Former Atlanta Hawks Owners Take On Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is making a legal claim against the insurance company he used back when he was an owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson did business with a company called New Hampshire Insurance Company, also known as AIG. He has filed against them in court due to a breach of contract regarding the former Atlanta Hawks’ coach Danny Ferry.

Back in 2015, Levenson was entertaining an offer to sell the Atlanta Hawks. He employed Inner Circle Sports as well as Goldman Sachs to the all the necessary market research and to advise him financially on the deal. Part of the deal was the rights to the Philips Arena, and also the permission to choose a new coach for the team. This regrettably meant that Danny Ferry, the current coach, would have to go. Ferry was on a 6 year contract where he was promised compensation of $18 million. Since he was being terminated early Levenson and his company provided a generous package to compensate Ferry for his losses and the deal to sell the Atlanta Hawk’s went through. It is currently owned by Tony Ressler. Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Insurance Company who was supposed to cover Danny Ferry’s settlement package did not release funds to cover the matter. The insurance company had an obligation to immediately release funds as soon as it was notified of the deal going through and that stipulations in the policy on workplace torts, and wrongful termination had been triggered.

AIG did not give a response to Levenson (check out and company when requests for a reply were sent and thus Levenson has now filed in court against AIG to recover the damages. AIG is being charged with breach of contract, and negligence which could justify an additional penalty of 50% being charged against it in this matter plus legal fees to the suing party.


Learn About College Basketball Betting And Useful Tips For Beginners

More people are getting into sports betting and there are many options when you enter into this industry. One of the most preferred sports in the U.S. is basketball betting and this is attributed to the many options one has for information.

Websites like offer users a chance to get the latest information about different sports and particularly college basketball, which allows you to compare teams and performance as well as progression. With this information at hand, you are able to pick teams you are sure will not disappoint you while placing your bids. Below are some tips you should keep in mind while betting on college basketball.

Observe team’s effort
Every team stands out because of one factor and this is something you should keep your eyes on. Effort in basketball is one of the keys that determine the outcome of a match and a team that displays dedication to walk away with overall victory may be a good choice. Many people have used reviews posted on and emerged with tremendous success in their betting on March Madness odds. The website offers odds and tips that help you to bet and choose teams that are likely to win more matches.

Don’t judge the bad performance
Teams are not always accurate and failure in a match does not imply the team is bad. In most cases, failure is motivated by lack of preparation or a number of factors that push the team to concede defeat. Instantaneous failure cannot be used to rule out a whole season for a team, so you need to use other metrics that show the real performance and potential of a team.

This is the only way you can avoid blind betting as exhibited in most bettors online. Do research to understand what could have caused the situation and if the team stands better performance in near future.

About was established in 1995 by Paul Lavers with support from Joe MacDonald. The website is a flagship brand of Covers Media Group and it operates as a one-stop shop for gaming information covering topics on all areas. The website is managed by a 24-hour staff team that undertakes editorial tasks to offer statistics, articles and details to enthusiasts in sports betting. Some of the useful features included on the site are live scores and odds as well as detailed pages with key angles about each sport.

George Soros and Black Lives Matter

There have been a lot of rumors circulating that George Soros has been funding the Black Lives Matter movement. These rumors have been started around the time the protests have been interrupting speeches by Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush. They have been saying that the three women that have started the Black Lives Matter movement have been involved with the Open Society Foundation for a while. The amount of money that George Soros is said to have been giving is a total of $33 million. There have been plenty of sources that have been saying the same thing from right wingers to mainstream speakers.

After a while, Ken Zimmerman, the director of The Open Society Foundation has officially stated that George Soros has not been making any kind of donations to the Black Lives Matter. He has also stated that they don’t know how anyone could have jumped to those conclusions. One thing that could have triggered such a jump to conclusion is that George Soros has made donations to Hilary Clinton who is running for office. Therefore, they have thought that his Open Society Foundation has been involved with the shut down of the speeches within the last month. However, there are attempts to shut this rumor down.

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Zimmerman has stated that the Open Society Foundations does not necessarily fund protests. They instead look out for new voices. They are involved in the handling of immigration as well as the reform of the criminal justice. George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have been involved in global issues which include the EU crises which has culminated in the UK leaving the EU. The Open Society is highly involved with the issues of human rights and the handling of conflicts between governments. One thing that Open Society stands for primarily is justice for all. See: