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Building a reputation for any business can be tricky, especially with the Internet and the quick flow of information these days. A company’s reputation can rise quickly, but it can fall just as fast. The internet is not kind to job seekers either. Many employers wish to view potential employee’s social media page, and if damaging information is out there, it could cost a person their new job. Sometimes, it can even cause a person to get fired from their current job.

Fixing online reputations is just one service of an online reputation management company, they can also maintain and even promote a person or a company. Online reputation management services range from brick and mortar firms to online firms. Each one can tailor themselves to what the customer or company needs. Maintaining a positive reputation can help a customer find a job or help a company be profitable. Negative information is hard to bounce back from, and ORM firms can help. Not knowing what is on the internet, whether it is a negative review or less than flattering tagged photo, can be damaging. ORM monitor for this type of information. is an online reputation management firm that gives its customers the services they need to be successful. They offer free quotes and free reputation assessments, because the first question their web site poses is what does google say about you. This firm allows you to see a free, no-obligation quote to see what they can do to help promote you or your company.

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Stephen Murray: A Rare Breed

Stephen Murray was truly a rare breed in his line of work, which was a private equity investor. When you invest, it is risky, and they know this going in, so it takes a special kind of person to handle it. It isn’t easy, as one wrong decision can really put a company in a bind.

However, whereas others were scared of the responsibility. Stephen was like a great quarterback in the fourth quarter. He looked at the situation, what was best, and acted after careful thought and scanning the field like a quarterback.

He never rested on his laurels or took it easy or handed it off to someone else. While he relied on his team and they helped him, and he was grateful for the help, he knew the responsibility was on his shoulders.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital might be gone but his contributions are not. They will last forever. After all, he was the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. The great thing about those job titles and the jobs themselves is the fact that he earned them.

Nothing was given to him and nothing was handed to him on a silver platter. He earned everything, as he had a master’s degree. He believed in the old school way of thinking. You work hark, you work extra hours, and you are the first to enter and the first to leave the building.

Others saw what he was doing and they learned how to do things the right way. He was always about doing things the right way. Another thing he did the right was giving back, as he was a well-known philanthropist.

He never hesitated to give back to those who needed help. In fact, he enjoyed it. He never looked to be recognized for it or get special praise. He tried to keep it as low-key as possible.

In Stephen Murray‘s mind, when you do something nice for someone or an organization, it is not to get yourself a pat on the back or look good in the press. It is because is the right thing to do for the world in general.

He believes in the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would like done unto you.” He knew that if he was in a position of need, he would hope that someone would help him, which is why he was so quick to help out whenever he could.

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Fabletics Talks To Marie Claire About Their Line

Fabletics is the best athleisure line in the world, and it is the first one that was able to help push along the trend. There is a major trend for people who want to be comfortable every day in something that does not require a lot of work, and that is why Kate Hudson started Fabletics. She knew that she did not want to spend much time on her clothes as it was, and she wanted women to have the clothes that they could wear easily at any time without a single thought. The women who are wearing Fabletics today are changing easily, can make it to the gym and they can find more options when they read about it in Marie Claire.

The Fabletics line of clothes is something that is very soft and easy to wear. It began as a simple set of clothes that consisted of sports bras, tops and tights for women who were working out. A woman who was trying to look her best would look good when she showed up to the gym, and it is much easier for these women to put some clothes in their bags to change into later. There are nice clothes that will go on the town with a woman, and these clothes can go under other outfits a woman who wants to wear. See:

Women who are trying to look their best know that they do not have much time to get dressed. They have a busy schedule that they have to follow to get through the day, and then they often have to make it back to school to pick up their kids. Someone who wants to look their best should make sure that they load up their gym bag with some extra Fabletics clothes, and then it is important for these people to make the most of their clothes by mixing and matching.

The mixing and matching that women do makes them feel better, and it puts them in the colors and styles they want. A woman who puts her trust into Fabletics will look a lot better than she would normally, and she will feel confident because she is in clothes that make her look truly amazing. Women can strut down the street in their sports bra, tights and a sweater. She can wear a hat and some nice shoes to put the look together, and she can go anywhere in those clothes. Fabletics makes life easy, and it helps women get their clothes together in seconds. Kate Hudson does not have time to fuss with her clothes, and now no other women will have to fuss with their clothes when they go to the gym or run errands.

Securus Technologies Company Hits The Headlines Again

Securus Technologies is a privately held firm that is headquartered in Texas, USA. Securus Technologies focuses on offering quality correction solutions to their potential clients in an efficient manner. For more than 15 years, Securus Technologies has been providing top-notch services to legal foundations such as corrections firms and enforcement departments. According to a recent liberation made by the company, more than 1,000,000 inmates are currently benefiting from the company’s operations.

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Securus Technologies aims at establishing the firm globally. This company is ranked as one of the well-established company, which is currently undergoing lots of expansion. Securus Technologies provide services such as carrying out an investigation, analysis of biometric information, evaluation and monitoring of products, and management of inmates information. John Bell, who serves as the principal executive of the sales department in Securus technology, have been making a huge impact in the company by managing a dedicated staff who works to meet customers’ needs and specifications. See for more information.

Recently, Securus Technologies hit the headlines again after making another huge innovation in the technology sector. According to a liberation made by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies have introduced a visitation application compatible with both Apple and Android devices. According to Russell Roberts, the senior executive of Securus America Technologies marketing department, the visitation app sole aim is to establish a good connection network to serve the inmates in an efficient manner. Mr. Roberts also depicted that the visitation app is compatible with tablets and iPads.

Securus Technologies has played a greater role in the correction agencies undertakings. According to executive Russell, families and friends will now be connecting regularly with their loved ones without necessarily undergoing the visiting tariffs, as experienced before. Sir Roberts added that the video app will help create a real connection between the inmates and the jails security personnel’s the video app has been developed using the modern technology, a scenario that makes end users to enjoy customizable options. Securus Technologies has encountered lots of success in the industry. The company has been observing professional codes of ethics while dealing with their client, to deliver the best services in the corrections sector.

Securus Technologies has now made it easy for inmates to enjoy special occasions conducted at home while still at jails. The visiting app provides the users the ability to share birthday parties regarding video form. Also, the application is WI-FI enabled to enhance a secure connection. To read more on the introduction of the visiting app by the Securus Technologies Company, open the following links .

Luciana Lossio: A Champion In the Courtroom and On Her Horse

It is often fascinating to ponder just how little that you know about somebody. Additionally, people rarely correlate success with hobbies, or any free-time at all, really. Essentially, those who are successful in their careers rarely have any free time to partake in extracurricular activities, and dedicate every waking moment to work. While successful people have dedicated countless hours to ensure the execution of their goals, human beings undoubtedly need time to unwind and to do what they love.

Luciana Lossio is no stranger to what it takes to be successful and well known in competitive, unforgiving industries. The female attorney has many accolades that deserve recognition, but among her biggest feat yet is simply being a woman in a male-dominated field. In fact, Lossio is the first female attorney to be awarded the position of Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. She graciously accepted this position in 2011, and added it to her list of impressive accolades and general workload.

Her career as an attorney has put her in the graces of many esteemed professionals, including governors and state officials, and has allowed her to work professionally on high-profile cases. In addition to this glory, Lossio has also provided her wits and insight for the Attorney General’s Office, where she faithfully served seven, successful years. This position allowed the powerful woman to work alongside esteemed prosecutors, Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro. These two prestigious professionals will happily support Lossio’s claim to success throughout her professional career. Of course, she is only human–though that may be difficult to believe. As a human, she is built to have passions, seek hobbies, and to require rest and relaxation. So, what does this wonder woman do in her spare time?

The answer is simple, yet powerful: equestrianism. Her passion was demonstrated early in life, and since she was only six years old, she has always found comfort in being with and riding horses. In fact, Lossio is a champion who regularly competes. The champion holds the title as being the Brazilian Champion Amateur Jumper, a competition where she won over forty men and women. A champion in both her career and on her horse, Luciana Lossio is young, strong, and ready to tackle more obstacles.

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Spring Forward With New Summer Active-wear With Fabletics

Finding active-wear that is different than another active-wear is rare. You often see the same graphics, colors, and design. With Fabletics, you’ll find something different. Unless you don’t watch TV, you’ve probably seen Kate Hudson talking about Fabletices.

Fabletics is a clothing company that’s dedicated to making women and men feel comfortable and stylish in their workout clothing. In July 2013, Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Fabletices first sold products only for women but in 2015 Kate Hudson teamed up with her brother Oliver Hudson to launch their first men’s activewear brand FL2.

Though it is widely popular as an online subscription company, some malls owned by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc have Fabletics stores in them. The first store opened in October of 2015. According to Forbes in 2015, Fabletics stores are scheduled to open over the next three to five years. Until a store pops up near you, the online store will have to do. You have two choices for ordering online on You can choose by buying as a guest or becoming a VIP member. VIP members get charged $49 a month, you can choose to cancel or skip a month if you wish or need to. By becoming a VIP you can get benefits such as getting 40-50% off of retail prices, a gift on your birthday, and you can get your first outfit for $25. When you sign up, you fill out a quiz about your fashion tastes and the company finds personalized outfits for you.

As of March 2016, Fabletics expanded its attire by adding swimwear and dresses. Recently, there was a blog post on The Clothes Maiden on the spring and summer 2016 collection. She talks about how Kate Hudson is creating a clothing line that inspires us to get moving. She then explains hat the line is made so we can be fashionable in mix and match outfits for a run, a yoga class, and down at a local gym. She loves that Kate shares her own personal favorite outfits. The spring/summer 2016 line has eye-catching geo patterns, floral prints, and patterns that have pops of vibrant colors here and there. These are very functional outfits and made to be very versatile. She ends it with some very positive last notes on how the brand creates a clothing line that easily inspires us to get and stay active. Read the whole article here at

Try Fabletics today to either stay active or be inspired to get active.