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Incredible Cosmetics By Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the remarkable cosmetics company founded by Doe Deere, features vibrant and vivid makeup in an array of bold colors. The following are some of the fabulous cosmetics that can be found at Lime Crime.


Luscious Lipstick

The liquid lipsticks that are featured come in the most vibrant colors imaginable. With shades like “black velvet” and “raven” it’s easy to understand why this amazing company doesn’t just create makeup, they create an experience. The Velvetine lipsticks are available in several magnificent colors, with each drying into a satiny matte finish.


Diamond Crushers

Diamond Crushers is one of their latest lip sensations that aren’t just for lips. Diamond Crushers on cheeks, eyes, and lips are simply dazzling. It’s important to know that this amazing lip sensation isn’t a gloss but a revolutionary product that can be worn over lipstick or by itself.


Venus Palettes

Venus the Grunge is a collection of eye shadows that feature an array of exotic colors to choose from. There are a variety of vibrant colors that can be purchased in each of the palattes. There are also Venus bundles available. For an incredible price customers can purchase two palattes of beautiful eye shadow and experiment with a wide range of gorgeous colors.


An Incredible Company

All of these great cosmetics can be found at Lime Crime’s website, at various online stores, and even with various retail partners. The independent team comes up with a magnificent array of cruelty-free cosmetics for people to use. This is truly a company that helps people express their individuality.


For those individuals looking for a cosmetics company that enables them to really stand out from the crowd, Lime Crime features a fabulous array of cosmetics to experiment with. Whether it’s wearing colors on the lips like “marshmallow” or “mirage,” or creating a work of art on the eyes with Venus Palattes, Doe Deere has created makeup that’s as unique as each individual who uses it. for discounted item go here.

It Would Be a Crime Not to Have This In Your Makeup Bag

Picture this, you open up your makeup bag and there lies a fabulous array of bright, bold, unicorn colors in luscious lipsticks and perfectly pressed pallets. It’s not just a makeup lover’s fantasy, it’s a makeup bag full of Lime Crime’s vegan and cruelty-free products! Lime Crime promotes itself as “makeup for unicorns”, and offers everything any mermaid, unicorn loving, goddess could ever want in their makeup bag, or for any type of person that loves fun, rich, bold colors for that matter.


Lime Crime’s founder and CEO, Doe Deere, wants girls and boys to be able to express themselves freely and has produced an awesome line of makeup to help them do just that! The products Doe launched debuted shortly before Halloween in 2008, but that doesn’t mean they are only for wearing during costume contests! Lime Crime goes way beyond just a Halloween line and offers hair color, nails, makeup brushes and more, alongside their lipsticks and eyeshadows. They even offer bundles so you can own and swoon over things like the Moonlight Mermaid Collector’s Set.


This makeup brand pulls out all of the stops to help you put your best, fun, and unique look forward. Their lipstick alone has several formulations available to fit your mood or occasion. You can go matte with their Matte Velvetines line, sparkle like mad with their iridescent Diamond Crusher line, or select a Velve-Tin full of liquid to matte lipstick to play with, and that’s just for starters! The Metallic Velvetine in the Red Hot shade is a must-have for a sexy, opaque pout, that won’t wear off or kiss off.


As much as there is to adore about their lipsticks the lips can’t have all of the fun! Your whole face can get into it with the Hi-Lite pallets they have to offer. The pallets of beautiful colors will adapt to your very own complexion and will turn your skin into a shimmering glow. Imagine wearing that at your next party!


If you love revolutionary makeup, and a company backed by PETA and Leaping Bunny, Lime Crime’s a winner!


Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye offers Radiance for Everyone

People everywhere are dazzled by hair dyes that express who they are and what they represent, but Lime Crime has taken this form of expression to the next level with Unicorn Hair Dye. Just in time for hot days and summer nights this fabulous line of 13 exhilarating colors gives every person a confidence in their individuality that sets them apart from others. Being unique as yourself, and living every day to the fullest, is only two side-effects of the commanding look and feel you will have with unicorn hair dye.

If that does not convince you of the emotional quality of unicorn hair dye, for each individual, then the longevity of the dye will continue to amaze long after 8 washes. The dye has been refined for years before being released cruelty free and only made of pure vegan ingredients. This means no ammonia, no peroxide and no harsh chemicals that destroy and deteriorate your beautiful hair. Conditioning the hair and leaving it soft, radiant and smelling of the lands in which it was born, is what keeps avid unicorn fans focused on this unicorn hair dye. Even trying each of the 13 new identities, has become a fantastic adventure anyone can get lost in.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, 13 colors and shades is just the beginning to an expansive line of unicorn hair dyes that aim to please. Expecting even more colors to be out soon, is all the thrill and this product will not come up empty handed. This dye captivates your all your senses and will have every head turning in your direction as far as the eye can see. With summer around the corner and distant lands to rule, Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime, will make you have the most coveted look of 2017. follow them on instagram for more of their products.


Lime Crime Releases Unicorn Hair Dyes Just in Time For Summer

It’s finally that time of the year, we say goodbye to short days and cold nights and welcome sunny days, road trips, and hundreds of reasons to look your best. As summer quickly approaches so does the advent of all the new music festivals just waiting for weekend romps of fun. As is now my annual tradition, I make the trek to five major festivals spread across the country so that means different places to slay with vibrant colors.


Usually, before I set out for my month traveling from city to city, I stock up on all the beauty supplies I’ll need to make sure I’m ready for every photo op and Insta shot. This has been the annual routine for the last eight years, so by now, I have the entire process down to a science, though this year is completely different. This year, just in time for speedy deliveries, Lime Crime finally released the one product I‘ve had my eye on for the last few months, their line of Unicorn Hair Dyes. Their line of hair dyes has caught my interest since their first mention on the web store, now that “Coming Soon” label has finally changed into a “Buy Now” so to finally satiate my excitement and take the opportunity to try something different this year I purchased three of their newest products.


Trying Out Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dyes


As my favorite colors are blue and green, my hair has been every shade of the two imaginable, I went ordered Lime Crime’s Anime, Salad, and Jello hair dyes.


The names are so cute right?


After finally receiving my hair dyes, the wait did not feel like it was three days long, I got the opportunity to finally try out Lime Crime’s newest products. Usually, I would use all of them at once and dye my hair a blend of bright hues but as this time was a trial I had to contain myself to one color at a time.


Now having tried them all and having loved every one of them, I’m ready to try the rest.


Get yours at the Lime Crime Webstore.