Casio Audi the Musical Legend

Casio Audi, who is mainly known as a financial management executive, started his career in music. The Brazilian music legend started as part of Viper Rock Music Group, which he joined in 1985. Casio Audi always knew that he was musically talented and he joined the group to explore his talent. Vipers’ music group was initially formed by Yves and Pit and their roommate Felipe Machado. In the house, they mainly worked on instruments and music, and Andre Matos their neighbor was responsible for bringing the band together when he brought in Casio Audi.
Casio was exceptionally talented with the drums, and he was immediately assigned the role of the drummer in the group. He was also persistent in pitching the ideas for the songs, which the team made. Casio understood that persistence and hard work were critical to the group’s progress. The rest of the band’s members say that Casio’s drive gave the group a higher level of success as it made them produce high-quality songs. The bass from the drums is also said to be the best part of the group’s music.
Casio also pushed the group in compiling albums and producing music that resonated with the audience’s ear. The pushing helped the group release several albums. Soldiers of Sunrise was the group’s first album, and it was successfully received by Brazilians in the year of its release. Two years after the launch, the second album Theatre Of Fate was also produced. Their second album was launched in among other places Japan, China, United States, and Europe. The fans so much loved the music that they requested the songs in the various radio and TV Stations. Moreover, the songs were consistently played in clubs and other social events. Consequently, Viper’s music reached the top charts and surpassed other rock bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana.
Casio’s drumming beats are a memory that will live with many of the Viper’s fans.

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