A Healthy Diet with Beneful Keeps Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Whether you have just brought home an energetic little puppy or you have an adult dog of any type, they become part of the family quickly, and you’ll want to treat them that way. To keep any dog in their best health, it is important to keep these health tips in mind, not only when feeding Fido, but when giving him/her treats. Since they can’t tell you what they are feeling or if they are in pain, use these tips to keep them happy and safe from things that could potentially be dangerous to them.

Tips in Keeping Your Canine Healthy

1. Keep your pet away from small bones he could swallow like chicken and fish bones. An oversized soup bone is better for them.
2. Don’t let them eat bread dough. It will increase in their stomachs causing abdominal pain and may even tear the stomach lining.
3. Keep them away from anything with caffeine; it is toxic to their system and causes clumsiness, hyperactive behavior and muscle shaking.
4. Contrary to some myths, dogs can digest corn, beets and corn and they make great fillers in their food.
5. Avocados contain a toxin to animals called persin. The poisoning causes diarrhea and vomiting.
6. Alcohol can be dangerous for your pet. Keep mouthwash and drinks up in cabinets or where they can’t reach them.
7. Read the labels on dog food to ensure your canine friend is getting the best nutrition and portion size.

A Complete Dog Food, Beneful

Beneful is the newest member of the Purina Petcare family. Purina is proud to offer high-quality Beneful to dog owners around the world via its PurinaStore.com website because it is one easy step in providing optimum care for their pets. Beneful is a nutritious and delicious addition to the Purina Dog Chow line. and even the employees who make it give it to their dogs; and that is a great endorsement.

There are nine kinds of delicious dry kibble, which are 100 percent nutrition for a puppy or an adult dog, and three types of wet dog food. Beneful is made with natural products such as hearty beef, chicken or salmon, whole grains, corn and other vegetables, which makes the taste irresistible to your dog.

Feeding scraps and other leftovers from the table can be fine, but they are not the main source of your puppy’s good health. When your pet is healthy and not overweight, he/she will be happy and fun to play with all day long. Providing a well-balanced diet that Beneful offers maintains good eyesight, hearing, a healthy coat and your dog will have the energy to run and play for years to come. Snacks and treats are optional, but always be aware of the foods that are hazardous and toxic for the canine population.

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