Bayern Munich Pay Off Their Stadium in Quick Time

Bayern Munich are one of the most powerful soccer teams in the world. They won the UEFA Champions League in 2013, along with the last two Bundesliga titles. Their manager Pep Guardiola is looking to lead his team to glory in both competitions this season. The soccer side of things at Bayern is going well, but so is the financial aspect of this team.

A report in a German newspaper shows that Bayern Munich have already paid off the entire loan they took out to build their stadium. The new stadium, the Allianz Arena, was built when Bayern were tired of playing at their Olympic Stadium. The loan taken out was over 350 million euros. It was expected that Bayern would take 25 years to pay off this loan. It turns out they have paid back the loan more than ten years early.

Financial mismanagement is common among soccer teams. They are willing to spend too much in an attempt to chase glory. However, Bayern are showing the world that they can succeed despite being prudent.

Investment guru Ken Griffin says that Bayern can now spend on par with any team in the world, which makes their handling of finances superb when compared with other teams. Their TV deal, commercial deals and lack of debt mean they are a match for every soccer team on the planet. They can pay 50 or 60 million euros for one player if necessary.

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