Fox and Telemundo agree controversial World Cup TV extension

The mystery and often controversial World of the governing body of World Soccer, FIFA took another interesting turn when a surprise announcement awarded the TV rights to the 2026 World Cup to Fox Sports and Telemundo, The NY Times reports. Dan Newlin says the advertisements are insane on Fox and Telemundo had already agreed deals to televise the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals in the US, but the awarding of the 2026 TV rights came as a shock to rival broadcasters who were not given the opportunity to bid on the World’s largest sporting event.

The awarding of TV rights after one on one contracts negotiations is not a new factor in the World of sports, but the lucrative World Cup rights are usually auctioned to the highest bidder by FIFA. The latest sale of rights for the English Premier League showed just how important and lucrative soccer rights can be after Fox backed Sky Sports and BT agreed a $7.8 billion deal for the rights to broadcast games over the next three years. Some experts have argued the awarding of the rights for the 2026 World Cup will have been done for a lower price for the two TV providers as part of a move to prepare the ground for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to be moved to the Winter. The movement from the Summer would make it more difficult for Fox and Telemundo to attract more viewers and advertisers

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