It takes a lot of brains to pull it off to be an impersonator. To be an impersonator who attains the level of success Sergio Cortes has attained is to be a magician. Sergio Cortes is Spanish actor, dancer, singer and composer who have made a career out of playing Michael Jackson. He is a local celebrity in Brazil where he lives and a star in Latin America. He has achieved a considerable level of success in a field that has many competitors. He has managed to turn his hobby into a career with a high degree of professionalism. He recently was a feature in an article and here are the tips for success i gathered about him.
Since the age of 16, Sergio Cortes has been training 4 hours daily every day without fail. The 44-year-old has amassed a 28-year experience training to be like Michael Jackson. That makes him a renowned expert hence his success. The result is someone whose videos despite being acted have amassed a whopping 1 billion views in YouTube.
Sergio Cortes has an entirely professional team with a good management. His team has dancers, backup singers, choreographers and a stage group. It also has a market and promoting department that has seen him rise in popularity throughout the world. He promises to sing songs Michael never performed and delivered his bidding. It takes a professional to attain that.
Sergio Cortes has used the free platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to great effect. He posts his videos on YouTube and has 1 billion combined views. He also has 17000 in Facebook and more on Twitter.He these platforms as his gateway to the world.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook or Twitter.

Sergio Jackson practices an insane 4 hours daily and has the discipline to sustain that. Only very passionate and committed individuals can have such a one track mind. He says such intense practice is his way of showing Michael respect. It is something he takes great pride in and he takes this persona to the stage.
There you have it.If you want to be starting something, then get off and do I now.

Source: R7 Journal

Steelers Fans Kickoff New Fashion Goals

The Pittsburgh Steelers have launched a new way to interact with their fans this season: the Steelers fan wardrobe. Susan McGalla, the Steelers Director of Strategic Planning, has brought years of retail experience into the football team’s connection with its fans. The former president of American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal has put her ear to what people are saying about the team and how they want to wear their Steelers apparel and brought their views into marketing the new Steelers style. The new Steelers gear website is meant to simplify the buying experience in several ways. Many fans were wanting to wear what the players were wearing, whether before the game or on the sidelines. So now there are “where what we wear” signs on the website, directing fans to the same clothing their favorite player might wear. Susan McGalla has also drawn upon her prior expertise with clothing to create spin-offs on the traditional fan gear. No longer is it just jerseys and black shirts. Sport goes into street, McGalla said. Pandora is now making Steelers charms. Moms can buy their little ones pink animal print Steelers onesies. Female fans can wear something more feminine, with a little bling on the side. And men are able to find something they can wear into work, which was the biggest input from their side of the table. All of this is being put together with more social media interaction too. Steelers fans are renowned for their loyalty and willingness to go to the next level for their team, now that loyalty can pay off for some lucky fans. A new campaign called It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday, offers a complete Steelers wardrobe to any fan who submits the best photo wearing in Black and Gold on Fridays.

If You See Sergio Cortes On The Street, You Might Think That Micheal Jackson Was Reincarnated

The world of entertainment impersonators in America is usually centered around Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. But on the global scale, America included, the most impersonated entertainer is Micheal Jackson. Many impersonators have emulated his look, performed his songs and danced like him, but no one has ever done it with the razor sharp precision like Sergio Cortes.

It is hard for impersonators to outshine Cortes because he was literally born with twin-like features that are similar to Micheal Jackson’s. From the time he was a child, people stared in amazement as a result of his resemblance to Jackson, and as he got older, people realized that he was able to sing and dance just like the King of Pop.

The online blog site R7 wrote a feature story on Cortes and revealed that he decided to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator when he was a teenager. Even though Micheal Jackson was his idol ever since the days of the Jackson 5, Cortes was motivated to become a professional look-alike after he was paid on a regular basis to wear Micheal Jackson clothes and to perform Jackson’s songs.

Cortes has demonstrated an ability to have great foresight as a child; because at 43-years-old he makes a great living touring the world and performing in many venues, which include concert halls and international television shows like American Idol. Cortes has accumulated a large international fan base, and he is heavily followed on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When you compare the physical features, dance moves and singing abilities of Cortes to other MJ impersonators, there is no comparison. He has a gift for performing, and he has a beautiful spirit just like the late-and-great pop star. Speaking of which, when Micheal Jackson passed away in 2009 Cortes was deeply moved because he has been studying Jackson for many decades. Cortes stated, in the R7 article, that he uses his stage performance as way to heal from the pain that he still feels from Jackson’s untimely death.

Cortes is a gift to the entertainment industry because he projects a lot of positive and uplifting energy. When you read his tweets on Twitter, it is evident that he has a compassionate spirit for humanity. In addition, he is able to use his natural talents to deliver smiles and peace to Micheal Jackson fans worldwide, and he has a unique ability to entertain audiences who still celebrate the legacy of Micheal Jackson.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


How Beneful Became the Dominant Player In Dog Food

Consumers may not be able to talk to their dogs, but they assume that their pets – much like humans – will appreciate the variety. That is why so many people will buy the Beneful brand. It has all the variety that their pets could possibly need. That is the reason that this company has become the most dominant player in the industry.

Dental Twists

It takes these types of dental treats to help people preserve the teeth for their dogs. I think that this is part of the dog treats that Beneful produces. I know that my dogs likes these treats.


I had a couple of coupons for Beneful Incredites so I gave this a try as well. It was one of the dog foods that has managed to become a staple because it seems to give my dog energy. I think that the Incredibites are good for their health. It has some nutrients that I didn’t even know dog food creators considered. This is what I like about the brand. I actually got educated about the concept of dog foods and the ingredients when I started buying the Beneful products.

Chopped Blends with Beef

The concept of the chopped blends burrows from the Incredibites that are on the market. I like this brand on facebook because it has managed to add foods that are apparently the same ingredients that many humans consume when they are concerned about their own health. I like the fact that the creators of this dog food cared enough to start a brand of healthy dog foods that gave consumers many choices. The beef selection from this group seems to be the best thing for my dogs. They like this flavor the most.

Beneful Originals with Beef

The Beneful brand has expanded, but it wasn’t always this way. I have discovered, over time, that this brand has changed a lot, but people still like the original brand. This is one of those brands that has always had good beef ingredients. The vegetables would come a little later down the line. I think that this brand was smart to expand, but I still like to give my pets the original brand with beef.