Under Tony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors parlays arctic expertise into global dominance

Nabors Industries has become the largest land-based drilling contractor in the United States, as well as throughout the world. After cutting its teeth in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Nabors Industries has parlayed that knowledge and expertise into something even bigger. Nabors Industries has become the nation’s go-to drilling contractor for all aspects of drilling operations in the nation’s unconventional oil plays.

All of this was made possible by the strong vision and leadership of Tony Petrello, one of the most talented CEOs in the oil industry today. After having been brought on board in 1991, after Nabors Industries’ chapter 11 bankruptcy, Petrello went on to lead the company to more than 25 years of brilliant performance and high levels of productivity.

But it all started way back in the late 1950s, with Nabors Industries’ formation as a drilling corporation formed for the sole purpose of exploiting the oil resources on Alaska’s North Slope. As one of the key initially players in the exploitation of the Prudhoe Bay oil reserves, Nabors Industries proved itself as a company with serious capacity, able to go where no one else could and do what no one else would.

The company then went on to service wells in some of the harshest desert climates on the face of the planet. With major clients in Yemen, Nabors Industries was one of the first U.S. companies to drill for oil on the Arabian Peninsula. Operating in desert environments, where virtually no rain falls all year round and where temperature is routinely exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the company quickly gained the most extensive expertise of any operator in the world. With the ability to drill sites where temperatures were below negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit to sites, on the opposite end of the climatic spectrum, where the temperatures routinely exceeded positive 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Nabors Industries could keep the equipment operating efficiently and at high levels of productivity.

Equities First- AU Is a Great Company That’s Offering Wonderful Options of Loans

Equities First- AU is a capital lending solutions organization that is offering both high net-worth individuals and businesses opportunities of improving their conditions. Whether you are aware of it or not, lending companies are competing for the businesses of borrowers. Although Equities First- AU is certainly in the midst of the competition as well, it is important for potential borrowers to know that Equities First has been taking their time to conduct a vast array of analysis and research to determine how they may be able to provide their borrowers with some of the best deals that are available on the market today. Not only that, they are also offering high net-worth individuals opportunities of obtaining non-purpose loans, which is something that many have been having difficulties of finalizing with other loan providers. Be sure to speak to a loan specialist today so that you may be able to see what types of loan offers they might be able to provide for you.

Equities First- AU is a loan providing company who is taking additional steps to ensure their potential borrowers are happy with the services that they may apply for by maintaining a website that is easy to navigate within. The application process is rather quick and easy, thus, being click here more of an encouraging factor for applicants who may want to see whether they will be approved for their loan amounts in a quick turnaround time. Please do not make the mistake of applying for a loan through a loan provider that is offering their loans with high interest rates, as you may ultimately end up spending a lot more money than you have originally intended. Today is a great day for you to see what types of loans you qualify for, and how you may be able to drastically improve the conditions of your personal life or business.

Felipe Montoro Jens Talks on The NDEP Concession

National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NDEP) is now collaborating with the Brazilian government to improve sanitation in the area. Recently, Edison Carlos who is the president of Trata Brasil. Felipe Montoro Jens was also in the interview. Felipe Montoro is an expert in the matters if infrastructure.


Edison commented on this concession saying that NDEP needs to improve in their structuring and management first before they can take on bigger roles. He also commented that private companies need to be more involved in bettering the welfare of the Brazilian citizens. He supported his claim with a statistic saying that 90% of sanitation services in the country are provided by the government and that 70% of this jobs are carried out by state agencies. Felipe supported this point saying that sanitation in Brazil would be at a much better place if contracts were to be awarded to private companies. He pointed out that there was a problem of water wastage and shortage and that private agencies had the resources required to alleviate this issue.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure expert who currently works for Odebrecht S.A’s unit Odebrecht Properties. Subseduently, he works as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. Previously he was the president of Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos S.A. Prior to being promoted to this position, Felipe was the Senior Finance Officer. He later received a promotion to work as the senior investment officer at Odebrecht S.A.


In the past, he has worked for Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A as the chairman of the company. He also worked as a director at Energia S.A, which is based in San Antonio. Felipe has also worked with Braskem S.A for three years, assuming the role of director.


Felipe Montero Jens Outlines The Scope Of Benefits From Government And BNDES Concessions

In an effort to modernize Brazil’s waste water management system, it has recently partnered with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Concessions formally agreed to by the government will enhance an initiative aimed at infrastructure improvement and resource efficiency. The details of the concessionary move are highlight and lauded by Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil.


Edison notes that the vast majority of Brazil’s sanitation needs are performed by the public sector and the state. The BNDES agreement is an ideal way of combining the management strategies of both state and private industries. The power of the government to contract with innovative resource groups encourages benefits for all people in Brazil.


Felipe Montero Jens also adds that complimentary concessions will create a situation where water management needs can be addressed region by region. Every state in Brazil has unique water loss problems, and a joint effort can pinpoint the most financially agreeable solutions. This includes significant modernization of sewer lines and entire municipal sewage networks. In essence, the combining of management entities will make umbrella policies and procedures obsolete. New structures for improvement will have to be customized to the demographics they serve. Most importantly, this means making improvements work financially for all parties.


All parties in this matter including BNDES, the national government, and industry analysts agree that the key to making the combined effort work is a focus on clear service goals. Concessions are important, but so is the inclusion of consistent public oversight.


Felipe Montero Jens is an executive of several leading Brazilian investment and resource firms. This includes rigorous duties as Chairman of Arboreoland Real Estate Development. As a private professional, his contributions as an analyst affect the formation and implementation of policies throughout Brazil.


At 46 years of age, Felipe Montero Jens has amassed an incredibly diverse professional portfolio. He has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees with honor from Getulio Vargas Foundation and the Thunderbird School of Global Management. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923

Why UKV PLC Is Considered To Be A Great Winemaker

UKV PLC is not your ordinary winemaking company. They are a company that truly exemplifies excellence in wine manufacturing and all of its remaining processes. Please have assurance of knowing that one of the best things that you can do prior to investing in a wine company’s products is having assurance of knowing whether or not they are manufacturing the wine products under the proper protocols of quality winemaking.

Unfortunately, many companies are not necessarily taking the time that is required of them to ensure that they are making the best qualities of wine for the end-user. By speaking with a representative of a wine manufacturer, you may be able to get an idea of what their values are.

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UKV PLC prides themselves on producing and providing high qualities of wine for their customers. They have received plenty of positive reviews pertaining to their products like French wines and is recommended for everyone. Whether you’re aware of it or not, winemaking is not necessarily too complex of a process; however, it is the following of the proper procedures of quality winemaking that separates good companies from ones that are not necessarily considered to be too good. Be sure to make the right choice of investing in a quality winemaking company today. You will certainly thank yourself for it after tasting your product.

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A Review Of James Dondero’s Expertise In Alternative Investments

James Dondero made a name for himself as one of the earliest investors in the collateralized loan obligation market. His expertise in the field has seen him transform his investment company into an alternative-asset powerhouse valued at over $15 billion. The company, Highland Capital Management, was co-founded by the financial expert and Mark Okada in 1993. He continues to serve as the president of the company. James posits that he has extensive experience in debt deals, emerging trends, and turnarounds. He has also has made bond calls on almost everything, including American Airlines to Argentina.

According to an article published by Barrons, Myers-Briggs tests put the Texan in the INTP category. This category includes individuals having introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving qualities. These characteristics defines the ability of the 54-year-old executive leader to devise innovative investment strategies.

Dondero’s Highland Capital provides investors with the ideal financial platform. This is because the company offers liquid and affordable access to high-quality investment ideas. These ideas are curated by Dondero and are availed through the Highland Global Allocation fund, which is valued at $894 million. In the last 12 months, the fund has made a significant improvement of over 29.6 percent. Notably, the fund sits in the world allocation category of the Morningstar.

The Highland Global Allocation Fund holds nearly 200 securities out of the approximately 400 securities held by the world allocation fund. The company has concentrated about 40 percent of the assets in different themes made up of single or multiple companies in the same industry. According to the executive leader, the company plans to engage in different undertakings, including restructuring of Vistra Energy, Argentina, and master limited partnership.

James Dondero is a Hoboken-born financial expert and entrepreneur. He holds an accounting and finance degree from the prestigious University of Virginia. Although he grew up knowing that he would pursue a career in the real estate industry, he shifted his focus to the credit market. Dondero has achieved much success in the industry. Five years after graduating, he made over $1 billion in fixed-income assets. The success of the company is anchored on the extensive knowledge and experience of James Dondero and Mark Okada. The duo’s efforts have enhanced the growth of the company into a recognized international asset manager.

Fabletics Announces First Collaboration With Demi Lovato

Fabletics is an increasingly popular brand of women’s activewear. The brand was thought up by actress Kate Hudson. She loves fashionable activewear but she couldn’t understand why it was all so expensive. In partnership with TechStyle Group, and e-retailer and collection of clothing brands, she launched Fabletics. The goal of Fabletics is to offer good quality clothing that is affordable and fashionable. This concept has proven to be very popular and Fabletics has been very successful against such established companies in the space such as Amazon since its introduction in 2013.

Fabletics makes use of a membership plan which uses includes a fashion questionnaire when a woman is buying her first piece of clothing off the site. By completing this questionnaire, the team at Fabletics is able to show them clothing that is going to appeal to their fashion sensibilities. This saves time as she doesn’t then have to wade through clothing that she finds appealing to her own fashion sense.

Another difference at Fabletics is that they now have retail stores opening across the United States. This allows women to try on clothing which they can then purchase in the store or buy off the website. These stores have proven very popular and, while about 30-50% of customers are already members of Fabletics, another 25% decide to become one while they’re in the store and finding clothing they really like at good prices.

Recently, Demi Lovato joined Fabletics as well, making it the first collaboration that Fabletics has engaged in their four-year history. This will feature a limited-edition collection of activewear that was inspired by Demi’s own fashion sense. The clothing that is sold will support the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign which is personally important to Demi Lovato. This campaign is targeted toward marginalized teenage girls. One part of the campaign that is really important to Demi is the Girl’s Up SchoolCycle program which seeks to get 130 million girls into school who aren’t in a classroom around the world. This initiative provides girls with bicycles so they can get to and from school, as well as get a sense of independence, as well as the tools and spare parts they need to maintain the bikes as well as maintenance training.

Demi Lovato has been a public speaker for a long time about her own issues such as addiction, self-harm, and eating disorders. She wants her brand of clothing at Fabletics to make girls feel good about their body images and feel included. The brand was launched at a private event in Los Angeles in May 2018. The brand will be available in a wide range of sizes so that every women and girl can find something that fits them well. The first clothing to be released will be leggings and tops. More types of clothing such as jackets will be launched later this year. Demi’s brand will be sold in eight countries and in Fabletics stores across the nation.

Foresite Capital and Jim Tananbaum

Under the leadership of Jim Tananbaum, Foresite Capital is heading for some great new heights. Foresite drives development in the healthcare space. Thanks to Foresite, patients with conditions like immunosuppression or food allergies can look forward to a bright future with fewer limitations.

Dr. Molly He Joins the Team

Recently, Foresite Capital has added another great member to their team. By bringing in venture partner Dr. Molly He, Jim Tananbaum has added an experienced winner with just the skills he needs. He’s background includes a stint as head of protein sciences at Pacific Biosciences.

More recently, Dr. Molly He was director of scientific research at Illumina. Her experience in pharmaceuticals has seen her tackle issues related to the structure of antibodies. She has also worked on drugs designed to treat cancer and immune disorders. All of this experience relates to big projects on Foresite’s slate. Everyone is excited about Dr. He coming on board.

Foresite’s Leadership

Dr. Jim Tananbaum, MD MBA, really sets the tone that has led to Foresite’s success. As both managing director and founder, he feels viscerally connected to Foresite’s mission in a way that some CEOs never will.

Tananbaum is also one of the smartest guys in the game. He did his undergrad at Yale and earned his professional degrees at Harvard. He has even served on engineering advisory boards at his alma maters.

In an article on Fierce Biotech, Jim Tananbaum’s successes haven’t just been academic. He’s been supporting innovation and entrepreneurship for years. For example, Tananbaum has invested in Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Sequenta. He founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which was eventually purchased by Genzyme.

Tananbaum has great instincts about business and medicine. In his role at Foresite Capital, he uses his intelligence to do work that helps make everyone’s life better. Best of all, he doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. He is secure enough in his own success to let other pros like Dr. He, and many young entrepreneurs, shine. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jim_Tananbaum

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye offers Radiance for Everyone

People everywhere are dazzled by hair dyes that express who they are and what they represent, but Lime Crime has taken this form of expression to the next level with Unicorn Hair Dye. Just in time for hot days and summer nights this fabulous line of 13 exhilarating colors gives every person a confidence in their individuality that sets them apart from others. Being unique as yourself, and living every day to the fullest, is only two side-effects of the commanding look and feel you will have with unicorn hair dye.

If that does not convince you of the emotional quality of unicorn hair dye, for each individual, then the longevity of the dye will continue to amaze long after 8 washes. The dye has been refined for years before being released cruelty free and only made of pure vegan ingredients. This means no ammonia, no peroxide and no harsh chemicals that destroy and deteriorate your beautiful hair. Conditioning the hair and leaving it soft, radiant and smelling of the lands in which it was born, is what keeps avid unicorn fans focused on this unicorn hair dye. Even trying each of the 13 new identities, has become a fantastic adventure anyone can get lost in.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, 13 colors and shades is just the beginning to an expansive line of unicorn hair dyes that aim to please. Expecting even more colors to be out soon, is all the thrill and this product will not come up empty handed. This dye captivates your all your senses and will have every head turning in your direction as far as the eye can see. With summer around the corner and distant lands to rule, Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime, will make you have the most coveted look of 2017. follow them on instagram for more of their products.


Flavio Maluf Is The Brains At The Back Of Eucatex, The Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Triumphant Story

Flavio Maluf didn’t comprehend the kind of world he would meet ahead after entering the Fundaao Armando Foundation in Sao Paulo. Nevertheless, a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a year within New York unquestionably gave him the certifications required to penetrate the business world in Brazil.

In 1987, Flavio joined Eucatex, and he began at the base. He got the chance to learn about the ceiling tile business and gained experience from old school specialists who have been producing roof tiles from eucalyptus trees for use in domestic market for quite a long time. Flavio was a fast learner and in 1997 he was promoted and became the President of Eucatex. Nobody working for Eucatex was astounded by his quick climb to the top. Flavios family had played a major role within Eucatex before Flavio united with the organization.

By then, Brazil was experiencing some significant changes amid the 1990s. The administration was making life somewhat less demanding for the common laborers and export investors, thanks to oil among other natural resources, that the value had began to boost the economic development of the country. Flavio saw an open door and he pursued it. Eucatex, under Flavio’s leadership, began exporting their special ceiling tiles into Europe including other zones of the globe. Very quickly, the tiles were doing very well in the market. It’s then Flavio chose to open workplaces in various regions around the globe, and the move provided Eucatex with the impulse it needed to become a world player in construction material business.

At the point when the 21st century came thundering, Eucatex was prepared to apply its game strategy. Flavio extended the product offering to incorporate paint, varnishes, MDF boards and other construction materials. By then, the acoustical tile business was the key business, yet the furniture business was still another area that fitted the organization’s long haul strategy. It is at that point that Eucatex began building doors and dressers and panel’s materials for other furniture parts. The Eucatex item blend gave everybody in the furniture and construction business a thing to talk about. While headed by Flavio, the company has continued to do amazing things across the world.