Forbes billionaire George Soros is a man of many dimensions. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. When he was 10, Hungary was pressured to join the Axis alliance with Germany. Hungary’s army joined Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. While it was in progress, Hungary pursued armistice negotiations with the United Kingdom and the United States. Hitler discovered these negotiations, and responded by sending German forces into Hungary to occupy it in 1944. Eventually, the Soviet forces kicked out the Germans, and established a communist regime in Hungary by 1947 (Wikipedia). Having seen tumultuous political upheaval involving a wide variety of political extremists, the 17 year old George Soros and his family fled from Hungary that year.

Soros ended up in England, where he graduated from the London School of Economics. Then he moved to the United States, where he proceeded to amass a huge fortune as an international financier; Forbes magazine has recently ranked him as the 16th most wealthy person in the world (Soros, Forbes).

Obviously among the world’s economic elite, he recently attended the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Interviewed by Bloomberg TV one evening, he proclaimed that “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS” (Forbes). He pointed specifically to Trump’s proposal to close US borders to Muslims. Such rhetoric and ostensibly serious policy proposals are likely, Soros explained, to persuade Muslims that “the West” is in fact engaged in a war against Islam, and that ISIS is a legitimate response to its pervasive and often violent hostility to Islam. (After all, American drones and bombs have killed far more Muslims since 2001 than attacks by Islamists on Americans or other Westerners.)

Almost certainly, the political traumas Soros lived through in his youth color his attitudes about Trump . The country where he was born was attacked and occupied by Nazi Germany. Then it was attacked and occupied by the Communist Soviet Union. By the time Soros fled Hungary with his family, Hungary was in the grip of a Soviet-allied Communist government.

Just how “extreme” is Donald Trump? It is often remarked that the United States has never developed a truly socialist party. It is perhaps equally notable that it has never had a genuinely fascist party, or leader. Some observers, however, detect genuinely fascist tendencies in Trump (New York Times). Soros, given his individual political history, would be sensitive to such tendencies. Soros is also certainly aware that at one crucial point in his rise to dictatorial power, Hitler was democratically elected. In addition, and again, because of his experiences growing up in Hungary, Soros is fully aware of the dangers posed by fascist groups like ISIS.

The Artform of Making a Wikipedia Page

If you would like to create a Wikipedia page to promote a business, it is not difficult from a technical standpoint. The open-source platform that Wikipedia has enabled requires little more than cutting and pasting text and hitting the save button. Anyone who wishes to make edits at a later date is allowed to do so. Of course, there is a tremendous difference between being able to submit and save content and actually being able to produce well-written material. Any businessperson hoping to impress readers cannot publish sparse, dull, or unfocused content. The material may end up remaining on Wikipedia’s site, but low-quality material is not going to help any commercial pursuits.

Just as a good advertising campaign must grab an audience, a solid Wikipedia page must also grab the reader’s attention and leave a positive impression. Promotional strategies have to deliver effective results or else they serve no real purpose. While Wikipedia has strenuous rules and does not allow content to veer into public relations, marketing, and advertising copy, factual material does have the potential to impact readers in all these areas. How well the writing does this is going to be based on the skill of the person creating the page.

The page definitely should include all the necessary identifying information about the business. Where the business is located, the principle industry it is involved, the founding of the enterprise, and anything else that establishes the business with supreme clarity. The basics count for a lot and this type of basic information should never be omitted.

The writing should also note things that are going to be intriguing to a reader. A business that has won numerous customer service awards, has a very storied history, or is involved with charitable endeavors is going to look good in the eyes of potential customers. Any facts or points that present the company in a good light surely has value to readers. 

The wording should have a bit of flair. Flowery content is not acceptable on Wikipedia. Wiki writers who are skilled with creating non-fiction can still make the content read well without going overboard with the wording. A talented and experience writer surely is capable of writing material that is engaging and impressive even when sticking to the facts.

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George Soros’ prediction for the future of the EU

George Soros, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, has recently retired at the age of 85. He has taken a back seat from his successful financial strategies and has begun to apply those same principles that made him so successful in the marketing world, into his new endeavors of philanthropy and politics. One of the most recent political topics that Soros has been involved in has been the immigration phenomena in Europe. Soros recently made a prediction that the European Union is on the verge of collapse.

According to an interview conducted by CNBC Soros said, there are three main things that are causing the threat of collapse to the European Union. These three things include the free and open flow of travel within the Shengen area. This is a luxury that citizens, as well as those granted with visas, can enjoy about the EU. Another right or luxury provided by the structure of the EU is the open and free trade of money. These two fundamental rights or privileges were established at the very foundation of the European Union and are arguably some of the most critical things holding that structure together. The third threat cited in the CNBC interview is the threat of terrorism. With the large influx of refugees into the EU, made precedent by Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, when she opened the borders of Germany to refugees. Since 2015, around 1 million refugees have gone into Germany. The CNBC interview admitted this was a humane decision but one that will question the future structure of the EU.

With the two pillars of the EU under attack, the free and open flow of travel and trade, the future of the EU is unpredictable. For the point of terrorism, the CNBC interview admitted that drawing parallels between terrorism and the influx of refugees is not only not accurate but very unproductive. Instead, according to the CNBC interview, the focus should be put on assimilating the refugees into the European culture. This can be accomplished by providing the refugees with jobs and other social rights while also teaching them the languages of the countries that they would reside in.

Lake Tahoe Community Closer to New Vision

President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has had a well deserved victory in one of his many efforts to keep the northern Lake Tahoe communities not just thriving, but flourishing. His company which owns both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts, located in the famous Olympic Valley, has put much time and effort into supporting clean environment plans, increased municipal services and more recently, stopping an effort to incorporate the area. According to an article published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, backers of the incorporation have formally withdrew their petition. Mr. Wirth feels moving the communities into incorporation would have resulted in fiscal disaster.

Presently, the Lake Tahoe area is doing well with a little help from Mother Nature. With early snow storms and cold temperatures, businesses were able to start the season ahead of schedule. That factor in itself is major because the area had faced droughts in past years which put a substantial drain on local tourism dollars. And thanks to the efforts of Mr. Wirth in fighting the incorporation, the area may well have escaped another millstone. California official saw the plan as not being feasible and put a halt to its implementation. Possible negative side effects would have included higher taxes for residents and businesses, along with decreased services. It would also have taken the Olympic Valley area out of the pooled resources of other north shore communities. With the plan being abandoned, Mr. Wirth hopes the area can move on to focus on the issues like transportation and improved snow removal services. It’s time for the Lake Tahoe community to heal and reach a consensus on what concerns are preventing the community from moving into a new vision for the future.

Andy has been in his leadership role at Squaw Valley since 2010. He has since also been appointed as chair of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. In this leadership role of nine other members, Mr. Wirth hopes to enhance travel to and from the region, by pulling on his extensive experience working with various airlines to increase the number of flight into ski resort areas including Utah, Colorado and Canada. When not involved in the running of daily operations at the resorts, Mr. Wirth spends time supporting the Navy Seals Foundation which has been established to help families of fallen warriors. This year he has set up a fundraising site to raise awareness and funding for this much needed organization. Giving his tireless efforts to support the community he loves and being involved in helping those that find themselves in tragic circumstances are just some of the ideals that keep Andy Wirth moving his beloved community to a new vision.

The Role of Visual Search in the Evolution of AI

There is no denying that artificial intelligence has made monumental advances within the last decade, even though lots of these advances go overlooked as mere technological convenience on The recent success in the development of visual search is proof of this. What may seem to be an easier way of doing things, can also hold the potential to change the way the world is connected, as well as how computers will eventually perceive the world around us and them. MIT technological Review published a press release that explained how visual search works exactly, including the possible applications for the future(link provided below).

Chances are you are either using or have at least heard of the audio search technology, where you can record a song being played externally from your smartphone and have information on the track appear after it has been identified. The same idea is being utilized by visual search technology, except that instead of using your phone’s microphone you use your internal camera. By snapping a photo of what you wish to identify, it is then processed and identified within a database. The true magic of being able to do this is that not only are you restricted to two-dimensional items. This means that you could take a photo of a dress or item on display, and have it identified for later purchase and price comparison from other sources.

Not only does visual search mean revolution in terms of how consumers purchase items from within the world around them, but the prospects of it being used as an educational tool have some people excited as well. Imagine finding a statue that catches your interest, but there is not information on its creator or other key elements of interest. Visual search could allow you to identify it and to learn various facts about it in the process, such as the artwork’s history and so on. This could mean that everyday users of this new technology could not only shop more easily and remain connected by their smartphones, but also be informed about so many aspects of the world around them like it is nothing at all.

Some theorize that in giving technology the ability to see and identify the world around it, eventually the time will come where it realizes and understands itself even. Whether this is welcomed or not is a matter of heated debate and discussion.