A Review Of James Dondero’s Expertise In Alternative Investments

James Dondero made a name for himself as one of the earliest investors in the collateralized loan obligation market. His expertise in the field has seen him transform his investment company into an alternative-asset powerhouse valued at over $15 billion. The company, Highland Capital Management, was co-founded by the financial expert and Mark Okada in 1993. He continues to serve as the president of the company. James posits that he has extensive experience in debt deals, emerging trends, and turnarounds. He has also has made bond calls on almost everything, including American Airlines to Argentina.

According to an article published by Barrons, Myers-Briggs tests put the Texan in the INTP category. This category includes individuals having introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving qualities. These characteristics defines the ability of the 54-year-old executive leader to devise innovative investment strategies.

Dondero’s Highland Capital provides investors with the ideal financial platform. This is because the company offers liquid and affordable access to high-quality investment ideas. These ideas are curated by Dondero and are availed through the Highland Global Allocation fund, which is valued at $894 million. In the last 12 months, the fund has made a significant improvement of over 29.6 percent. Notably, the fund sits in the world allocation category of the Morningstar.

The Highland Global Allocation Fund holds nearly 200 securities out of the approximately 400 securities held by the world allocation fund. The company has concentrated about 40 percent of the assets in different themes made up of single or multiple companies in the same industry. According to the executive leader, the company plans to engage in different undertakings, including restructuring of Vistra Energy, Argentina, and master limited partnership.

James Dondero is a Hoboken-born financial expert and entrepreneur. He holds an accounting and finance degree from the prestigious University of Virginia. Although he grew up knowing that he would pursue a career in the real estate industry, he shifted his focus to the credit market. Dondero has achieved much success in the industry. Five years after graduating, he made over $1 billion in fixed-income assets. The success of the company is anchored on the extensive knowledge and experience of James Dondero and Mark Okada. The duo’s efforts have enhanced the growth of the company into a recognized international asset manager.

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