Alexis Sanchez The New Suarez Of Premier League

When Luis Suarez left the Premier League, there was disappointment among fans who had grown to love watching him play soccer. Although he was a difficult character, with numerous on field incidents of an unsavory nature, there was something special about Suarez when he played. His gift for the game was second to none, and he inspired Liverpool to within an inch of the Premier League title.

His absence was bound to be felt, but Alexis Sanchez has gone a long way towards making up for the Premier League losing Suarez. He is doing for Arsenal what Suarez did for Liverpool. Fans like Zeca Oliveira point out that while his team has no chance of challenging for the title like Liverpool did, he is keeping them single handedly afloat this season.

Statisticians showed that if the goals and assists of Alexis Sanchez were removed, Arsenal would be in the bottom three in the table. As it is, they are in the top four positions.

He always seems to pop up with a goal when his team needs it. As they approach a critical fixture against Manchester United, Arsenal will be hoping that the red hot streak of Alexis Sanchez continues. Have they finally found their Suarez?

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  1. There was no doubt when Sanchez signed that he was quality, but the depth of his impact is still surprising. That is a remarkable contribution for one player, especially one who was signed this summer. It also make sense that could have done something far worse in the long run.

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