James Dondero: A Financial Genius

James Dondero is a veteran of the game when it comes to the investment industry. With a wealth of experience spanning more than 3 decades, he has extensive knowledge in high-yield bonds, leveraged bank loans, mortgage backed securities, emerging market debts, common stocks and preferred stocks among other financial fields.

Mr. James Dondero on linkedin, or Jim as he is commonly referred to, graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in commerce with the highest honors majoring in Accounts and Finance, Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia. He is also a Certified Public Account, a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Managerial Accountant. He has affiliations with financial giants Highland Capital Management, NexPoint Residential Trust Inc. among many other companies and organizations.

In the 80s, Mr. Dondero managed around $1 billion for American Express. Between 1989 and 1993, Jim worked as Protective Life GIC’s subsidiary’s Chief Investment Officer where he drove the company from its infancy to $2 billion during the short period he was there. James co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 with Mark Okada help’s focusing on credit. The company has led the way in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and finding credit based solutions for real and institutional investors globally. The company has received numerous awards for their other product offerings such as CLOs, mutual trust funds, hedge funds, ETFs and REITs. The awards received include the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities (2014) and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation (2014). The financial company currently has more than $20 billion under its management. However, part of this AUM is invested in equities.

Mr. Dondero currently serves as the President of Highland Capital Management. In May 2015, James was appointed as a member of the Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. Board of directors together with Arthur Laffer. Dondero became Chairman of the Board while Mr. Laffer was appointed the Chairman of the Compensation Committee. Founder and chair of Laffer Associates, a firm for economic research and consultation, Arthur Laffer was part of President Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board. His works have earned him a reputation as the Father of Supply-side economics. He has served in Boards of both Private and Public companies before including the staffing company that was sold for $1.3 billion in 2009. Dr. Laffer has affiliations with the University of Chicago, the University of Southern California and the Pepperdine University. His Laffer curve that showed how government tax receipts can increase when federal income tax rates are reduced was one of the things on which Reaganomics was based.

Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. is a REIT that trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. It basically focuses on the acquisition, ownership and operation of middle-income properties that have the potential to increase in value within large cities and the suburbs around such cities.

Currently, Mr. Dondero sits on the Board of Directors of MGM Studios, American Banknotes, NexBank SSB, Neighbor Inc. and Safety-Kleen Inc. among others. Jim is also known for his philanthropic activities.

Girls Should Take Inspiration From Susan McGalla

The business world can be an intimidating place for women at times, but it should not scare them away completely. Women may have to face more challenges than men do, as they enter the business world, but those challenges should just make them stronger. It’s not fair that women should have to go through more work to get to the same kinds of places as men, but since that is the way that things are, then women should just put their all into the work that they do, and they should make a good career happen for themselves, anyway.
But, even though the business world has quite a few more men in it than it does women, there are some women who have done exceptionally well in their careers. There are some businesswomen who have taken on all of the challenges that they faced and succeeded well at overcoming them. Businesswomen can be just as great as any businessman, and no one should ever doubt them and the things that they can do.
Susan McGalla is a businesswoman who has long had a sense of confidence in herself and the things that she knew that she could do with her life. She grew up with parents who supported her and showed her that they believed in her talents, and they helped to shape her into being the strong businesswoman that she is today. Susan McGalla is a great example to every girl who wants to have a place in a business one day, because she was not afraid to take on the challenges of being a woman in the business world. No, instead, she did everything that she could to make sure that she became a big name in it.
Any young girl who has a dream of being a businesswomen one day should find inspiration from the women who have gone before her. She should gather some courage as she looks to the things that other women have done, and then she should go ahead and try for a great career, herself. There are not nearly enough businesswomen out there, and it is time that all of that started to change. More and more young girls should start to realize that they can do anything that a man can do, and that if they want a place in the business world, then they should go ahead and try for it.

Shoes For Today’s Man

An excellent pair of dress shoes is really a required standard for virtually any man’s wardrobe. Even the most casual of men will likely need to suit up at some point. Every man should take the time to shop for the right pair of timeless leather shoes which will leave a lastly effect everywhere he goes. Shoe’s that will always make a statement are truly worth investing in.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced shoe enthusiast, or simply just wanting to cover your bases, I will break it right down to the basic principles to make selecting the best pair of men’s shoes much easier than you originally imagined.

The oxford is among the most basic and classic choice when it comes to men’s dress shoes, as well as a fantastic place to start if you want a vintage staple. They can be a very versatile choice that may be dressed up for going out on the town or dressed down everyday wear.

The monk strap may serve as the intermediate between your oxford along with the derby when it comes to formality, having a very similar shape minus the laces. Rather than an eyelet closing, the monk strap features a broad strap that’s fastened over the front of the shoe with sometimes a individual or dual buckle closure.

The Chelsea boot with its flexible elastic siding helps makes it easy to put on and off with ease, nonetheless retaining the sophisticated silhouette of a laced boot. The Chelsea boot was crowned the practical option to strict Victorian boots and shortly became a riding staple in the equestrian arena.

One name that comes to mind when I think of classic quality men’s shoes is Paul Evans NY. These gentlemen from set a high standard in men’s shoes today. With an exquisite online store that offers beautiful italian calfskin leather men’s shoes without any middleman mark-ups. Stunning men’s shoes and boots designed in NY and made in Naples Italy. The shoe’s can easily be sold for a thousand dollars a pair, instead these men have found a way to make it a fraction of that price. Not only are the shoe’s amazing but the color selection is unbelievable.

When it comes to footwear and men things should be simple and elegant. Every men wants to express themselves in different ways and a mans shoes always say so much. With a great shoes collection he is ready for any setting. Stylish shoe’s are a valuable part of going out into the world to shine. Whether its a business meeting or social occasion slipping on the right shoes can make a huge difference in presentation and style. Quality is just as important to look for when acquiring a new pair of shoes.

Skout on their way to building an empire

Skout, a social media app that is supported by millions of dollars from various investors, has now acquired the nightlife app Nixter. The CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund sought out the deal to marry the offline and online interactions together. The Skout app helps bring people together, whereas the nightlife app helps people find out about all of the hottest events that goes on during the night life.

Having this new app added to their resume will be a great value to their users. Nightlife app will help make a stronger foundation and form a greater loyalty from their user of their app Skout. The amount that Wiklund pay for the app is not disclosed, but it is known that Wiklund had used a mix of cash and stock.

Nixter was founded about two years ago. It used to run the operation in Santiago, Chile, but now it operates in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The app had raises thousands of angel funding, particularly from angel investors in Chile.

Nixter co-founder Francisco Saez thought thoroughly before selling the app; they had considered other options, but ultimately decided that selling the app was the best decision for the company.They had other offers, but they did not want to start losing power, so they went with Skout. Even though Skout brought the app, Nixter would be an entirely separate app. It will, however, be heavily integrated into Skout.

The app Skout is doing really well, so it only made sense for them to branch out and add new things to their repertoire. The app is compared to a virtual currency that can be used to redeemed to unlock certain features. One of the characteristics includes that an individual can check you out. About 30% of Skout uses are in the US and the rest of the users are abroad.

Skout is slowly on the verge of becoming a company that is leading the way to be one of the greatest app franchise. Now there they have the nightlife app they have a whole new reach of new people and expanding their database. Their customer can use their Skout app to find a new love in their life. Once they find their new love by using the app, they can then use the Nixter app to find a hot club and go on a date. These two apps are a great compliment to each other. If you would like to get the full detail of this news, you can head over to http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/05/skout-nixter/ for more information.

What an Economist Offers a Company

Developments in the investment world, changing technology, the rising inflation and biting market crisis has triggered the mind of many economists. This has prompted them to research on what an expert should have so as to maneuver through the hard moments. It is also the responsibility of the economist to analyze and give advice to the management. This calls for them to have smart mathematical skills. Therefore, in this demanding task, they need to have the skills as highlighted below.

Curiosity kills the problem

An economist who wants to make it big in the business world should always be curious. This includes looking at the surrounding and asking questions why something is happening. This will in turn trigger them to look for the right answers which will emerge as a big answer to a problem. Sample questions which have helped economists in the past include; what causes inflation, why are people poor and why certain policies are not working? This will help start an answer seeking expedition.

Christian Broda a lead economist

When it comes to giving tailor-made solutions to a company, there is need for one to bear the right information. This has been the case of Christian Broda who is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. He is highly skilled when it comes to different economic concepts. This is because over the years, he has done a lot of research and still remained creative when it comes to analysis. H Christian Broda writes with different publications which include American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics and the Journal of International Economics. Over the years, he has attracted a large readership base.

Knowledge on theories

The world of economics has been approached by various professionals using different theories. Some will cling on the Marxist’s way of argument while others will appear classical. Therefore, when making an argument, one should understand the applicable theory. This also comes with the knowledge of the theory which other specialists are using. An understanding of the principles and modeling approaches will be useful.

Analysis and interpretation skills

It is a fact that economics will involve figures and numbers. Therefore, a person needs a high understanding of the way different figures are related. The analytical skills will help come up with findings upon knowing how different statistics are relating. Understanding and interpreting the figures also become a crucial need. This helps know what is happening to the world of economics or in a company specifically. This is in relation to the response of the customer or the meaning of a certain buying pattern.

Forecasting the trend

The work of a specialist in this field involves study of figures and showing how they will affect a company in the future. This helps also in the development of policies which are helpful and timely. For a firm to respond on time, they need an analysis which will give a forecast. This involves knowing what will happen in the future in buying or selling trends. The forecast will also need to be communicated well thus need for concise communication skills. This helps one to remain effective and reliable all the time.


Susan McGalla’s Success in Business

There are very many people like ForbesChristian Broda who enjoy success in their careers for having achieved their targets such as becoming an executive in a company or through running a successful business. For one to get there however there has to be a lot of effort and determination. The field of business is largely dominated by men but in the recent past many women have proven that they can also claim a share and excel in the field. One such person is Susan McGalla who is an American born businesswoman. She is also an executive consultant who runs her business from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her areas of expertise include retail, marketing, strategic planning, merchandising, fashion among others.

She was born and raised in East Liverpool in the State of Ohio in a family of three where her father was a football coach for a local club. Her career in business started when she joined Mount Union College in 1982 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. After completion of her degree, she joined Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she served in various positions in marketing and management until 1994. It is at American Eagle Outfitters a company dealing in fashion that her career got a huge boost after she rose through the ranks to become the company’s president where she oversaw the company’s growth through introduction of many brands into the market.

In 2009, her life took another turn when she decided to quit her employment to start a consultancy firm on retail and financial investment industries. After two years of private business practice, she joined The Wet Seal Inc as the chief executive officer where she oversaw reinvention and growth of two of the company’s brands, Wet Seal and Arden B. She later in 2013 founded P3 Executive Consulting firm which specialized in offering advisory services on financial matters in the retail industry. Some of the services the firm offered include talent management, product merchandising, branding among others. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers which is located at Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Her life and success has been termed as a great inspiration to women who are afraid to scale the success ladder. She has therefore taken the initiative of encouraging women to venture into the fields which are perceived to be male oriented. She does this with the hope that many other women will follow her trend and become successful in their careers. She is therefore considered a great inspiration to women in business and other careers. She also contributes to the community through serving as a director in various boards such as that of her former school Mount Union College. She resides in Pittsburgh together with her husband Stephen McGalla and their two children.

10 Tips for Your Dogs and Cats from Purina and Beneful

Your pets are part of the family, and Purina has a passion for taking care of each and every one of them including dogs, cats or even horses. Many people don’t know this, but Purina was started in the 1890s with its first product, Horse Chow. They added Dog Chow and Cat Chow to the menu, and Purina Beneful became an established petfood provider around the globe. In 2007, Nestle’s bonded with Purina, and now Nestle Purina Pet Care has a susperior reputation around the globe.

Here are 10 tips from Purina to keep your dogs and cats in the best health.

1) Regular exams with qualified vetinarians is essential for good health.
2) Spay or neuter all your pets to keep the population from growing exponentially.
3) Maintin a healthy weight with both canned and dry foods. Many pets in captivity are obese, and this invites diseases like diabetes and arthritis.
4) Get regular vaccinations accoriding their size and age.
5) Provide a stimulating environment with toys, walks for your dog and scratching posts for your kitties. Snacks also provide a treat for your four-footed friends.
6) Provide a certain place in their environment where they can rest and sleep.
7) Never allow your pets to have medicines for humans as it can cause kidney damage, seizures, and cardiac arrest in cats and dogs.
9) Have an ID micro chip implanted in your pet. Fewer than 15 percent of lost animals ever make it back home. The chip is smaller than a grain of rice and is implaneted in a few seeconds.
10) Use proper restraints when traveling with your pet in a car. It is best to keep your dog inside the vehicle, not is open trucks and to use carrierers for cats and harnesses that attach to the seat belt for dogs.

Good nutirtion keeps your pet healthy and minimizes trips to the vet. It also gives them energy to play, a health system and a shiny coat. Keeping your pet in good health means everyone in the house is happy because your cat or dog is eating well.

New Beneful Dog Food is on the Shelves

The Nestle Purina Company released a new, tasty, nutritious line of dog food in 2013 called Beneful. Beneful Dog Food is designed to give your canines more energy to play while extending their life with a wholesome diet for an adult dog of all bree

Purina produces foods for all your pets, but Beneful is a delicious, 100 percent complete and balanced diet especially for your dogs. Beneful uses real meat and vitamin-rich vegetables that your dog already likes. Your best buddy will get tastes, shapes, sizes and an assortment of textures to keep him or her interested in their food. Purina has been in the petfood business for years, and they know what your dog likes.

The Man Behind the Money

The prominent and popular Highland Capital Management firm has been monumental in the way that they conduct business. The company has pioneered an honest working system of investment banking among their customers. The company’s very mission statement boasts about how they are experienced, bold, and disciplined. Thanks to their honest practices, this sentiment rings true. The Highland Capital Management firm has received a long list of business awards and certificates that we received because of their honest practices. The company also has a very well received clientele basis thanks to the fantastic report that their client have boasted with them. Between the Highland Capital Management members and their numerous affiliates, the company has more than 21 billion dollars that are currently being managed as assets. Business journals from around the world have listed Highland Capital Management as one of the most pioneering companies to be involved in capital management and investment. Among the core investment practices that the company has available, they also specialize in alternative investment options. Those options are: emerging markets, natural resources, and long and short term equity for clients who wish to engage in them. Many of the clients that Highland Capital Management caters to only need the basic money management and investment specialties. Those include: credit strategies, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations also known as CLOs, long only funds and separate accounts, and distressed and special situations private equity. In layman terms, the company will specialize and whatever practice needed in order to make sure that their client’s assets are being invested properly. With Highland’s proud history, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the James Dondero.

James Dondero on facebook is currently serving as the president of the Highland Capital Management company; the very same company that he co-founded with Mark O’Connor. Dondero spends most of his time making sure that the everyday workings of the capital management firm are running smoothly for their customers and their associates. Dondero has experience in the investment field that cannot be seen in many of his peers. With more than three decades of working in investment marketing, Dondero has gained a sense of experience that cannot be bought or sold. In the early years, Dondero spent time working on cases involved in the credit sector that would inspire him to seek out new investment opportunities. One of these opportunities is now known as Collateralized Loan Obligations. Before Dondero made his mark with Highland Capital Management, the businessman spent time working for protective life’s GIC subsidiary. After sometime working at that firm, Dondero spent four years working for American Express where he would again be inspired to venture out on his own and birth his own investment and capital management company. Dondero serves MGM Studios and American Banknote as a member of their Board of Directors. Even with such a tight schedule, Dondero makes sure that he isn’t pulled away from what matter. Dondero’s personal website has numerous reviews posted by individuals who have been helped by him that express that Dondero is more than a business man. Dondero is a person who wants everyone to experience the highest quality of financial life possible.