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Get The Benefits Of Having An Account To Save More Money

Have you been in a dilemma over the extensive fees with your current financial institute? You don’t have to worry about large fees with the benefits of securing a NexBank account. They offer more ways for their customers to maximize their hard earned money in a tough economic system. They are proudly headed by popular CEO and President, John Holt. NexBank is proud to offer their customers a relaxed way to have any time access to their money by accessing your account through most electronic devices including your smartphone, tablet, and pc. Remarkably, NexBank has acquired over 246,000+ online customers for the past year and have been one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry.

PRN Newswire was glad to announce their recent $24 million dollar common equity gain that has allowed them to focus on expanding their general counsel and adding leadership professionals to their team. Holt, is looking for key associates that will help bring integrated services to their superior financial institute. Thousands of people rely on the NexBank name for top features and services. They have also added many programs that help their customers take part in real savings wit a college savings program and a first-time home owner program to name a few.

Today, you can focus on being a first-time home owner if you’re leaving in the Dallas area and low income. You can own a home with a lower monthly mortgage and interest. You can build your financial future with the benefits of a one of a kind investment opportunity. They will also help business owners set aside money and and a plan for opening a restaurant for their first time. You’re invited to speak to a friendly service professional for more details on registering for a personal or business account today.


Omar Yunes Shares What Means to Win the Best Franchisee of the World Award

Definitely not every entrepreneur has the chance of receiving the “Best Franchise of the world” (BFW) award, which rewards businesspeople who have achieved ultimate success with their brands in just a few years in the market.
On Dec. 5, 2015, was announced the 5th winner of the prize that is extremely renowned in the whole world.
The nomination took place in Florence, Italy, and the spot was given to the entrepreneur and owner of a Japanese food network Omar Yunes, who has been skyrocketing into the Japanese food market of Mexico for the year of 2015.
With thirteen franchises spread across Mexico, the act of franchising has become an essential step to a good company to make a lot of influence in the national market, as it is a great way of spreading your roots through win-win business situations.
According to the entrepreneur Yunes himself, franchising has allowed him to increase the influence of Sushi Itto, and the quality of the attendance as well, which in return brought more interested franchisees to Omar Yunes’ chain of restaurants.
The prize had a lot of competition for the first place of the Best Franchisee in the world, but the rate in which Omar Yunes’ Sushi Itto grew allowed him to win the competition and receive the important place of one of the most influential businesspeople in Mexico nowadays.
Omar Yunes stated that he is highly honored by receiving the distinguished award of BFW, as it is a clear sign of the extreme dedication that his team has put into developing the brand. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, added that the prize shows their focus on delivering a service of quality and excellence, and their Japanese food has been regarded many times as one of the best in the local market of Mexico.
Controlling a national industry is not an easy task, and there are, more than ever, more businesspeople interested in continuing the brand of Omar Yunes through franchising across more cities in Mexico.
The global event also had other seats in the top five best franchisees in the world, with Luis Henrique Silva, owner of “Tropico” resting in the second place, and the owners of Diego, Takács József and the co-founder Gábor Vasvári, resting in the third place.

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Initiatives to Improve Water Management and Service Delivery in Brazil

The Brazilian government recently announced initiatives aimed at strengthening the water and sanitation services. Felipe Montoro Jens, a management specialist based in Brazil, shared his thoughts on the on-going debate. Government agencies provide the bulk of water and sanitation services. There has been increased efforts to make the services available to more people and improve service delivery. The water agencies are struggling to realize value for their infrastructure investments mainly due to water wastage.


The concessions will improve basic sanitation services. This is through better institutional management, infrastructural management, and revenue growth. The government has proposed a framework to enable public agencies to collaborate with private sector stakeholders to reduce wastage and improve service delivery. Experts note that it is possible to get more out of the existing infrastructure. The public-private partnerships will leverage the strengths of the individual sectors.


The government agencies have the infrastructure and roadmaps in place. They also have an in-depth understanding of the local requirements in the various regions. They can customize action plans to suit a particular location and its needs. The private sector has access to resources such as funding and technology. Felipe Montoro Jens notes that water wastage has contributed to the loss of revenue. The private sector can assist water agencies to achieve efficiency using technology.


Infrastructure and technology improvements will also attract more investments to the sector. Water agencies require funding to expand sanitation and sewage networks. Utility agencies must also align their product offerings with the needs of the citizens. Their success should be evaluated by looking at improvements in service delivery and the efficiency of their infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Jens believes the proposed concessions require refinements in budget projections and monitoring plans. Clear contracts are crucial in enabling transparency and accountability. Felipe has extensive management experience. He has held executive positions in highly successful companies such as Enel, Tenenge Holdings, and Enron among many others.


Improving our Interior Design with Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a leader in the industry of interior design. For more than its 25 years of existence, the company has continued to come up with unique artistic interiors. The firm is named after its founder. His competence as a designer originates from his dedication to his work and the fact that he has a passion for what he does. He also is an established author of books that relate to interior designing, his latest piece being Artfully Modern. The book reveals to the readers on the role that arts take in bettering all aspects of life.


To have kind of a powder room or living room that one desires, you have to incorporate the kind of art that is exciting. The Richard Mishaan Design does this for you. Artistic pieces around your home are collected and put in a place so as to share them with your friends and relatives. According to Richard Mishaan, arts is the expression of who we are. The Richard Mishaan Design encourages men to showcase all the treasures they have acquired from travels. The treasures may not be animal prints or even silk brocades, but they play an essential role in making a conversation during a dinner party. Suppose you have a mask from Bali or even a tuck rug from Morocco, you can display.


One thing that makes Richard Mishaan Design different from its competitors is the uniqueness of its arts. At the sight of the art, many people are left mesmerized. They can incorporate unique taste to the work that they do creatively. In particular, Richard is very creative and has fun in making other people’s houses look fabulous. Each day he works on a particular item, his sense of creativity is expressed. The exceptional work of art has, therefore, made Richard Mishaan Design stand out among other firms.

Check out some of the fun work of Richard Mishaan Design!

Eucatex Turnaround Flavio Maluf Under Leadership

Eucatex is a group of Brazilian companies that specializes in the furniture and civil construction industry. The company encompasses three subsidiaries including Paints, Plates, and Varnishes. It also holds a forestry branch comprising a seedling nursery. Eucatex began as a family company under the name Maluf family. Flavio Maluf is the co-founder and current president of Eucatex group of companies. He is a mechanical engineering expert and a career administrator.


Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987 shuffling through various positions before rising to his current position as the company’s president. He formerly occupied the trade position at Eucatex, then moved to the industrial department before receiving an invitation to join the company’s executives. His success as an executive earned him a promotion to the presidency in 1997, a position that he holds up to date. Maluf’s presidency at Eucatex Group marked rapid modernization of the company’s operations. He cites the modernization as built on an aggressive profile of commitment to success and perfection of the firm in its daily activities. Maluf also emphasizes on his omnipresence at the company and delegation of roles as central to Eucatex success. He further exploits all opportunities available to improve and grow the company and further communicate his professional, career and dream aspirations to executives.


Under Maluf leadership, the company emerged among the most successful companies in the rapidly growing startup sector. The startup sector encompasses several industries including e-commerce, entertainment, health, SaaS, and education. Maluf cites hiring of specialty experts in critical areas of the startup industry as behind the dramatic growth of Eucatex. He further underscores the importance of projections of future developments in the startups market, especially from technological development. Maluf singles out Gama Experience market analysis technology as the primary tool exploited by Eucatex to projects future trends in the startup market.


Eucatex history spans over six decades since its establishment as the first-ever Brazilian company to factor acoustic and environmental comfort and exploits eucalyptus as its resource for the manufacture of panels and plates. Initially, the then Chapas Unit specialized in the production of softwood fibers sheets and acoustic linings and later ventured into acoustic and insulation sheets. The company’s investment rapidly evolved to its current specialization in big civil construction firms and furniture producers.



ClassDojo Builds Better Classroom Communities

A teacher, Mrs. Rhodes, has used the app, ClassDojo, for three years now in her classroom. It has changed the way she teaches and how she communicates with her student’s parents. Parents enjoy when she posts pictures of what they’re doing in class.

ClassDojo was launched in 2011 and has become rapidly popular ever since. It is used both in the U.S. and in countries around the world. It is one of the few pieces of technology that has become common in the classroom. In 2 out of 3 of schools, at least one teacher uses the communication platform.

Its first claim to fame was the point system in the app that lets teachers reward their students for their behavior, almost like giving out gold stars. ClassDojo has evolved into a service that allows parents and teachers to have constant communication with what their children are learning each day and creates a community between parents and teachers.

 The app creates a positive culture within the classroom. Mrs. Rhodes claims that it allows parents and students alike to see positive feedback. It is a difficult task for a teacher to call each parent everyday just to tell them what a great job their child is doing, so the app allows an easier way to positively enforce each child.

The design of the app looks much like Instagram, where teachers can post pictures and the parents can comment on them. ClassDojo even added a feature that allows students to post pictures and videos about their day.


No 5 years old, ClassDojo is turning its head towards the next step: making money on their service. They have no plans to sell advertising, but instead plan on looking into selling educational content. There is an enormous capability to spread educational videos to large audiences of teachers and students.

ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent the classroom experience by bringing together students, parents and teachers in a way never seen before. Classrooms can become more positive places, which results in a classroom that doesn’t just get managed, it gets enjoyed. Classroom attitudes and communication can thrive with ClassDojo.

There are 8,000 moments shared by teachers every minute and 15 million students use it, creating a ground-up change in the education communication world. The ClassDojo team is led by Chris, who manages the engineering, Jenna, who manages the community and Blake, who takes care of the mobile aspect.

Learn more about CLassdojo:

Omar Yunes Wins ‘Best Franchise of World Prize’

Omar Yunes, the man behind the Sushi Itto, won the ‘Best Franchisee of the World competition’ two years ago. The event was held in Florence, Italy. Omar started this enterprise when he was 21 years. By the time of presenting the award, Omar owned thirteen franchisee units in Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. This is an impressive 10% of all the brands units.

Receiving the award, Omar’s humility was there for all to see. He said he was just the representative of the employees in the 13 units he runs. Indeed, he said the achievement was as a result of their hard work.

Attendance in 2015 BFW Awards

In 2015, the awards saw over 34 country representatives attend. Countries like Portugal, France and Argentina were also represented. Here, the franchisee was gauged based on the influence it has had on other networks, its contribution and savings, its employee motivation and its knowledge. Improvements proposed were also a benchmark.

According to Diego Elizarrarras, the BFW organizer in Mexico, Omar also won the ‘first place nationally’ since he was an ‘important change agent’ in matters of the ‘franchising-franchisee relationship’. He had also been able to manage information better and had control boards in place.

Sushi Itto CEO

The Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo said that the awards were considered as a strategy of offering clients exceptional services and unique hospitality. Elizarraras said the days when Mexican franchises were just a regional matter had passed.

The second place was taken by Ivan Tamer of the ‘franchise of Prendamex’. He won the award owing to the implementation of a ‘new marketing system that was responsible for managing the pawnshop network in Mexico. He was lauded for the ‘development of the franchise’ and establishing unique parameters in the network.

The Jury

The jury for ‘the Mexican chapter’ was made up of entrepreneurs from the sector. Representatives of the ‘the Universidad Anahuac’ were also present. ‘The Mexican Association of Franchises’ was also represented.

Omar Yunes

Omar is the owner of ’13 franchised units of Sushii Itto‘. The entrepreneurial spirit started as early as 21 years of age. Today he is expanding the franchise to Vera Cruz and Puebla.

The Brilliance Of Brazil’s Leaders

As the old saying goes, “Only the strong survive.” Out of all the industries, this holds true in the business world. To become an adequate business leader, a person needs to have an unmatched business acumen and numerous leadership skills. Otherwise, their business endeavors will sink to the bottom of the financial pool. Running a business remains an extremely difficult task to do. With that being said, very few people can compare with Mr. Jens. Not only does Mr. Jens possess several leadership skills, he also demonstrates how to effectively run a business. Moreover, this multi-faceted person has international appeal. However, he remains extremely popular in Brazil. This remains attributed to it being his homeland. Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Jens has held several high-profile positions in his industry.

In particular, he served on the board of directors of Odebrecht. Moreover, he has managed operations in several countries. To name a few, these include Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. With such talent pertaining to the business world, Mr. Jens remains a fixture because of his work in Odebrecht Agro-Industrial and Odebrecht Ambiental. Due to his hard work and countless hours spent in the office, Mr. Jens remains a prominent figure and the business industry. Aside from his authority over Brazil’s economy, he also has numerous degrees in his arsenal.

In particular, Mr. Jens stands as a proud graduate of the American Garvin School of International Management. Although Brazil remains a world power, it still faces numerous challenges. With that being said, public power controls 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation. Therefore, Brazil has developed a strategy to address such problems. Moreover, Brazil’s water sector continues to threaten its economic growth. Year after year, Brazil has wasted countless amounts of water. In closing, its government has aggressively campaigned for a resolution.

Under Tony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors parlays arctic expertise into global dominance

Nabors Industries has become the largest land-based drilling contractor in the United States, as well as throughout the world. After cutting its teeth in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Nabors Industries has parlayed that knowledge and expertise into something even bigger. Nabors Industries has become the nation’s go-to drilling contractor for all aspects of drilling operations in the nation’s unconventional oil plays.

All of this was made possible by the strong vision and leadership of Tony Petrello, one of the most talented CEOs in the oil industry today. After having been brought on board in 1991, after Nabors Industries’ chapter 11 bankruptcy, Petrello went on to lead the company to more than 25 years of brilliant performance and high levels of productivity.

But it all started way back in the late 1950s, with Nabors Industries’ formation as a drilling corporation formed for the sole purpose of exploiting the oil resources on Alaska’s North Slope. As one of the key initially players in the exploitation of the Prudhoe Bay oil reserves, Nabors Industries proved itself as a company with serious capacity, able to go where no one else could and do what no one else would.

The company then went on to service wells in some of the harshest desert climates on the face of the planet. With major clients in Yemen, Nabors Industries was one of the first U.S. companies to drill for oil on the Arabian Peninsula. Operating in desert environments, where virtually no rain falls all year round and where temperature is routinely exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the company quickly gained the most extensive expertise of any operator in the world. With the ability to drill sites where temperatures were below negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit to sites, on the opposite end of the climatic spectrum, where the temperatures routinely exceeded positive 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Nabors Industries could keep the equipment operating efficiently and at high levels of productivity.

Equities First- AU Is a Great Company That’s Offering Wonderful Options of Loans

Equities First- AU is a capital lending solutions organization that is offering both high net-worth individuals and businesses opportunities of improving their conditions. Whether you are aware of it or not, lending companies are competing for the businesses of borrowers. Although Equities First- AU is certainly in the midst of the competition as well, it is important for potential borrowers to know that Equities First has been taking their time to conduct a vast array of analysis and research to determine how they may be able to provide their borrowers with some of the best deals that are available on the market today. Not only that, they are also offering high net-worth individuals opportunities of obtaining non-purpose loans, which is something that many have been having difficulties of finalizing with other loan providers. Be sure to speak to a loan specialist today so that you may be able to see what types of loan offers they might be able to provide for you.

Equities First- AU is a loan providing company who is taking additional steps to ensure their potential borrowers are happy with the services that they may apply for by maintaining a website that is easy to navigate within. The application process is rather quick and easy, thus, being click here more of an encouraging factor for applicants who may want to see whether they will be approved for their loan amounts in a quick turnaround time. Please do not make the mistake of applying for a loan through a loan provider that is offering their loans with high interest rates, as you may ultimately end up spending a lot more money than you have originally intended. Today is a great day for you to see what types of loans you qualify for, and how you may be able to drastically improve the conditions of your personal life or business.