Cassio Audi and the Vipers

If you are a pop/rock enthusiast, then you are quite familiar with the Vipers, a famous boys rock band that entertained us with their good rock sounds in the 1980s. One thing you probably do not know about the band though is that Cassio Audi, one of brazil’s celebrated financial investors was one of the founding members of the group. Apart from the financial market, Mr. Cassio Audio is also a seasoned musician.

Cassio Audi’s involvement with Viper can be traced back to 1985. The Vipers was a team composed of Pit Passarel playing bass, Yves Passarel- guitar, Cassio Audi- drums, Felipe Machado- guitar, and Andre Matos. In addition to playing the drums, Mr. Audi was heavily involved in the group’s activities including composing their music and marketing their activities.

Some of the success Cassio Audi enjoyed under the Vipers included being hosted by Celso Barbieri in his show “Praça do Rock”. During the 1980s, Mr. Celso’s show was the direct link between the Brazilians and the rock music world. This opportunity gave the Vipers an opportune moment to display their talent, not only for a day but two. It is at this venue that the Vipers were unveiled to the world at large.

After the show, the group went on to produce their first hit album that was a major success in the rock entertainment industry, “Soldiers of Sunrise” in 1987. With goods sounds in it, the Viper became the people’s choice with Mr. Cassio excelling on drums. It did not take the Vipers long before continuing their success and launching their second album known as the Theater of fate, 1989.

This second album was more mature with more composed music. However, Mr. Audi did not last more than this point. He fell out of the group and went on to join College where he enrolled in a finance degree and built his career in it.

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