ClassDojo Looks To LInk Every Parent, Student, And Teacher

No matter which school a student attends it can be difficult for parents and teachers to feel as though they are connected when students are entrusted with bringing important messages to either of these vital people in the life of a child. ClassDojo has been looking for the best ways of making sure every parent, student, and teacher are linked through a communication app that makes it easy for each and every person involved in a classroom to create the best possible learning culture and experience for their students.

Each and every classroom has its own needs and decisions to be made, including the creation of an exciting digital classroom where the progress made by every student can be tracked and monitored at home and in school; the days of lost notes and communications between teachers and [parents are now long gone with every parent receiving messages through a dedicated area of the ClassDojo app from their student’s teacher. Parents can also be kept up to date with the stories of individual students and a class as a whole with the stories aspect of the ClassDojo app.

Established in 2011 by two U.K. based technology experts, ClassDojo is now used in more than 90 percent of U.S. classrooms and has been developed for use in more than 180 nations across the planet. Although initially developed as a way of tracking progress and providing communications between teachers and parents the ClassDojo app has now been developed in such a way that it can aid students in growing and learning empathy for others.

The Reform of Oil Market in Mexico and Talos Energy

The reform of oil and gas industry in Mexico was witnessed after 80 years with the construction of a new offshore well along the Mexican waters. This was as a result of allowing foreign companies back into the Mexico’s energy markets. The well that is currently being drilled along the Mexican Coast is a joint venture between three firms, Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier Oil. They started the drilling process on May 21. Moreover, the well is estimated to hold over 350 barrels of crude oil.
According to Premier Oil Company, drilling of the offshore well is expected to take at least 90 days to finish. Also, the projected cost for drilling is estimated to be sixteen million dollars. However, the companies won the rights of being involved in the Mexican’s energy markets in 2015. This came after Mexico agreed to open the ailing industry to private companies. Since it is the first well to be drilled after Mexico open reforms to the oil industry, the drilling process will be under the watch by many oil and gas companies. Furthermore, the structure of the well’s basin is an indication that the well has high chances of geological realization.
About Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a privately owned gas and oil company that focuses on the exploration of properties that are related to gas and oil. Currently, the company is focusing on the exploration of oil and gas properties along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Talos Energy also gets its funds from investments companies such as Riverstone Holdings, Global Management, and Talos Management.
When it comes to the acquisition of gas and oil properties, Talos is passionate about its pursuit. It is even smarter with its strategies. Moreover, Talos Company has more than 70 years of experience in the energy market. It understands what is expected in the market. The company has been combining innovative technologies with its technical expertise for a smoother progression.

Tempus Founder Seeks to Make Data Driven Cancer Treatment

In the Tech News Spy article, “Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, and the Rise of Data-Enabled Precision Medicine” Heidi Harris discusses the serial entrepreneur’s goals for his new company.

The article begins with several frightening statistics. 40% of American adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. By 2024, the National Cancer Institute expects close to 19 million citizens to be diagnosed with cancer.

Many, including Eric Lefkofsky, originally believed that the healthcare industry using the latest technology to drive more accurate treatments. However, when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mr. Lefkofsky discovered an uncomfortable truth. Despite having updates like electronic health records, the health industry did not have adequate data collection and digital technology despite the abundance of information being produced.

Data centering on the patients and the treatments may be abundant, but there was never a method to actually make use of the information. Tempus seeks to remedy that. It seeks to create a paradigm shift in cancer treatment by developing a digital library and platform. This platform will interpret the personal molecular data of the patient as well as the clinical information to provide individualized cancer treatment to each patient.

The company had several roadblocks along the way such as discovering accessible and affordable molecular, medical, and clinical data. Not to mention it also had to reorganize physicians notes to obtain the information. The company solved the issue by developing a software with machine learning, including language processing and character recognition abilities. The notes could then be transformed into data that could be applied to the treatment and care of cancer patients.

The company also uses human genome sequencing to fight the disease on the cellular and molecular level. The clinical information combined with the molecular information creates a personalized treatment plan. As the company gains more and more information, it will be able to provide a more precise medicine.

Eric Lefkofsky began the Tempus journey after discovering the issue when his wife was diagnosed. He co-founded the company in 2016. However, it is not his first journey in the entrepreneurial world. He co-founded several companies such as InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, and Groupon.

However, he is also a dedicated philanthropist. He began the Lefkofsky Foundation with his wife in 2006 to support educational and scientific organizations around the world. He also joined The Giving Pledge in 2013.

Andrew Rolfe and his work leading to the Ubuntu Education Funds

The Ubuntu Education Fund held the Everything Everyday Charity Gala in London and has invited over 300 guests. In accordance to Andrew Rolfe, he has the delightful pleasure to entertain the guests with fine dining and lively music. After dinner, the guests were presented with the speeches from two very special guests, one of whom, shook the crowd with her story on growing up with an abusive father. The Ubuntu Scholar, Sineshipo, brought her story to the crowd in hopes to raise awareness of the grave situation happening in Africa where children are malnourished, unable to receive any education, and the lack of health care.

The Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe, has contributed his work for a better future for children in Africa. Working alongside with the CEO and Founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, has created breakthroughs, especially with the contribution towards the research on HIV. The gala’s auction was incredibly lively with donors giving paintings and African holiday adventure tickets. These few items were collectively worth £33,000 pounds.

The successful funding attained from the gala was credited to Andrew Rolfe and his brilliant mind. Before he received the position as Chairman for the Ubuntu Education Fund, he was the Vice President for PepsiCo, followed up to as receiving the Chairman & Chief Executive position at Pret A Manger. After that, Rolfe was invited to become the President of Gap Inc International, a retail store that sells clothes for men, women, children and babies.

Rolfe’s work with Gap Inc has gone popular among the years as one of the most successful brands to be able to gain international recognition. Rolfe managed to get Gap Inc’s Banana Republic to spread towards Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. However, in 2006, Rolfe quit his position as President and joined the TowerBrook Capital Partners, a private equity firm while still working with the Ubuntu Education Fund.

The Ubuntu Education Fund continues to become the most important and leading organisation. With Rolfe’s help, they can constantly receive the ability to bring world-class health and education to the children of South Africa.


Betsy DeVos – An Exceptional Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos is renowned throughout the U.S. for her advocacy for education reforms. Her efforts have placed her at the top of the education sector as she is the current Secretary of Education. She is also a huge giver; such a generous giver that it is controversial.

Betsy DeVos Background

Betsy DeVos was born in Michigan to a family of billionaires. Her father, Edgar Prince, was an industrialist billionaire and one of the richest people in the state. She is the wife of Dick DeVos, himself a multi-billionaire and the heir to Amway marketing company.

Betsy DeVos, and the DeVos family as a whole is known for her allegiance to the Republican Party, a factor that has made her a controversial figure in the country. Check her website for more info at

A Generous Giver

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos are popular for their philanthropy. The family has constantly featured on Forbes’ list of top American givers.

Much of the news about Betsy DeVos philanthropy revolves around her political ties. Her family is active in the Republican Party, and they do not hesitate to back their candidates financially. For instance, Betsy DeVos personally contributed $150,000 to former President’s George Bush re-election in 2004. To date, it is estimated that the DeVos family has contributed over $17 million to the Republican Party.

However, the DeVos contribute much more money towards other causes including charity, religion, and education. Betsy DeVos is especially keen on advocating for education reforms not only verbally but also financially. She is a big critic of the current education system which she argues does not guarantee equality for children from poor backgrounds. In 2015 alone, the DeVos contributed over $3 million towards education reforms.

The DeVos also contribute generously to other causes including charity, food security, art, and health, among others. It is estimated that they have given away over $139 million to non-political cases since 1982 to-date. This is over 90% of their political contributions. The couple also donates structures such as buildings, especially in their state. For instance, the DeVos are credited for donating a hospital close to their home designed to offer cheap medical care, especially to mothers. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

So Why the Criticism?

In spite of their generous giving towards charity, critics have termed the DeVos philanthropy as suspicious. They have especially come under criticism for releasing their philanthropy details just recently before Betsy DeVos was named the United States Secretary of Education.

However, considering that their donations to charity far exceed their political contributions, the only thing that justifies their critics is their political affiliations. That, however, does not seem to worry them as Betsy DeVos and her husband promise, even more, donations in their effort to work for a better America.

Dr. Cameron Clokie: Dealing With Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a successful surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur with specializations in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, He was a teacher at the University of Toronto where he inspired young minds on the intricacy of surgery. When it comes to regenerative medicine, Dr. Clokie has everything it takes with a PhD and specialty training. Also he is successful in business as well as his contribution to society.

He was a member of many prestigious boards and served as an adviser on medical issues in regenerative medicine. Musculoskeletal health is of particular concern to Dr. Clokie and he recognizes the impact that his work has on the development on the field.

Therefore, he gives his best in all he achieves from medicine to business. He currently holds 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents and is a nationally recognized source for all matters in regenerative medicine and Oral surgery.

Dr. Clokie is currently the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. Where over the years he has excelled in his knowledge and research of the field. This knowledge is ironclad and is supported by many scientific achievements in journals and publishing of articles and papers on regenerative processes. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:–clokie/c12024915 and

With these advancements being made, it is becoming possible to take leaps into the future with lasting results to improve patients lives. This is Dr. Clokie’s main focus in medicine. His list of accomplishments have made his opinion highly valued and credible. Over the years he has perfected his craft and not only has he improved the science as a whole, but he also gives back to his community and understands the needs of individuals.

Today he is actively teaching and pontificating the various implications of bone regenerative medicine and surgical practices. Being genuine is valued more than anything when treating patients, and Dr. Clokie is a shining example of a kind-hearted yet intelligent Scientist and teacher.

Regenerative skeletal reconstruction is advancing day by day and Dr. Clokie has the ailments on the run through innovative new projects and discoveries that will propel the regenerative sciences into the bright future of bone medicine.

Read more:

Our Team – Induce Biologics

A Spotlight on Adam Goldenberg, What’s Next for the TechStyle CEO

Adam Goldenberg is best known as the CEO of fashion mega giant JustFab Inc, parent company to Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics, which has taken the athletic apparel space by storm over the past three years. JustFab recently announced a transition to change their name to TechStyle Fashion Group – a change that Goldenberg states will only further position their company as a trailblazer in the digital space.


He has always put data and metrics first in his business ventures, including one of his earliest ventures in 2004, an online brand incubator that he named Beauty Intelligence. Four years later he again put the digital and mobile shopping experience first when he founded JustFab, a company that would grow to rising heights as one of the leading apparel companies to utilize an opt-in membership model in order to provide a fully digital shopping experience. Fabletics earned an incredile $1 billion valuation in its infancy in 2014 and now is fully funded and has positive cash flow. His goal for TechStyle, formerly JustFab, has always been to use data to satisfy his customers and keep them returning time and time again. According to an interview done by CNBC of Goldenberg, subscribers grew from zero to over 400 million globally in just three short years after its founding. In addition, the company touts 1.5 million VIP members that joined solely due to the positive referrals of their immediate family and friends. These astronomical numbers make a strong case for the data-first model that has transformed the former JustFab into TechStyle Fashion Group and has brought Fabletics to unicorn heights in both fashion and technology spaces.


In a profile on Goldenberg about 3 LA CEOs you definitely need to know, he discussed the essence of what he wants to provide and that is a quality product that customers truly enjoy. While going digital first is great and you may gather a large and engaged social media following or a lot of website traffic, if the quality of the product isn’t there and people don’t really love it, your brand will ultimately fall short. In this way, Fabletics ensures its brands are made from the finest quality and that they are always ahead of the latest apparel trends. Their following is enormous and, according to Goldenberg, the average subscriber comes back to order from them about 3-4 times a year, showcasing the continued loyalty of Fabletics members.

Oncotarget: Keeping E-Cigarette Users Informed of the Possible Dangers of Indulging

A restorative report performed by the University of Rochester Medical Center demonstrates that electronic cigarettes can harm gums and teeth similarly as seriously a conventional cigarette. The younger generation sees electronic cigarettes as a healthier choice versus traditional cigarettes. The Oncotarget was the primary source to distribute and publish these findings.

What is Oncotarget?

The Oncotarget is a therapeutic publication that gives access freely to the medical community. It was launched in 2010, and Oncotarget has been covering all parts of Oncology ever since. It incorporates new discoveries, research, studies, and it is also peer-evaluated. Oncotarget is a week by week journal, and it was the leading publication to show the findings of the harm e-cigarettes can do to the user’s oral health. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Why are E-Cigarettes Bad for Your Oral Health?

When you smoke an e-cigarette, it discharges vapors that send signs to your mind, and your mind releases anti-inflammatories. Once these operators are released, the stress levels of the gums and rise. Overexposure to stress can be harmful to the cells and prompt gum disease, inflammation, and irritation. The medical study demonstrated that particular e-cigarette flavorings were more harmful than others, and e-cigarettes do contain nicotine as well. The e-cigarette is comprised of a battery, a tube to hold the e-juice, and a warming chamber that heats the fluid and transforms the juice into a vapor, and this is the thing that the user breathes in.

The discoveries by Oncotarget can be groundbreaking to the younger generation who smoke e-cigarettes. If the smokers are kept educated of the dangers of smoking their e-cigarettes, they can better prepare for the medical issues that could arise later in their lives. This investigation and Oncotarget are endeavoring to keep individuals up to speed with medical problems. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Staying Hot With Honey Birdette

How Honey Birnette Got Its Start

Honey Birdette is a well known lingerie store that started as a simple idea between two friends. These were women who were annoyed by the lack of good lingerie available in Australia. They wanted to be able to find provocative lingerie and bedroom accessories. This idea began in 2006, and now Honey Birdette is an international line of lingerie and bedroom toys.

The Difference In Honey Birdette Lingerie

HB lingerie is unique because each piece of lingerie is highly detailed. Honey Birdette has beautiful sets available online, and they also have lingerie boutiques that are placed throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. The creators of Honey Birdette wanted to have boutiques that were flirty, playful, and sensual, and that is what they were able to accomplish. A woman can find the ultimate boudoir experience using the accessories and lingerie found at HB boutiques.

Keeping Things Hot

The creators of Honey Birdette are always looking for new collections for their clients. They have soft lace accented lingerie, and they also have lingerie that comes in heavy textures for their more outrageous collections. All of the lingerie and the luxury toy collections are designed at the Honey Burnett headquarters in Australia.

The New News About HB

Recently did an article about Honey Birdette store in the UK. Honey Birdette has plans to open up 40 stores in the UK by the year 2018. HB was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006, and it had an amazing 374% increase after it launched their site in the US. Honey Birdette is targeting the US for retail openings, and it is also increasing its stores in the UK. The first honey Burnett store was opened in London in 2016, and they have 10 more stores lined up to be opened in the UK as well.

Find more Honey’s on Instagram, here.

Keeping Track of Cancer Patient Treatment Billing and Records

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a premiere cancer treatment organization that has been around since 1988. This organization provides some of the best cancer treatment services within the country. We all know that cancer is a dangerous disease that is very hard to deal to deal with. Many people do not overcome cancer but quite a few individuals do survive.

One of the most overlooked aspects of cancer treatment has to do with record keeping and billing. While most people do not consider this aspect of the disease to be important; it is extremely vital to the struggle that cancer patients have to endure. If a cancer treatment personnel does not keep good records or if a patient’s billing is not being done correctly, this can create all sorts of problems for patients.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America understands this point. They know that patient record keeping and billing is essential to the process of fighting against cancer. This is why CTCA came up with Allscripts Sunrise patient software program. This program is designed to keep accurate tracks of a patient’s records and their billing information. This record keeping program was made in conjunction with NanHealth and Allscripts. NanHealth and Allscripts are two patient care software providers. They have been providing software solutions for patients for many years.

The Allscripts Sunrise program benefits patients by allowing various doctors to access their treatment records from different locations. It also makes it easy to for cancer treatment specialists to accurately charge patients for the services that they receive.

Allscripts Sunrise is a practical application that helps cancer treatment facilities to monitor patient care and to accurately bill clients for treatment services. This program is very important for ensuring that patients are receiving the best care possible in their struggle against this disease.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.