Bruce Levenson Plans To Sell The Hawks For Just Under $1 Billion

Leading executive, Bruce Levenson, was on a mission to sell his
Atlanta Hawks majority shareholding for $1 billion during the final
months of 2014. However, recently, he and his strategic business
partners announced their decision to accept Antony Ressler’s offer of
approximately $850 million. Remarkably, both Levenson and Ressler
agreed that the final bid accurately represents the current status and
future of the National Basketball Association team. Most importantly,
this extremely fair negotiation price is viewed favorably in the
sports industry and is the direct result of the prominent
businessmen’s former professional experiences.

Levenson’s decision to sell the Atlanta Hawks intrigued renowned
businessmen from across the United States. Although many interested
ownership groups expressed concerns about the team’s present sports
facilities like Philips Arena as well as the antiquated practice and
weight rooms, Levenson and his business partners still expected to
generate a profit on the sell.

After many months of continuous bidding, the team was sold to Antony
Ressler who is the co-founder of two private equity firms known as
Apollo Global and Ares Management. Ares Management is headquartered in
Los Angeles California and currently maintains over 700 employees and
estimated $74 billion in offices around the world. This prominent firm
is commended for leading the investment sector with unique credit
strategies in direct lending and real estate transactions. Today, Ares
continues to thrive which is primarily the result of Ressler’s strong
leadership skills and techniques.

Notably, this renowned businessman has a net worth of around $1.4
billion and is ranked number 418 in the United States on Forbes’
richest businessmen list. Moreover, Ressler is also extremely
knowledge about sports management as he was a minority shareowner of
the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005. Remarkably, he reportedly watches
ESPN’s top 10 plays of the day before bedtime and enjoys attending
basketball games after work. His MBA from Columbia University’s
Graduate School of Business in addition to his former leadership and sport experiences will both contribute to his success as a Hawk’s owner.

In addition to controlling the Hawks, Levenson is recognized for
his contribution to United Communications Group (UCG) which is a
prominent company that guides customers in their acquisition of
long-term profits. He has also served in many leadership positions at
TechTarget, the Washington Star and Observer Publishing, and the
Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Most prominently, he
holds degrees from both Washington University in St. Louis and
American University in Washington DC. During his free time, Levenson
enjoys volunteers at many charity organizations such as, “I Have A
Dream Foundation,” “Hoops Foundation,” “SEED Foundation,” “The
Community Foundation,” “Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit
Leadership,” and The United States Holocaust Museum.
After his resignation, Levenson hopes Ressler will glean knowledge
from his noteworthy Hawk’s ownership. Notably, under his guidance, the
team maintained the best record in the NBA’s eastern conference during
the 2014-2015 season and has competed in seven consecutive playoff
championships. Levenson and Ressler anticipate similar success in
the future.

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