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George Soros’ prediction for the future of the EU

George Soros, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, has recently retired at the age of 85. He has taken a back seat from his successful financial strategies and has begun to apply those same principles that made him so successful in the marketing world, into his new endeavors of philanthropy and politics. One of the most recent political topics that Soros has been involved in has been the immigration phenomena in Europe. Soros recently made a prediction that the European Union is on the verge of collapse.

According to an interview conducted by CNBC Soros said, there are three main things that are causing the threat of collapse to the European Union. These three things include the free and open flow of travel within the Shengen area. This is a luxury that citizens, as well as those granted with visas, can enjoy about the EU. Another right or luxury provided by the structure of the EU is the open and free trade of money. These two fundamental rights or privileges were established at the very foundation of the European Union and are arguably some of the most critical things holding that structure together. The third threat cited in the CNBC interview is the threat of terrorism. With the large influx of refugees into the EU, made precedent by Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, when she opened the borders of Germany to refugees. Since 2015, around 1 million refugees have gone into Germany. The CNBC interview admitted this was a humane decision but one that will question the future structure of the EU.

With the two pillars of the EU under attack, the free and open flow of travel and trade, the future of the EU is unpredictable. For the point of terrorism, the CNBC interview admitted that drawing parallels between terrorism and the influx of refugees is not only not accurate but very unproductive. Instead, according to the CNBC interview, the focus should be put on assimilating the refugees into the European culture. This can be accomplished by providing the refugees with jobs and other social rights while also teaching them the languages of the countries that they would reside in.

The Man Behind the Money

The prominent and popular Highland Capital Management firm has been monumental in the way that they conduct business. The company has pioneered an honest working system of investment banking among their customers. The company’s very mission statement boasts about how they are experienced, bold, and disciplined. Thanks to their honest practices, this sentiment rings true. The Highland Capital Management firm has received a long list of business awards and certificates that we received because of their honest practices. The company also has a very well received clientele basis thanks to the fantastic report that their client have boasted with them. Between the Highland Capital Management members and their numerous affiliates, the company has more than 21 billion dollars that are currently being managed as assets. Business journals from around the world have listed Highland Capital Management as one of the most pioneering companies to be involved in capital management and investment. Among the core investment practices that the company has available, they also specialize in alternative investment options. Those options are: emerging markets, natural resources, and long and short term equity for clients who wish to engage in them. Many of the clients that Highland Capital Management caters to only need the basic money management and investment specialties. Those include: credit strategies, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations also known as CLOs, long only funds and separate accounts, and distressed and special situations private equity. In layman terms, the company will specialize and whatever practice needed in order to make sure that their client’s assets are being invested properly. With Highland’s proud history, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the James Dondero.

James Dondero on facebook is currently serving as the president of the Highland Capital Management company; the very same company that he co-founded with Mark O’Connor. Dondero spends most of his time making sure that the everyday workings of the capital management firm are running smoothly for their customers and their associates. Dondero has experience in the investment field that cannot be seen in many of his peers. With more than three decades of working in investment marketing, Dondero has gained a sense of experience that cannot be bought or sold. In the early years, Dondero spent time working on cases involved in the credit sector that would inspire him to seek out new investment opportunities. One of these opportunities is now known as Collateralized Loan Obligations. Before Dondero made his mark with Highland Capital Management, the businessman spent time working for protective life’s GIC subsidiary. After sometime working at that firm, Dondero spent four years working for American Express where he would again be inspired to venture out on his own and birth his own investment and capital management company. Dondero serves MGM Studios and American Banknote as a member of their Board of Directors. Even with such a tight schedule, Dondero makes sure that he isn’t pulled away from what matter. Dondero’s personal website has numerous reviews posted by individuals who have been helped by him that express that Dondero is more than a business man. Dondero is a person who wants everyone to experience the highest quality of financial life possible.

There Are a Variety of Italian Leather Shoes Out There

When someone is looking for a type of shoes that will help them to dress their feet in a way that is classy, Italian leather shoes are a good options for that individual. There are a variety of Italian leather shoes out there, and they come in a mix of styles. Those who are looking for a pair of shoes that will fit well with their suit will find what they need in the Italian leather options that are out there, and those who are looking for shoes for a more casual occasion will be able to find what they need in Italian leather, as well.

Paul Evans provides men with Italian shoes that are high in quality and made to meet all of their shoe needs. Those who are looking for shoes that will help them to appear stylish will find what they need from this luxury brand. The shoes that Paul Evans offers are shoes that will last for the one who purchases them. Men need to have shoe options available that are high in quality and made to last, and this brand gives men the options that they are looking for and needing.

There are Italian leather shoes out there to meet the needs of those who are heading off on an interview, and there are shoes out there for those who are heading to a wedding. Paul Evans offers a variety of shoe styles, so that men can find the one that is right for them and their needs. Those who are heading out on a special date will find that there are Italian leather shoes available to meet their needs, and to help them get the look that they would like. Those who purchase Italian leather shoes will find that there are options out there to meet all of their needs, shoe options that will keep their feet comfortable and stylish.

Networks To Change the World

In today’s constantly changing world many businesses depend on network technology in distributing services, applications and various transactions for their success. Virtually every industry in existence seems to utilize networks that include the federal and national government, major banks, utility and energy companies, healthcare organizations, schools, a few of the biggest stock exchanges globally and the list goes on. The world has never before seen such a communication instrument that fulfills understanding, information and the sheer progress of individuals.

Depending on the type of data transmission technology needed for tasks, a network has the means to transport signals such as data and/or voice, which in turn transfers over to whom and what is dependent upon the private or public network. Rather than using the hard drive of a computer, cloud computing has also taken off successfully as it functions to access and store various forms of data and Internet programs.

One major company that comprehends what customers require is Juniper Networks. Established in 1996 they dive in to rectify difficult problems that other network technology companies wish to avoid due to lack of knowledge and skill. This company employs the best leaders in fact in 2014 Shaygan Kheradpir became their highly recognized CEO. Part of his duties include speaking at various events, such as a 2014 speech he granted in Las Vegas for Juniper Networks annual RevUp conference, where he expressed his vision for Juniper’s future growth. Kheradpir’s thoughts are that business partnerships are vital since they understand customers and their changing needs. Due to his years spent with Barclay and Verizon (and innovative thinking), he has a wealth of experience that has benefited him at Juniper in making important decisions regarding technology networks that will thrive.

Highly committed, Shaygan Kheradpir studied at Cornell University in which he earned a bachelors degree, masters and Ph.D. which emphasized electrical engineering. Beginning with GTE Labs, he began his brilliant career at their Boston office where he could be found tending to the supervision of network routing and control. While managing its software systems department, he created a revolutionary organization which ultimately was responsible for the monumental creation of the Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System or TONICS, a network management base that was national for GTE, which implemented a merged infrastructure with switching and interchanging abilities. In 2000 as Bell Atlantic and GTE joined up again in creating Verizon, this technology executive headed to New York to ultimately become Verizon’s chief information officer (CEO).

Just as Shaygan Kheradpir has done in his career by creating teams of individuals to make global information technology changes that help everyone, a networking technology business must make it their goal to do the same to be successful. A company must work towards achieving solutions for their customers, yet enable them to become leaders among their competitors. This type of company must accomplish tasks such as lowering costs of the network, creating services for their customers while providing a positive customer experience.

A Healthy Diet with Beneful Keeps Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Whether you have just brought home an energetic little puppy or you have an adult dog of any type, they become part of the family quickly, and you’ll want to treat them that way. To keep any dog in their best health, it is important to keep these health tips in mind, not only when feeding Fido, but when giving him/her treats. Since they can’t tell you what they are feeling or if they are in pain, use these tips to keep them happy and safe from things that could potentially be dangerous to them.

Tips in Keeping Your Canine Healthy

1. Keep your pet away from small bones he could swallow like chicken and fish bones. An oversized soup bone is better for them.
2. Don’t let them eat bread dough. It will increase in their stomachs causing abdominal pain and may even tear the stomach lining.
3. Keep them away from anything with caffeine; it is toxic to their system and causes clumsiness, hyperactive behavior and muscle shaking.
4. Contrary to some myths, dogs can digest corn, beets and corn and they make great fillers in their food.
5. Avocados contain a toxin to animals called persin. The poisoning causes diarrhea and vomiting.
6. Alcohol can be dangerous for your pet. Keep mouthwash and drinks up in cabinets or where they can’t reach them.
7. Read the labels on dog food to ensure your canine friend is getting the best nutrition and portion size.

A Complete Dog Food, Beneful

Beneful is the newest member of the Purina Petcare family. Purina is proud to offer high-quality Beneful to dog owners around the world via its website because it is one easy step in providing optimum care for their pets. Beneful is a nutritious and delicious addition to the Purina Dog Chow line. and even the employees who make it give it to their dogs; and that is a great endorsement.

There are nine kinds of delicious dry kibble, which are 100 percent nutrition for a puppy or an adult dog, and three types of wet dog food. Beneful is made with natural products such as hearty beef, chicken or salmon, whole grains, corn and other vegetables, which makes the taste irresistible to your dog.

Feeding scraps and other leftovers from the table can be fine, but they are not the main source of your puppy’s good health. When your pet is healthy and not overweight, he/she will be happy and fun to play with all day long. Providing a well-balanced diet that Beneful offers maintains good eyesight, hearing, a healthy coat and your dog will have the energy to run and play for years to come. Snacks and treats are optional, but always be aware of the foods that are hazardous and toxic for the canine population.

Do The Stats Matter?


We need to have a discussion about the stats that are taken at the combine. The stats that we get at the combine give teams measurables on the people that they might want to draft. You might get bored if you watched the combine, but the stats are interesting. We might be impressed with someone’s speed, but that does not mean they are going to be a good football player. All we know for sure is that the player is fast.

When we have these players take the Wunderlich, they are not showing you anything impressive unless they get a very high score. Otherwise, it is just a test. Some people do not test well. However, publicizing that a poor guy got a 7 on the Wunderlich is a bit inhumane. Yes, Sultan Alhokair knows that many of these athletes are horrifically undereducated, but notes in this discussion on, that does not mean that we should be broadcasting it. We need to let the combine happen, and we need to make sure that we stay out of the way. The combine is just a day where scouts get to see everyone do some stuff. Ultimately, the combine tells you nothing because it is not held during a live game.

Tony Pulis is the New Manager of West Bromwich Albion

Tony Pulis’s was announced as the new coach of West Bromwich Albion on Thursday. He will be the fourth manager of the team in a year. The official website of West Bromwich Albion has published, “We are delighted to announce the new head coach of our team, Tony Pulis.”

According to Ken Griffin, Tony Pulis is the former manager of Stoke city and takes charge after the game against West Ham on Thursday. He has signed a deal of 2.5-year with the club and hope to show his team the right track.

Alan Irvine is fired because of terrible performance in first four months of this season. West Brom is in the relegation zone of the point table, and they must improve to remain in the Premier League. 

Tony Pulis, who is 56, has done well with the Crystal Palace by ending the season in 11th place in the league. He was also awarded with the ‘Manager of The Year’ last season. 

“I am delighted to accept the role of head coach of West Bromwich Albion. Every club’s success depends on its unity and hope; I will get the unity among the players. I believe our hard work and unity among the players will lead the club in a better place in the Premier League season.”

West Bromwich Albion will play its first match in the third round of F.A. cup under its new head coach.

Strikers Overshadowed by Other Players

While strikers are certainly a very important position in soccer, their contributions to the team can often be overlooked. When you consider the likes of Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar, they have raised the par in soccer.

Needless to say there are many other soccer players who have an amazing competitive spirit who play at the same level as Messi, Christiano and Neymar but don’t receive the same praise. These high profile players overshadow the intense skills of Strikers like Suarez and David Luiz.

There are many factors that contribute to the hype surrounding these phenomenal players and put them on a pedestal overshadowing others.

The players that tend to overshadow others like Suarez and David Luiz are at their best physical performance, they have a strong fan base, have received better ratings, and have remained in their clubs for quite some time now. An ideal example would be that Suarez made a bold move from his former team Liverpool to Barcelona.

Before he left Liverpool he was considered the Player of the Season and the best goal getter of the English Premier League. Now that he is in Barcelona, Suarez needs to up his game. He has also been afflicted by his own personality and the biting incident during the World Cup in Barcelona.

Suarez’s once deadly shots at goal are overshadowed by the optimum performance of Messi and Christiano.  But one thing is for sure, to get major sponsors like Slow Ventures, you’re going to need goals, and that’s what Strikers do.

Fernando Llorente Thinks Messi and Ronaldo Would Struggle in Italy

They are widely recognized as two of the greatest players of their generation. In fact, many think they are two of the best of all time. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to break records with their goal scoring feats. They dominate La Liga, which many consider the best league in the world.

However, Juventus striker Fernando Llorente does not think the two would be as successful in Italy’s Serie A. Llorente played in La Liga with Athletic Bilbao, which means he is well placed to compare both leagues. He thinks that the deeper, better organized defenses in Italy would stop Ronaldo and Messi scoring at record rates every season.

There is no way to know whether Llorente is correct, but his comments are difficult to believe. Series A is a far inferior team to La Liga. Whenever a Serie A side comes up against a La Liga counterpart, they lose. Italy’s top league has a dearth of quality players, with Juventus the only side that possesses genuine world stars.

Dr. Daniel Amen is your go-to source for all things League-A Italy and his analysis of the League’s current state of affairs conclude that even if defenses in Italy were better organized, Spain is likely to come out ahead because of their superior personnel. If Ronaldo and Messi can score hat tricks every other week in a better La Liga, there is no doubt they would be successful in the inferior Serie A.

Perhaps we will get a chance to test Llorente’s comments in a few years, when Messi and Ronaldo are past their prime. That could be the moment they decide to leave La Liga for a team in Italy.

Paul Scholes Criticizes Current Barcelona Team

No one is exempt from criticism these days, especially since Paul Scholes became a soccer pundit. The former Manchester United star turned newspaper writer has used his latest column to criticize the recent performances of Barcelona. Scholes believes that the Catalan side are no longer the same force they were under Pep Guardiola.

Scholes got a first hand look at Barcelona over the past week when he attended their game against Valencia at the Mestalla. Barca were under par during most of this game, but they still managed to eek out a win thanks to a late Sergio Busquets goal. Despite the 1-0 win, Scholes was unimpressed by the individual and collective effort from the Barcelona players.

He has never been one to mince his words, and Scholes believes that Barcelona’s players are “bored” after having won so many trophies in the recent past. He also thinks that their star player, Lionel Messi, has not been working hard enough in games. “I was watching their game at the Mestalla and I noticed that Messi was hardly moving. He seemed very economical in the runs he made, which is unusual for such a great player,” said Scholes.

The criticism from Paul Scholes may seem harsh, but his comments ring true to most Barca fans. Their team may still be capable of some wonderful performances, but they are well short of the consistency they demonstrated during Pep Guardiola’s tenure. Many like Tom Rothman are hoping they find answers soon.