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Nick Vertucci Brings a New World of Possibilities with his Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci, a well-known real estate investor from California, is credited with bringing new ideas and possibilities to the aspiring real estate investors through his NV Real Estate Academy. NVREA offers specialized training and educational programs that give real-life training on various scenarios of real estate investment. Interestingly, Nick Vertucci teaches his experience of more than a decade as a real estate investor and the strategies followed by him during that period. It should be noted that Vertucci is regarded one of the most successful individual real estate investors of the recent times, and importantly, he grabbed his success from the scratches through his hard work, dedication, and professionalism.


Vertucci always wanted to teach what he learned in the life, and he founded NVREA in 2013. Since then, he has given training to many people across the United States, and most of them became highly successful real estate investors with the foundation given by Nick Vertucci. It should be noted that through the academy, he gives training that spans 3-4 days, and it is offered across the major cities in the country. Through the education program, Vertucci covers flipping contracts, wholesaling, commercial investments, asset protection, and more. With the program, he aims to teach the people the techniques of long-term wealth creation.


The NVREA system follows a three-step procedure in real estate investments: Get In, Get Out, and finally, Get Paid. In the Get In step, the investors look for most competitive deals at the best prices. It means that investors should look for the lowest amount possible to ensure maximum profit upon flipping it. In the Get Out process, Nick Vertucci advises the investors to convert the property ready for a sale, rehabbing, or renting according to their needs. It includes the necessary repairs, renovation, value addition, and more. Finally, Get Paid is a step of flipping the property with the best possible rate and earn the profit.


Nick Vertucci’s initial days were very struggling, and from then, his hard work made life sweeter for him. He believes that an individual’s past cannot dictate his future. At his young age, Vertucci started selling computer parts and made some fortune. But, the dot-com crash that occurred in 2000 shattered his business. After a year, he attended a three-day training program on real estate as his friend asked him to attend. After the training, Vertucci found a new direction for life in real estate and started concentrating on it. By learning the strategies and effectively utilizing his insights, he made big fortunes in the later years.

How Nick Vertucci Came out of the Financial Hole!

Normally, humans tend to go through tough times which can render them unaware of the solutions that linger around them. When people tend to concentrate so much on their down times, chances are that they lose focus and their life becomes unbearable. Nick Vertucci, a young entrepreneur, went through the same ordeal, but he decided to make a change to his own life. He refused to be consumed in the world of financial instability and lack of focus.


  • The ‘How’ Question Answered


After going up and down, Nick Vertucci felt like his life was doomed, and he would never get back on his feet again. This went on until one of his close friends invited him for a Real Estate Seminar that was that programmed to run for three years. At first, Nick could not figure out the benefits he could rip from that workshop. However, he decided to just attend for the sake of it. After some time, something rung in his mind, and it was all positive. Through the Real Estate Workshop, Nick learned that he could become his own boss and start something that would bring back money into his pockets. That is how he started the today’s Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).


  • About the NVREA


The NVREA was founded back in 2013. Since its launch, it has done amazingly well. Most students attend this program after their education to gain knowledge on how to start up their own business. Through NVREA people from various communities have applied for and are now in the system. It is believed by students that through the academy, they will get lots of skills to enable them have financial power as they invest massively in real estate business. The Academy is meant to bring solutions to the many challenges that people face while they try to thrive in the Real Estate business. From the education, one gets to apply the same skills which have been used by Nick Vertucci to generate millions of cash into their bank accounts.


From the kind of success accomplished by Nick, it is quite clear that the past cannot dictate our future. If you are that person looking to change his/her life, then here is an opportunity for you. You can sign up for the online version of NVREA by visiting this website

Initiatives to Improve Water Management and Service Delivery in Brazil

The Brazilian government recently announced initiatives aimed at strengthening the water and sanitation services. Felipe Montoro Jens, a management specialist based in Brazil, shared his thoughts on the on-going debate. Government agencies provide the bulk of water and sanitation services. There has been increased efforts to make the services available to more people and improve service delivery. The water agencies are struggling to realize value for their infrastructure investments mainly due to water wastage.


The concessions will improve basic sanitation services. This is through better institutional management, infrastructural management, and revenue growth. The government has proposed a framework to enable public agencies to collaborate with private sector stakeholders to reduce wastage and improve service delivery. Experts note that it is possible to get more out of the existing infrastructure. The public-private partnerships will leverage the strengths of the individual sectors.


The government agencies have the infrastructure and roadmaps in place. They also have an in-depth understanding of the local requirements in the various regions. They can customize action plans to suit a particular location and its needs. The private sector has access to resources such as funding and technology. Felipe Montoro Jens notes that water wastage has contributed to the loss of revenue. The private sector can assist water agencies to achieve efficiency using technology.


Infrastructure and technology improvements will also attract more investments to the sector. Water agencies require funding to expand sanitation and sewage networks. Utility agencies must also align their product offerings with the needs of the citizens. Their success should be evaluated by looking at improvements in service delivery and the efficiency of their infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Jens believes the proposed concessions require refinements in budget projections and monitoring plans. Clear contracts are crucial in enabling transparency and accountability. Felipe has extensive management experience. He has held executive positions in highly successful companies such as Enel, Tenenge Holdings, and Enron among many others.


Eucatex Turnaround Flavio Maluf Under Leadership

Eucatex is a group of Brazilian companies that specializes in the furniture and civil construction industry. The company encompasses three subsidiaries including Paints, Plates, and Varnishes. It also holds a forestry branch comprising a seedling nursery. Eucatex began as a family company under the name Maluf family. Flavio Maluf is the co-founder and current president of Eucatex group of companies. He is a mechanical engineering expert and a career administrator.


Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987 shuffling through various positions before rising to his current position as the company’s president. He formerly occupied the trade position at Eucatex, then moved to the industrial department before receiving an invitation to join the company’s executives. His success as an executive earned him a promotion to the presidency in 1997, a position that he holds up to date. Maluf’s presidency at Eucatex Group marked rapid modernization of the company’s operations. He cites the modernization as built on an aggressive profile of commitment to success and perfection of the firm in its daily activities. Maluf also emphasizes on his omnipresence at the company and delegation of roles as central to Eucatex success. He further exploits all opportunities available to improve and grow the company and further communicate his professional, career and dream aspirations to executives.


Under Maluf leadership, the company emerged among the most successful companies in the rapidly growing startup sector. The startup sector encompasses several industries including e-commerce, entertainment, health, SaaS, and education. Maluf cites hiring of specialty experts in critical areas of the startup industry as behind the dramatic growth of Eucatex. He further underscores the importance of projections of future developments in the startups market, especially from technological development. Maluf singles out Gama Experience market analysis technology as the primary tool exploited by Eucatex to projects future trends in the startup market.


Eucatex history spans over six decades since its establishment as the first-ever Brazilian company to factor acoustic and environmental comfort and exploits eucalyptus as its resource for the manufacture of panels and plates. Initially, the then Chapas Unit specialized in the production of softwood fibers sheets and acoustic linings and later ventured into acoustic and insulation sheets. The company’s investment rapidly evolved to its current specialization in big civil construction firms and furniture producers.



The Brilliance Of Brazil’s Leaders

As the old saying goes, “Only the strong survive.” Out of all the industries, this holds true in the business world. To become an adequate business leader, a person needs to have an unmatched business acumen and numerous leadership skills. Otherwise, their business endeavors will sink to the bottom of the financial pool. Running a business remains an extremely difficult task to do. With that being said, very few people can compare with Mr. Jens. Not only does Mr. Jens possess several leadership skills, he also demonstrates how to effectively run a business. Moreover, this multi-faceted person has international appeal. However, he remains extremely popular in Brazil. This remains attributed to it being his homeland. Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Jens has held several high-profile positions in his industry.

In particular, he served on the board of directors of Odebrecht. Moreover, he has managed operations in several countries. To name a few, these include Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. With such talent pertaining to the business world, Mr. Jens remains a fixture because of his work in Odebrecht Agro-Industrial and Odebrecht Ambiental. Due to his hard work and countless hours spent in the office, Mr. Jens remains a prominent figure and the business industry. Aside from his authority over Brazil’s economy, he also has numerous degrees in his arsenal.

In particular, Mr. Jens stands as a proud graduate of the American Garvin School of International Management. Although Brazil remains a world power, it still faces numerous challenges. With that being said, public power controls 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation. Therefore, Brazil has developed a strategy to address such problems. Moreover, Brazil’s water sector continues to threaten its economic growth. Year after year, Brazil has wasted countless amounts of water. In closing, its government has aggressively campaigned for a resolution.

Felipe Montoro Jens Talks on The NDEP Concession

National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NDEP) is now collaborating with the Brazilian government to improve sanitation in the area. Recently, Edison Carlos who is the president of Trata Brasil. Felipe Montoro Jens was also in the interview. Felipe Montoro is an expert in the matters if infrastructure.


Edison commented on this concession saying that NDEP needs to improve in their structuring and management first before they can take on bigger roles. He also commented that private companies need to be more involved in bettering the welfare of the Brazilian citizens. He supported his claim with a statistic saying that 90% of sanitation services in the country are provided by the government and that 70% of this jobs are carried out by state agencies. Felipe supported this point saying that sanitation in Brazil would be at a much better place if contracts were to be awarded to private companies. He pointed out that there was a problem of water wastage and shortage and that private agencies had the resources required to alleviate this issue.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure expert who currently works for Odebrecht S.A’s unit Odebrecht Properties. Subseduently, he works as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. Previously he was the president of Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos S.A. Prior to being promoted to this position, Felipe was the Senior Finance Officer. He later received a promotion to work as the senior investment officer at Odebrecht S.A.


In the past, he has worked for Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A as the chairman of the company. He also worked as a director at Energia S.A, which is based in San Antonio. Felipe has also worked with Braskem S.A for three years, assuming the role of director.


Felipe Montero Jens Outlines The Scope Of Benefits From Government And BNDES Concessions

In an effort to modernize Brazil’s waste water management system, it has recently partnered with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Concessions formally agreed to by the government will enhance an initiative aimed at infrastructure improvement and resource efficiency. The details of the concessionary move are highlight and lauded by Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil.


Edison notes that the vast majority of Brazil’s sanitation needs are performed by the public sector and the state. The BNDES agreement is an ideal way of combining the management strategies of both state and private industries. The power of the government to contract with innovative resource groups encourages benefits for all people in Brazil.


Felipe Montero Jens also adds that complimentary concessions will create a situation where water management needs can be addressed region by region. Every state in Brazil has unique water loss problems, and a joint effort can pinpoint the most financially agreeable solutions. This includes significant modernization of sewer lines and entire municipal sewage networks. In essence, the combining of management entities will make umbrella policies and procedures obsolete. New structures for improvement will have to be customized to the demographics they serve. Most importantly, this means making improvements work financially for all parties.


All parties in this matter including BNDES, the national government, and industry analysts agree that the key to making the combined effort work is a focus on clear service goals. Concessions are important, but so is the inclusion of consistent public oversight.


Felipe Montero Jens is an executive of several leading Brazilian investment and resource firms. This includes rigorous duties as Chairman of Arboreoland Real Estate Development. As a private professional, his contributions as an analyst affect the formation and implementation of policies throughout Brazil.


At 46 years of age, Felipe Montero Jens has amassed an incredibly diverse professional portfolio. He has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees with honor from Getulio Vargas Foundation and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Flavio Maluf Is The Brains At The Back Of Eucatex, The Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Triumphant Story

Flavio Maluf didn’t comprehend the kind of world he would meet ahead after entering the Fundaao Armando Foundation in Sao Paulo. Nevertheless, a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a year within New York unquestionably gave him the certifications required to penetrate the business world in Brazil.

In 1987, Flavio joined Eucatex, and he began at the base. He got the chance to learn about the ceiling tile business and gained experience from old school specialists who have been producing roof tiles from eucalyptus trees for use in domestic market for quite a long time. Flavio was a fast learner and in 1997 he was promoted and became the President of Eucatex. Nobody working for Eucatex was astounded by his quick climb to the top. Flavios family had played a major role within Eucatex before Flavio united with the organization.

By then, Brazil was experiencing some significant changes amid the 1990s. The administration was making life somewhat less demanding for the common laborers and export investors, thanks to oil among other natural resources, that the value had began to boost the economic development of the country. Flavio saw an open door and he pursued it. Eucatex, under Flavio’s leadership, began exporting their special ceiling tiles into Europe including other zones of the globe. Very quickly, the tiles were doing very well in the market. It’s then Flavio chose to open workplaces in various regions around the globe, and the move provided Eucatex with the impulse it needed to become a world player in construction material business.

At the point when the 21st century came thundering, Eucatex was prepared to apply its game strategy. Flavio extended the product offering to incorporate paint, varnishes, MDF boards and other construction materials. By then, the acoustical tile business was the key business, yet the furniture business was still another area that fitted the organization’s long haul strategy. It is at that point that Eucatex began building doors and dressers and panel’s materials for other furniture parts. The Eucatex item blend gave everybody in the furniture and construction business a thing to talk about. While headed by Flavio, the company has continued to do amazing things across the world.


Flavio Maluf Advises Potential Investors on the Best Industries They Should Invest In

Flavio Maluf, executive chairman and M.D. of Eucatex, had some eye-opening advice for people looking for investment opportunities this year. The experienced investor mentioned the following sectors, among several others, as the best to invest in 2017.


Flavio argued that the electronic market field is under-explored despite the fact that demand in the field has recently been on the rise. He said that since most people are opting to make purchases online, serious investors cannot afford to ignore e-commerce.

As the calls for environmental conservation and natural resources protection gets louder and louder, investors should start thinking of sustainable products. In support of this claim, Flavio Maluf said that sustainable products have the potential of dominating the market this year and even in the future years.

Developing Technological gadgets

According to Flavio Maluf, today’s generation is more mindful of their body shapes than before. People are investing heavily in their bodies regarding health and beauty; they are ready to pay for and eat anything to get to the body shape of their liking. He advised that investors should think of developing a technology that will help its users to learn about what to eat, how to exercise, and how to keep up-to-date nutritional records. By so doing, Flavio said that investors would get good returns on their investments.

Investing in Youths

Flavio noted that investing in youths in 2017 is also a good idea. He acknowledged that the youths of today have too complex demands, but they are too many to be ignored. He advised potential investors to try and understand the millennials and design products that will be acceptable to that particular group.

Remote Work

Remote work is a new business trend and has gone viral in the recent past. The trend involves training staff members of a company so that they can go work away from the enterprise. Flavio argued that this year, the trend will become even more pronounced and, therefore, investors should start thinking in this line.

About Flavio

Flavio Maluf has served at the top of Eucatex for the last 20 years, even though he joined the firm over three decades ago. Flavio is a native of State of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex To The Next Level

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become when he entered the Fundacao Foundation University based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For him, this business was entitled to become a success under his exclusive leadership. When he was still in college, he was determined to graduate with the highest honors and secure the necessary credit to join the family business. When Flavio Maluf was in college, he also worked hard to attain the appropriate credit to accede to the New York School of Business. During that time, the company was suffering losses. For this reason, his education in business was essential to develop high-end capabilities indecision-making.


Flavio Maluf graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and secured a place in the New York University. He went to the United States for two years and graduated with the best education. When he came back home, he wanted to revolutionize the business environment in Eucatex Group. In 1987, he joined the company and started working in the trading department of the enterprise. During that time, the company had no exports to other parts of the world. He used his knowledge to develop business models and relationships to attain better business management.


Flavio Maluf worked in that department for more than five years. He later went on to work in the manufacturing department of the company. For this reason, he attained better business management capacities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For many decades, the company has made most of its products using eucalyptus as the main raw material. Flavio Maluf has made the company attain its fullest potential in Brazil and other parts of the world. In the recent years, he has dominated the world of exports in the lowest rates possible.


During that time when Eucatex Group of Companies was founded, the country had few regulations concerning the conservation of the environment. However, the company determined that it would protect the environment for the sake of the future generations. While they have protected the safety of the people, their products have been adopted in the Brazilian market in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.