To Wine or Not To Wine in Napa Valley

When people think of Napa Vallety, California, they think of wine. There are actually things that you can do in Napa Valley that have nothing with wine. The following things are in Napa, but have nothing to do with wine:

-you can walk down Napa Art Walk and see 3-D art and sculptures done by local artists. Purchase one of these sculptures and keep the Walk going

-you can learn what Napa Valley was like before it was famous by going to the Napa Valley Historical Society. You can sign up for lectures and tours by local historians.

-if you are tired of grapes, you can try the world-quality olives that thrive in at the Round Pond Estate. You can try their selection of craft oils that have a lot of spices, herbs, flowers or fruit

-if you want to know what to cook with the wine, you can go to the Silvarado Cooking School. The well-known Chef Malcolm de Sieves shows you how to cook with advanced techniques

-you can relax with a massage and mud bath at the Auberge Spa at te Calistoga Ranch resort.

-you can climb up the famous Mount St. Helena at the Robert Louis Stevenson Park. From the mountain, you can see beautiful mountains, rolling hills and a fine blue sky.

If you do decide to experience wine in Napa Valley, you could hire Traveling Vineyard to have a special Wine Event.

At this Wine Event, Traveling Vineyard will send Wine Guides that will bring with them wine education materials that have notes on types of wine and food that can pair with the wine, to sample accessories, tasting glasses and ten bottles of wine to taste for the first time.

The Traveling Vineyard has been doing events like this since 2001.

What you should know is that this company is part of the Direct Selling Association. This association makes sure that member follow ethical standards and policies that protect the company people and consumers of services from member companies. It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau so you can be assured that you will get highly ethical service from this company. For more info about us: click here.

Whether you enjoy the wine or not, you should have a good time in Napa Valley.

Greg Secker’s Vision to Engage the World in Foreign Exchange Trade

In a recent interview with CEOCFO, Greg Secker talked about the roots of his success. Greg also gave details of his current involvement in coaching young people towards realizing their goals and achieving them while they are still young. Greg Secker wanted people to know that it is possible to become successful and make success even out of the most disadvantaged situations. Regarding his achievements as a forex dealer, he said that success requires one to go all out and try new things that they think can grow into something big. Greg Secker mentioned that he is involved in seminars and outreaches in disaster-stricken areas such as the Philippines.

Greg Secker, born on February 18, 1975, is an English businessman with experience in the fields of foreign exchange. His hometown is based in Norfolk, England. He went to the University of Nottingham where he studied agricultural and food sciences. He started off as a tech trading manager Thomas Cook Financial Services where he developed his forex trading systems skills.

In 1998 he was recognized by the British Telecom Award for developing Virtual Trading Desk. He became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation where he met other traders and learned the foreign exchange trade. He opted to retire from the corporation to fully venture in forex trade. Greg Secker started his new business at his home. He then established Knowledge to Action Group.

Knowledge to Action Group was set up to advise people on the trading tactics. The company conducted financial seminars in Australia, Africa, and Asia. The company was nominated for the National Business Awards in 2009 recording a high turnout in the audiences at their seminars. Greg Secker was the main speaker at the National Achievers Congress in 2011.He gained recognition as the Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership at Learn to Trade.

Greg Secker participates in charity through The Greg Secker Foundation that aims at improving education. Greg Secker encourages young people to develop their skills and to make the community that they live in prosperous as well. Greg is also a reputed author. He has authored books such as Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex.

Organo Gold May Make A Healthy Cup-O-Joe Even Healthier

It couldn’t be better news for millions of die-hard coffee lovers. New scientific evidence suggests that the caffeinated black brew could actually make you live longer.

A fascinating new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that a variety of diseases may have less chance of killing you if you drink coffee every day. This includes major conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

Certainly, the public has grown wary of such studies that come out ever so often. Sometimes coffee is bad for you, while other reports suggest significant health benefits. So it’s always important to take the latest research with a certain grain of salt.

However, the new information is impressive because of the size and duration of the study. Some 185,000 subjects were examined, people who drank at least two to three cups a day. Length of time was 16 years. The result? These coffee lovers had an 18% smaller chance of dying compared to those who drank no coffee at all.

A study such as this can only enhance the appeal of certain speciality brands of coffee that offer more than just a caffeine jolt. For example, a product called Organo Gold is a coffee brand that adds a certain kind of mushroom to its blend to make a beverage that may offer even more health benefits – that added to the benefits of regular coffee.

Organo Gold mixes something called Ganoderma lucidum into its mix. This is a powdered form of the Gandoderma mushroom which has been recognized for centuries as a healthy herb. Records of the mushroom use date back to China’s Ming Dynasty. While Organo Gold is careful not to make specific claims of health benefits, thousands of people swear by its positive effect – and the fact it just tastes good!

Tips to combine food with the best wine brands from Travelling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard has profoundly contributed to the change of stay at home moms through the excellent job opportunities that they offer to them. Due to the vast number of such moms seeking employment opportunities to cater for their various needs, the traveling vineyard has not only provided them with training to carry out the activities but also give them a chance to spend a good time with their friends while at work. The Travelling Vineyard job opportunities are suitable for all individuals who consider working from the office to be hectic and tiring. Besides anyone that feels undermined as well as discriminated while at work should look out for the jobs as they are convenient and fan as one gets to interact with a vast number of people as well as friends all day long.

Due to the long time that commuting to the office on a daily basis takes, individual that believes that their work output would be much better without them having to commute should consider participating in the Travelling Vineyard activities. The Ipswitch based firm gives people an opportunity to serve as wine guides as long as they follow the required necessary procedures by the company. By purchasing the success kit which is worth ninety-nine dollars, one is now ready to start their role. Besides, it is also advisable to buy at least two tasting sets as they ensure that you have an extra one in case of an emergency. The kit usually entails most of the equipment that you will need to start up your career, including a set of wine glasses, stunning bags to carry them, brochures, among many other things.

The firm offers commissions to its workers as long as they make double sales in each wine tasting session. Besides, an individual, together with their friend is guaranteed a one hundred dollar bonus as long as the friends they recruited in the firm makeup to seven hundred and fifty dollar sales. On making monthly sales, one also receives fifteen to thirty-five commission as well as twenty percent off the traveling vineyard products. To increase your sales, you must ensure that you meet new people frequently to market products.

The traveling vineyard firm not only enables the marketing of wines but also educates people on the various types of wines as well as the best foods to combine them. The company has put technology at the forefront and sommology program; they equip people with knowledge on the basis for conducting wine tastings with their exclusive wine boutiques. It is always fun to work with the firm as there is usually no boredom. As a wine guide, you get to interact with a vast number of people as well as share a good time with them.

Travelling Vineyard info:

David Giertz – Learning About Vital Retirement Planning

Investment can be a major approach to having extra income. You just need to understand, how, where and when to invest. As indicated by Mr. David Giertz, there are a couple of things you have to have sound investment decisions.

The main thing you should put into consideration is the amount of money you’ll have set aside when you retire. For instance, will it be sufficient? Being completely aware of your retiring necessities assist you to determine the amount of cash needed to put into that project. Regular saving advises that you should have not less than six times your annual income by the time you hit 50 years and ten times your yearly income by the moment you reach 60 years. By at that point, you would have spared about 13 to 15 times your yearly wage.

As indicated by David, early retirement may expect you to spare no less than 33 times your yearly income. Which implies that if you earn $100,000 per annum, you will need to save approximately $3.3M for early retiring at age 55 contrasted with the $1.3M when you hold up until the point you hit 65 years (standard retirement period).

Once you have realized how much is needed for a tranquil retirement, the following step entails a flexible plan. Retirement accounts cost you not less than 10% in penalties for early withdrawals before you get 59, 50%. Fortunately, there are a couple of workarounds you can use to evade these punishments.

David Giertz has operated in the monetary markets over the last 31 years. He was designated to the position of senior VP across the country budgetary appropriation & sales at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company in the year 2013. David had also engaged in different other powerful positions before being appointed to the present position. Besides being a certified stocks trader with FINRA, he runs an office based at the One Nationwide Plaza, Columbus Ohio.

Eric Pulier’s Route To Success

One of the most naturally gifted and accomplished individuals in the world is EricPulier. This guy is one of the most well-respected individuals in the information technology industry. Pulier is an accomplished author, a technologist and an entrepreneur. If you can think of it, he can probably turn it into a reality thanks to his broad knowledge of advanced technology. He began his professional career in 1991. After moving to Los Angeles, Pulier went to work and quickly made a name for himself. People Doing Things was one of his first founded companies, and it focused on providing solutions by way of innovative technology. These technological solutions were used in the fields of education and healthcare.

In 1997, Pulier was chosen to Build an exhibit for former President Bill Clinton. This project was known as “Bridge To The 21st Century,” and it was a hit. This multi-day exhibit was displayed on many news networks and in real-time. Thousands of people attended the event including members of congress and the senate. Pulier has also worked along side of former Vice President Al Gore. Years ago, he showcased an event that presented a live-feed of the astronauts in space. This was unheard of at the time and the live-feed provided real-time actions. Being such a likable kind of guy, he has been asked to do quite a bit of guest speaking. The guy serves on the board of directors for charitable organization Pained Turtle, and he serves on the board for the XPRIZE foundation. Though he has a full schedule, he always seem to find the time to help others.

Pulier strongly believes in complimenting mankind with advanced technology. It’s a great one-two punch in a sense. SOA Software, Desktone, Service Mesh, Digital Evolution and US Interactive are some of his founded companies. This guy is the real deal, and he has certainly put in the work to becoming a success. Pulier is the proud father of four wonderful children, he owns a nightclub in Santa Monica, and he was named as one of 30 e-visionaries by Var Business.

To Learn More : A Look at Eric Pulier and His Unusually Varied Tech Career