Olympic Valley Incorporation Fall Out

Benjamin Spillmann, a writer for the Reno-Gazette Journal reported, the weather had been an issue for Lake Tahoe, leading to the possibility of the incorporation of Olympic Valley. However, this year, the weather changed drastically, allowing Lake Tahoe businesses like Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings to flourish. Business owners cringed at the thought of incorporating the area. Nevertheless, the plan fell through, leaving Olympic Valley free from trouble.

Andy Wirth, the owner of Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings is known for his dedication to the Olympic Valley area. He has worked hard to build the Lake Tahoe area and to provide tourists with top of the line attractions. One such improvement happened in 2011 when KSL Capitol Partners bought Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings’ long running competition, Alpine Meadows. Alpine Meadows is a more laid back lodge that gives those there, a taste of home. This merger has already brought new heights to the area. Now skiers can enjoy the ski paths of both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Alpine through a connecting gondola once approval has been given. This will allow skiers the freedom of not having to choose between the two resorts.(Powder.com)

Nonetheless, Andy Wirth’s reach does not stop there. He is the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.(SierraSun.com) With the ability to provide international flight plans, skiers and tourist now have a powerhouse on their side. This is not the only group of people that Andy is concerned with. After an injury sustained during a skydiving accident, Andy helped form the Ironman team called Wounded Warrior Support.(About.me) Andy works through Crowdrise in order to raise money for the Special Warfare Warriors for The Navy Seals Foundation. With men like Any Wirth on Olympic Valley’s side, those that plan to incorporate Lake Tahoe are sure to continue failing.


Visual Search is Improving The Online Shopping Experience For Many People

In recent years, there have been numerous tech startup companies that have developed technology related to online products. The need for technology in this area is needed because the online shopping experience for many people is negatively affected by poor online product presentation.

When people view online products, the visual representation generally does not offer a true indication of the online products. People tend to want a better demonstration of the online products, but the technology behind online products has not been able to provide what is desired by many people concerning online products.

In many online shopping experiences, the online products are lacking a quality visual presentation element. Usually online products have no images, poor quality images, or images that provide a poor shot. In addition, the online products typically do not provide a real life aspect to the online products.

Several tech startup companies have seen these issues related to online products. As a result, the tech startups have developed technology centered on visual search to help improve the online product experience. The visual search technology involves the appearance and utilization of online products either through traditional search engines or online shopping carts.

Once the online products are in view, the visual search technology allows the products to be seen in a more real life manner. The realism provided through the use of visual search gives online shoppers and searchers the opportunity to view online products in a manner that is closer to real life situations.

Slyce is a tech startup company that has developed visual search technology. The company’s software uses aspects of real life objects and recognition software that are combined to give online products a unique appearance.

Slyce provides the software to e-tailers and retailers in formats that will work on both desktop and mobile devices. The visual part of online products is very important. People want to view online products like they view products at stores. While online products cannot replace real products, the technology utilized with online products can make the online product experience closer to a real life product experience.

Beneful Is The Best Name In Healthy Dog Food

Healthy dog food is an obsessions for some dog owners, and Beneful has been the best name in healthy do food for quite some time. There line of products helps dog owners give their pets the best possible food every day, and the sheer variety from Beneful helps dogs stay excited about meal time. This article explains how Beneful has created a full line of dog food products that far exceeds the expectations of dog owners.

#1: The Products Are Made From Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in Beneful are items that might be found at the dinner table. There are normal ingredients such as carrots, corn, beef and chicken in every Beneful product, and dog owners can see that the food appears to be natural. Wet food comes in a dish that dogs will love, and the dry food comes into a package that maintains the aroma of the food. Dogs and dog owners can see that the food is natural and delicious.

#2: Many Flavors

There are many flavors offered by Purina Beneful that range from a dinner table blend to a European blend. The different flavors used by the brand allow owners to purchase a new food every week, and the foods have companion treats that are good for dental health. Beneful has placed ridges for dental care on every treat, and the treats will taste just like the food that dogs already love. Beneful is a simple way of keeping dogs happy and healthy at the same time.

The Beneful line of products offers dogs and dog owners everything they need, and the foods help dogs live longer and healthier lives. Each product has a wonderful flavor and aroma that is enticing, and the natural ingredients have made it fun for dogs to come to meal time again.


Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah In Action

Sanjay Shah owns and operates successful organizations all over the world. He owns more than 35 companies and has founded 2 of his own entities. They are located in different countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, Malta, and Luxembourg. Several years ago, he took home a salary of 19 million pounds from the company he founded, Solo Capital. After acquiring another firm in 2014, his net worth increased to 280 million dollars.

Now retired, Sanjay Shah is pursuing business outside of the investment world. Shah has always been passionate about the music industry so he has started 2 projects in that area. The first project is a charity, Autism Rocks.

When Shah’s son was 4, they had to take him to the hospital because he was not able to keep down food. The doctor suggested that they take him to a child psychologist, who then diagnosed him with autism. Shah put him the best program for children with autism and he hired full time staff to help him develop further. Not knowing what else to do, Shah decided that the best way to help his son was to further research on autism. Shah started Autism Rocks in order to raise money for autism research.

The other project that Shah is working on is a partnership with a Dubai based promotional firm, Done Events. They have started an annual jazz festival in Dubai and have seen significant success with it.

One of the things that propelled Shah forward in other areas was his success with Solo Capital. He founded Solo Capital in 2011 with a few graduates and traders and was able to expand it to an enormous firm with over 100 employees, 35 of which are traders. After just 5 years, the firm had a net worth of 15 million pounds, assets worth 67 million pounds and a cash flow of 30 million pounds.

The firm is based in London and also has an office in Dubai, where Shah and his family live. The United Kingdom regulates them.

The firm offers several very specialized services in 3 different areas. The first area is sports investments. This division concentrates on providing services such as commercial advisory and representation, talent acquisition and asset and performance management. The second area is consulting. This division specializes in performance, human capital and investment. The third and final area is proprietary trading. This division concentrates on commodities, derivatives and FX. The firm is also occasionally referred to as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital Uk or Solo Capital limited and it is owned by Sanjay Shah’s Aesa S.a.r.l

Marcio Alaor: Talks With the Founder of Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras

David Neeleman is often considered one of the most creative aviation entrepreneurs in the world. Neeleman is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has successfully launched four commercial airline companies which include Jet Blue and Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras S/A.

Currently Azul is the third largest airline in Brazil. According to the company, it is “the largest transportation network” in Brazil, with more than 100 destinations and 864 flights per day. Those numbers represent about 32% of the local market, says vice president of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor.

The current economic environment is difficult for Azul in Brazil as fewer passengers can afford to fly which has forced the company to incur increased service cost, says Alaor the vice president of Banco BMG. According to information sent by Azul to the National Civil Aviation Agency, the company forecast a net loss of 236 million reais.

David Neeleman has often been well esteemed by crew member of the airlines he has started, and he helped his crew accommodate passenger issues, says Marcio Alaor. When he was president of JetBlue, he flew on JetBlue flights sometimes weekly. Neeleman has always had a hands on approach with his companies, as he often visited airport terminals, to search for ways to improve the passenger experience.

Neeleman is given credit for helping to develop the concept of an e-ticket which would help to reduce operating costs and boarding time, and improve the experience for travelers, says Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG. Alaor also recalls that Neeleman offered Live TV channels on flights. On JetBlue flights and Azul flights, Neeleman enabled each seat of the aircraft to have access to live television. He also outfitted flights with pay-per-view channels and WiFi.

David Neeleman credits religion for his success in the aviation industry. The entrepreneur is an advocate of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recalls BMG Bank executive Marcio Alaor. Neeleman traveled to Brazil at 19 to serve as a missionary for the Mormon church. Neeleman says, “Being a Mormon was a big influence in my development. When I traveled to Brazil as a missionary, I learned good principles. I worked in poor areas with simple people who impacted my life. Practitioners of our faith believe that the relationships we have with others are important, as they will continue after this life” says Neeleman in his interview with the magazine Veja Online.

Banco BMG executive vice president Alaor Marcio notes that notwithstanding the tough work building multiple successful businesses and the grueling life of a businessman, David Neeleman never forget to take time off to renew his energy. Neeleman attends church on Sunday and he lives with his 9 children in Connecticut, United States.

Marcio Alaor is a well respected businessman and executive at BMG Bank in Brazil. He is a native Brazilian and was born in Santo Antônio do Monte. He has published many business articles in Brazil and is regarded as one of the countries top business minds in the country.

Beneful Leads the Industry with Great Tasting Nutritional Products

Dog owners will often go to great lengths to ensure the health and well-being of their pets. This care and concern is reflected in the increase in sales of premium dog foods. Market analysts predicted the total amount in dog food sales for 2015, would reach one billion dollars. Dog food manufacturers contribute the rise in sales to the changes they have implemented in the quality of products they now produce. In addition to some lines of organic and grain-free products, these companies are offering products with higher nutritional values. Premium dog food now contains real pieces of poultry, fish and beef.

Better Nutritional Values

When it comes to dog food companies providing more nutritional products, one company definitely stands apart from the rest. The Beneful line has been around since 2001, which makes it a leader in the nutritional dog food industry. As a company that cares about the health and well-being of dogs, Beneful offers specially formulated foods for overweight dogs. This formula provides the dog with the necessary protein and calcium to build strong muscles and bones, while reducing the amount of calories. The team of nutritional experts at Beneful know how important good taste is for a premium dog food, which is why they put real chicken, fruits and vegetables in their healthy weight formula.

Not only does Beneful offer a complete line of nutritional dry dog food products, but they also have a wide variety of wet foods. Their line of wet dog food products incorporates the good nutrition dog owners want with the premium taste dogs love. For those pet owners who prefer giving their dogs products that closely resemble the meals they have at their own tables, Beneful offers varieties modeled after real human recipes. Their Romana Style Medley is made with chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots to give dogs a real taste of Italy. Dog owners could choose to feed their pets one of the many stew varieties for a taste of homestyle cooking. When choosing products from the Beneful line, dog owners never have to skimp on nutrition, quality or taste.


What is Autism Rocks?

Sanjay Shah is a wealthy and successful businessman who currently operates out of Dubai. The President and CEO of Solo Capital, he is also the father of three children, Esha, 12, Aman, 8, and Nikhil, 6. In 2011, Nikhil was having serious trouble keeping food down. After putting him on a drip, the doctor suggested taking the boy to a child psychologist as there is a link between food intolerance and autism. Doctors in London confirmed the diagnoses of both the food allergies and autism.

After arranging for the therapies that his son needed, Shah began researching charities dedicated to autism. He found two main types: support groups for autistic people and their families and charities that funded research. He decided to concentrate on supporting the latter group. As a former medical student, Shah was interested in discovering the causes of autism.

While in college, Shah had worked as a DJ at local nightclubs. He therefore decided to use concerts as a way to raise money and awareness for autism research. He thus began collaborating with Done Events, a government-run company that organizes events. Their first effort was a two-night long jazz festival that featured performers like Elvis Costello and Joss Stone.

Through Done Events, Shah met Prince in 2014. A few weeks later, Shah launched his own charity, Autism Rocks, and the opening concert in London had Prince as the headliner. British comedians Michael McIntyre and Alan Carr also performed, and the concert raised £200,000 ($287,562.90). Shah hopes to not only continue organizing concerts but to assemble an album of songs by musicians who have performed for Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks currently holds small, private concerts that draw one or two thousand people. The concerts are technically free — but guests are expected to make donations.

The money raised by Autism Rocks goes to the Autism Research Trust (ART) which in turn funds the Autism Research Center (ARC). Based at Cambridge University, ARC is currently running over a dozen research projects designed to identify autistic people as early as possible and study various treatments to determine which ones are the most effective. ARC also researches the causes of autism. During one project involving MRI brain scans, scientists at ARC found that autism affected different parts of the brain in men and women. Researchers would like to know if such differences influence people’s response to treatment.
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