A Review Of Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s friendship has resulted in the incorporation of different companies and successful brands. Their companies zeroes in on consumer demand, fashion and technology. When he was 15, Adam was already a businessman. His company was renowned for developing innovative advertising sites for various gaming companies. He sold the entity to Intermix Media, but continued working for the company. Notably, he dropped out of high school to focus on his role as the chief operating officer and vice president of the corporation.

Don Ressler met Adam at Intermix Media after he sold his company to them. His company helped entrepreneurs to raise capital. His love for fashion was inspired by most of his clients who run apparel companies. The two became good friends. They incorporated online businesses that paid much attention on fashion and beauty.

Success of their businesses is anchored on trends and pain points. This is because these two elements drive product success. Don and Adam posit that they realized that most consumers hated looking for what they wanted for long periods. To this end, they developed an e-commerce site where consumers could easily find the right size, style and color of shoes or clothes. They created personalized online fashion services for purposes of ensuring that consumers get the latest styles.

JustFab and TechStyle attracted many members owing to the existing promotional offers. When joining their platforms, information about their tastes and preferences is taken. Fabletics ranks as one of their successful brands. It has sponsored different deals on athletic leggings considering that many plus size women find it difficult to access such clothing in any size. The duo contends that Fabletics means fresh, modern and enticing. While advertising, they ensure that women of all sizes are exhibited as a means of showing that they support all people. As a strategy for making people to sign up to their platforms, the duo offer members special discounts.

By working with Kate Hudson, who is a co-founder of the company and a revered actress, they succeeded in showing authority in the athletic line. Adam, Kate and Don have succeeded in inspiring confidence in women. Fabletics was incorporated in 2013. To date, they have over one million VIP members. In addition, they operate brick-and-mortar stores. Notably, the success of the shopping experience is anchored on technology. Through its five-facet software for optimal customer experience, the company is able to enhance the management of customers, the retail system, membership, fulfillment and personal styling. Their technology enables them to eliminate the problem of overstocking and lack of adequate stocks.

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