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Rogers to Stay

Much criticized Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers will remain the club’s manager for the upcoming season. Rogers met yesterday with club chairman Tom Werner, and emerged the Reds’ man still, after what appears to have been a very positive meeting. Though Rogers is to keep his job, he and Werner both acknowledged that changes and improvements must be made. Liverpool finished the season in fifth place, missing out on Champions League play, and slipping far in terms of table finish and performance compared to the season before, during which they finished in second place. Rogers is the first Liverpool manager in some time to have gone three seasons without winning any major silverware.

While Rogers can definitely be blamed for many of Liverpool’s shortcomings this past season, he also was given a squad that was less prepared to seriously challenge for the top four, not to even mention the title. Losing both strikers from the season before, Suarez having left for Barcelona and Sturridge being out the majority of the season through injury, Liverpool’s void in front of goal was difficult to close. Add to that inconsistent defensive performances and being tactically out maneuvered later in the season, and this campaign proves why it has been a frustrating one for Rogers and Liverpool fans alike. More is expected of the North Irishman, and while expected to deliver, Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov indicates that Rogers will not be given a second chance.

Benteke Future Remains Unclear

Aston Villa’s attacking talisman Christian Benteke has announced that he is unwilling to commit his future to the Birmingham club for the upcoming season, and will rely on his agent to make decisions regarding his immediate future. The Belgian striker has enjoyed a remarkably positive return to form following the appointment of Tim Sherwood at Villa’s helm, once again making him a hot commodity among Premier League clubs in need of a powerful number nine. Liverpool have been named as the club most interested in Benteke, especially given their lack of a dominating striker since Luis Suarez’s departure at the end of last season. That said, Benteke does have a fairly hefty buy out clause of 32.5 million pounds.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers would likely be delighted to have Benteke join the Reds. Brazilian soccer fan Igor Cornelsen The Belgian is already tried and tested in the Premier League, though likely not yet having reached his peak in his career. Furthermore, he has proven to be a menace for defenders to deal with, and with a stronger support behind him, there is no telling the amount of damage he could do at a big club. This is not to say that Benteke would solve all of Liverpool’s problems, but adding a significant contribution to the goals tally would be a huge help and relieve the burden from non-strikers. This seems to be a positive move for the Belgian’s career.