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Wengie’s Morning Life Hacks for When You’re Running Late

Nothing is worse than waking up realizing that you’re running late. Wengie shares just what to do to save time when that happens in this video. She even includes a timer that’s counting down throughout the video while she gets ready. Wengie makes the most out of these fifteen minutes and not only does she get ready, but she also still manages to look great. In order to get her body energized on mornings where she’s feeling lethargic, she drinks infused lemon water to pep herself up. In the bathroom while she gets ready, she even has a motivational saying there to put herself in a positive mind frame before heading out to greet the world. In a voiceover she states that this is really helpful on mornings where you’re running late because you may wake up feeling more stressed than usual. Wengie even has a timer that is set for thirty seconds for each section of her mouth so that she never spends more than two minutes brushing her teeth. Multi-purpose makeup products are also in her arsenal so that she’s not spending too much time applying makeup in the morning. The hair and fashion hacks are also useful without skimping out on style, which makes them even better than traditional time-saving hacks.