Blushing Makeup


Blush comes in a variety of colors, and you can make your own with a few simple ingredients. Cream blush is ideal for those who have skin that is dry. The texture gives a rosy glow and gently clings to the face instead of going everywhere during the day. You’ll need some crayons, coconut oil, beeswax and an empty compact to make your own blush.


Light a candle under a bowl to melt the crayons. You want to use colors that you like on the face. It’s alright to combine a few colors together, but you don’t want to use too many as you’ll get streaks in the blush when it’s applied to the face. Half a teaspoon of beeswax and two teaspoons of coconut oil are also melted together. These ingredients give a bit of shine to the blush while making it creamy. You can adjust the beeswax as it will get harder with the more that you blend in with the oil.


When you begin mixing the crayons with the oil, you can adjust the pigment by adding more pieces of the crayon until you get the right shade. About three-quarters of a crayon is ideal with each crayon that you use. When everything is melted and blended together, you can pour it into the compact container. Let the mixture cool for a bit before pouring as it can burn the skin. Gently apply the blush with an applicator or a makeup sponge. Tap the blush to make sure it’s flush with the edge of the container after each use.



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