dog food to ensure your canine friend is getting the best nutrition and portion size.

A Complete Dog Food, Beneful

Beneful is the newest member of the Purina Petcare family. Purina is proud to offer high-quality Beneful to dog owners around the world via its website because it is one easy step in providing optimum care for their pets. Beneful is a nutritious and delicious addition to the Purina Dog Chow line. and even the employees who make it give it to their dogs; and that is a great endorsement.

There are nine kinds of delicious dry kibble, which are 100 percent nutrition for a puppy or an adult dog, and three types of wet dog food. Beneful is made with natural products such as hearty beef, chicken or salmon, whole grains, corn and other vegetables, which makes the taste irresistible to your dog.

Feeding scraps and other leftovers from the table can be fine, but they are not the main source of your puppy’s good health. When your pet is healthy and not overweight, he/she will be happy and fun to play with all day long. Providing a well-balanced diet that Beneful offers maintains good eyesight, hearing, a healthy coat and your dog will have the energy to run and play for years to come. Snacks and treats are optional, but always be aware of the foods that are hazardous and toxic for the canine population.

Will Thabo Sefolosha be Ready for the Next Atlanta Hawks Season?

According to an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, reports suggest that Atlanta Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha is going to be ready to go for the upcoming season after suffering a broken right fibula.

Sefolosha has been in the league for about 10 years, and he was acquired by the Hawks in a sign and trade deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder last year. He played in fifty two games for the Hawks last year before his season ending broken leg sidelined him for the remainder of the season. Prior to the injury, Sefolosha averaged 5.3 points and 4.3 rebounds during his 18.8 minutes per game.

The injury, however, was not from the basketball court. Instead, Sefolosha was injured during an arrest outside of a New York City nightclub along with teammate Pero Antic on April 8. After having surgery on his broken leg and ligament damage on April 16th, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that he will be ready to return six months after the surgery, which places him back on the court during the middle of training camp.

Perhaps Sefolosha will be able to put the nightclub injury behind him and focus on the upcoming season. It will definitely be difficult for the guard/forward to fully recover from an injury such as a broken leg when so much of his explosiveness off the ball depends on a fully strengthened leg.

Sefolosha’s injury will coincide with another new aspect of the Atlanta Hawks season, as Antony Ressler has become the new owner of the Hawks, buying the team from former owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, now known as Atlanta Hawks LLC, back in 2004 to buy the Hawks from Turner Media, but sold the team in 2014 for around $850 million. Antony Ressler spearheaded a purchasing group which also included former NBA All-Star Grant Hill, Clayton Dubilier & Rice partner Rick Schnall, Spanx owner Sara Blakely and her husband, entrepreneur Jesse Itzler. Kessler is a long standing businessmen, who owns a private equity and investment firm Ares as well as working as a real estate developer. He initially worked to buy the Los Angele clippers last spring, but his group’s bid fell short of the $2 billion offered by Steve Ballmer.

With Sefolosha returning from injury sometime around the middle of training camp, along with Ressler’s purchase of the Atlanta Hawks, this team may be prepared to turn the page and look to the 2015-2016 season with great anticipation and hopes of a playoff run. Perhaps Ressler will stoke the roster and will work to invorgate the lineup with some new cash. Perhaps Sefolosha will return to his old form. In any case, the Hawks upcoming season will be interesting.