Arsenal Legend Criticises Wenger

Elation quickly turned to disappointed as an early lead to Arsenal was thrown away in a serious of mistakes by an inexperienced and mistake-prone Arsenal squad.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson was disgusted when Arsenal blew a three goals lead. Not only that, but Keith Mann and other fans were made as well. Arsenal was leading by three goals to nil in the 60th minute.

A win at this stage would have propelled Arsenal to their 15th consecutive Champions League Knockout stages.

Arsenal still needs a draw in the next two matches to proceed. They face Borusia Dortmund and Galatasray in the final group matches. Arsenal is second in the UEFA Champions League and fourth in the Premier League.

Much still has to be done to secure a spot, but hopes remain high.

Paul Merson compared Wenger to Mourinho. He said that Wenger is clueless and Mourinho could have won the match. Mourinho said that Wenger is a ‘specialist in failure’. Months later Arsenal won the FA cup to end their nine-year drought.

Wenger admitted that it was a bit of bad luck and defence mistake. He was also angry and disappointed for not winning the match they were so sure to win.

Anderlecht’s boss said that Arsenal were vulnerable defensively. Arsenal was simply tactless, as they were three goals up and still attacking.

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  1. The captain agreed that Arsenal had lost a great opportunity, and lost everything yesterday. A perfect finish by nderlecht denied them the three points. It absoulutely true that would want to have these things in mind and to make sure they all work splendidly well too.

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