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Don Ressler Of Fabletics Sets A Fashion Trend Through Fabletics

On issues pertaining to women’s sportswear, it is probably the most complicated sector. Usually, there are two choices pertaining to the matter. When it is not about fashion, price factors in. in fact, the industry of women’s athletic wear has had this gap for centuries. In 2010, the industry registered high consumption with most women taking a step towards healthy living. That is how business professionals like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg delved into producing women’s sportswear. With a predictable trend that indicated that the demand on women’s active wear would rise in future, the duo founded Fabletics. The main agenda for formation was creating stylish active wear that coupled affordability and functionality.


Company Profile


Don and Adam joined brains to work on revolutionizing women’s active wear. The duo did not focus on the current trends at the time. Instead, they settled for pleasing women’s needs when it comes to taste and preference. The following steps towards success were followed by extensive research based on the two measures. From tests to focus groups, they established the root of the problem. By finding out what the problem was, they were able to develop production as well as supply strategies. Some of the issues they needed to address were price, design and size. Most of the apparels were ill-fitting. There was also the issue of comfort where most of the apparels were not comfortable. It was almost impossible to buy apparel that fit into women’s needs.




To establish a brand that would transform the industry, Kate Hudson joined Don Ressler and Adam. The face of the new brand changed thanks to Kate’s input. The prominent actress injected new talent in design and customer support. Her brains have largely been useful in branding Fabletics. Being friendly and open minded, Kate incorporated team work to establish a platform that would later be used by clients to subscribe to the active wear. Her efforts as the spokeswoman of Fabletics paid up because she is a woman that understands women’s needs.




Like any other business, Fabletics posed a challenge to the three leaders. With Don Ressler being the senior partner, he led the team in finding viable solutions in setting up. The hiccups were long gone and a comfortable sportswear established. Ressler managed to set up Fabletics thanks to his valid entrepreneurial skills. His team initiated the project’s takeoff with experience and determination. Presently, Fabletics is an international brand that serves masses by providing comfortable as well as a series of sizes for clients.


Fabletics Is Expanding In Growth And Size

We know the famous face of Kate Hudson advertising Fabletics. Naturally the first thought is that this brand name is only for small-sized women. Guess what – Fabletics has announced that they are not only expanding their market, they are expanding the Fabletics brand for plus-size women. Fabletics stands for health and comfort which is what larger size women take seriously. This news is an incentive for women to get in shape and to take care of themselves.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg noticed the unfashionable trend of athletic clothing. They co-founded Fabletics to create active wear that was fashionable, functional and affordable for all women. Fabletics is extremely popular because the vision of the co-founders was geared toward what women were looking for rather than general marketing trends.


Choosing the actress Kate Hudson with her confidence, appealing face, and charisma was a windfall for the brand. Don Ressler saw that Kate created a relationship between Fabletics and the consumers. Kate successfully raised the brand name to the point that she was asked to be a partner. Kate is not just a pretty face for the company, she works hard for the brand, keeping her focus on highlighting the brand online and in her personal appearances.


Having worked through the earlier stages of creating a matching, comfortable sportswear, while retaining quality and comfort was a challenging feat. However, with the dogged determination focus and Ressler’s background in the fashion industry, he accomplished everything women needed in a fashionable sportswear brand. What helps Fabletics rise above its competitors is the vision of Don Ressler and his innovative team.


By using Kate Hudson, offering a discount pricing system, an appealing website and having consumers sign-up for Fabletics VIP membership has greatly propelled the brand. To become a VIP customer, consumers pay $50 a month which gives them access to clothing that is discounted, free shipping, and reward points. Also, the helpful customer experience feature that Fabletics utilizes is a individualized survey to help suggest clothing options for women based on their answers and options.


The success of Fabletics has given Don Ressler the goals he wanted to set. Due to his tenacious efforts, he is proud to say that he helped to create a company that did not lessen what women want to look good. By offering affordable active-wear with a quick turn-around online shopping environment, Fabletics has given women fashionable sportswear that everyone can afford and which is fun. For busy women everywhere, Fabletics gives them the confidence they need to care more about their health while also looking good!

The Sky Is the Limit for the Super Entrepreneurs Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler

Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler founded a membership clothing and beauty company called Techstyle fashion group. Although they knew very little as far as fashion is concerned, their burning desire to succeed kept them going. They were aware of what the customers required, and this is another aspect that saw them sail through.


Today, Techstyle has been described as “a place where Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley”. Their headquarters are beautifully furnished just like the start-ups at the Silicon Valley. Techstyle is very committed towards giving back to the society through participation in charity events and other philanthropic acts. Data driven marketing helped shape Techstyle and its brands. This can be seen through personalized merchandising, which have seen Techstyle witness an 84% rise in revenue. Personalized communication makes sure clients receive the right information. Techstyle has its headquarters in El Segundo, California to carry out its business operations in a cost effective way.


Adam Goldberg entered into the serious pool of business at a tender age of 15 years. His first company was an advertisement firm by the name Gamers Alliance, which was specifically designed for gaming websites. Gamers Alliance was sold off to Intermix media. What followed was Goldberg dropping out of high school to assume the position of vice president of strategic planning at intermix. Interestingly, by the age of 20, he was the chief operating officer at intermix.


Don Ressler joined Intermix in almost the same way as Goldberg. His website, dubbed, was purchased by Intermix in the year 2011, and by that time, Don had amassed a lot of wealth for a variety of online companies. This was something that inspired him to venture into the world of fashion. Don co-founded Alena Media and created the skin care brand Hyrdoderm and brand ideas.


Working together at Intermix, Don and Goldberg became very close friends. This saw them form an e-commerce company by the name Intelligent Beauty and subsequently other brands like JustFab. JustFab, a style group where the customers would get their customized shoes, purses and other accessories for an affordable amount of less than $40. The media refers to JustFab as “unicorn”, which is often symbolic of chastity or purity. JustFab was funded by various investors such as Matrix Partners, Shining Capital of Hong Kong, and Rho Ventures among others. JustFab is what changed name to become the currently famous TechStyle Fashion Group.

How Innovation, Creativity, and Resilience Have Helped Don Ressler to Grow in Business

Don Ressler is an entrepreneurial genius, a resilient worker, and a talented administrator. He is the brain behind the foundation to which companies, such as Intelligent Beauty, Fabletics, Intermix, JustFab, and among other businesses were established. One of the best decisions that Don Ressler ever made in his entire entrepreneurial life, in his own admission, is deciding to partner with Adam Goldenberg. The duo has exhibited an undying entrepreneurship spirit and have together achieved a lot in business.


Creativity, innovation, and seizing every opportunity that gets their way are some of the virtues that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have held so dear all along. Before Don met Adam, he had already made billions through internet businesses that included over $100 million in the capital and over $1 billion in sales.



Don and Adam



Don linked up with Adam at Intermix when Don’s was purchased by Intermix in 2001. After that, the two business minds came together to start Alena Media which grew extraordinarily to making hundreds of million dollars in profits. After contributing immensely to the growth of Intermix, Don and Adam felt that the company was not rewarding their efforts as it ought to have been, and they both resolved to quit the business. After quitting, they jointly established Intelligent Beauty, an online marketing skin care, and cosmetics firm. They then sought for funding, and in 2008, Technology Crossover Ventures injected $43 million into the company.


Intelligent Beauty gave birth to JustFab in 2010. The lifestyle fashion brand works as a subscription retailer with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg as the co-CEOs. With a clientele distributed across the globe, JustFab ensures that each of its clients gets the best shopping experience by giving them expert advice on what to and not to buy. The company ensures that its client gets all the fashion content they require and then follows it up with affordable pricing and customer service. Justfab offers free delivery services for clients who make purchases in excess of $40.







In October 2013, Don Ressler made yet another step in the fashion e-commerce space by establishing Fabletics Company. The online brand gives clients an option to subscribe and get the best athletic wear in the United States. In order to raise the company’s profile as well as to add entrepreneurial brains to the company, Don partnered with Kate Hudson. The company has since grown to overtake notable veteran fashion brands and is now on the verge of catching up with Amazon.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Helped Shape the Athleisure Wear Industry

The market for athleisure wear is currently a big one and is very competitive. It would not be what it is today if Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not start Fabletics years ago when they were trying to make things better for themselves and for the people who they were able to service. Thanks to Fabletics, though, athleisure wear is growing and it is becoming increasingly popular so that people can get the best experience possible out of everything that is offered on the site. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did this so that they could make shopping more convenient, fun and rewarding for all of the people who were interested in the brand.


Since Fabletics has grown in the time that they have been in business, they have been able to help more people and try new things out of the options that they have. Fabletics knows the right way to make things better and the opportunities that people have in the different areas. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg made sure that Fabletics was going to be successful and that people were going to be able to try new things with the options that they had.


One thing that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg always focused on when designing Fabletics was the idea of a reverse showroom. This showroom was something that showed people exactly what they were looking for and what they would be able to get out of the options that they had. The showroom was relatively small and does not have a lot of choices. It makes things easier for people to choose what they are going to buy when they don’t have too many things to try and choose from in the area that they are shopping in. If they just have a couple of things, they can make the right decision much easier.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were marketing experts and continue to show people that they are good at marketing. They knew the right way to run the business and to show people what they could get out of the business. They also knew that doing things with Fabletics would make it easier for people to realize that they were a good company. Thanks to their marketing skills and the risks that they took when starting the company, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been successful and Fabletics continues to flourish.

A Spotlight on Adam Goldenberg, What’s Next for the TechStyle CEO

Adam Goldenberg is best known as the CEO of fashion mega giant JustFab Inc, parent company to Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics, which has taken the athletic apparel space by storm over the past three years. JustFab recently announced a transition to change their name to TechStyle Fashion Group – a change that Goldenberg states will only further position their company as a trailblazer in the digital space.


He has always put data and metrics first in his business ventures, including one of his earliest ventures in 2004, an online brand incubator that he named Beauty Intelligence. Four years later he again put the digital and mobile shopping experience first when he founded JustFab, a company that would grow to rising heights as one of the leading apparel companies to utilize an opt-in membership model in order to provide a fully digital shopping experience. Fabletics earned an incredile $1 billion valuation in its infancy in 2014 and now is fully funded and has positive cash flow. His goal for TechStyle, formerly JustFab, has always been to use data to satisfy his customers and keep them returning time and time again. According to an interview done by CNBC of Goldenberg, subscribers grew from zero to over 400 million globally in just three short years after its founding. In addition, the company touts 1.5 million VIP members that joined solely due to the positive referrals of their immediate family and friends. These astronomical numbers make a strong case for the data-first model that has transformed the former JustFab into TechStyle Fashion Group and has brought Fabletics to unicorn heights in both fashion and technology spaces.


In a profile on Goldenberg about 3 LA CEOs you definitely need to know, he discussed the essence of what he wants to provide and that is a quality product that customers truly enjoy. While going digital first is great and you may gather a large and engaged social media following or a lot of website traffic, if the quality of the product isn’t there and people don’t really love it, your brand will ultimately fall short. In this way, Fabletics ensures its brands are made from the finest quality and that they are always ahead of the latest apparel trends. Their following is enormous and, according to Goldenberg, the average subscriber comes back to order from them about 3-4 times a year, showcasing the continued loyalty of Fabletics members.

Eucatex Turnaround Flavio Maluf Under Leadership

Eucatex is a group of Brazilian companies that specializes in the furniture and civil construction industry. The company encompasses three subsidiaries including Paints, Plates, and Varnishes. It also holds a forestry branch comprising a seedling nursery. Eucatex began as a family company under the name Maluf family. Flavio Maluf is the co-founder and current president of Eucatex group of companies. He is a mechanical engineering expert and a career administrator.


Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987 shuffling through various positions before rising to his current position as the company’s president. He formerly occupied the trade position at Eucatex, then moved to the industrial department before receiving an invitation to join the company’s executives. His success as an executive earned him a promotion to the presidency in 1997, a position that he holds up to date. Maluf’s presidency at Eucatex Group marked rapid modernization of the company’s operations. He cites the modernization as built on an aggressive profile of commitment to success and perfection of the firm in its daily activities. Maluf also emphasizes on his omnipresence at the company and delegation of roles as central to Eucatex success. He further exploits all opportunities available to improve and grow the company and further communicate his professional, career and dream aspirations to executives.


Under Maluf leadership, the company emerged among the most successful companies in the rapidly growing startup sector. The startup sector encompasses several industries including e-commerce, entertainment, health, SaaS, and education. Maluf cites hiring of specialty experts in critical areas of the startup industry as behind the dramatic growth of Eucatex. He further underscores the importance of projections of future developments in the startups market, especially from technological development. Maluf singles out Gama Experience market analysis technology as the primary tool exploited by Eucatex to projects future trends in the startup market.


Eucatex history spans over six decades since its establishment as the first-ever Brazilian company to factor acoustic and environmental comfort and exploits eucalyptus as its resource for the manufacture of panels and plates. Initially, the then Chapas Unit specialized in the production of softwood fibers sheets and acoustic linings and later ventured into acoustic and insulation sheets. The company’s investment rapidly evolved to its current specialization in big civil construction firms and furniture producers.



Flavio Maluf Is The Brains At The Back Of Eucatex, The Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Triumphant Story

Flavio Maluf didn’t comprehend the kind of world he would meet ahead after entering the Fundaao Armando Foundation in Sao Paulo. Nevertheless, a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a year within New York unquestionably gave him the certifications required to penetrate the business world in Brazil.

In 1987, Flavio joined Eucatex, and he began at the base. He got the chance to learn about the ceiling tile business and gained experience from old school specialists who have been producing roof tiles from eucalyptus trees for use in domestic market for quite a long time. Flavio was a fast learner and in 1997 he was promoted and became the President of Eucatex. Nobody working for Eucatex was astounded by his quick climb to the top. Flavios family had played a major role within Eucatex before Flavio united with the organization.

By then, Brazil was experiencing some significant changes amid the 1990s. The administration was making life somewhat less demanding for the common laborers and export investors, thanks to oil among other natural resources, that the value had began to boost the economic development of the country. Flavio saw an open door and he pursued it. Eucatex, under Flavio’s leadership, began exporting their special ceiling tiles into Europe including other zones of the globe. Very quickly, the tiles were doing very well in the market. It’s then Flavio chose to open workplaces in various regions around the globe, and the move provided Eucatex with the impulse it needed to become a world player in construction material business.

At the point when the 21st century came thundering, Eucatex was prepared to apply its game strategy. Flavio extended the product offering to incorporate paint, varnishes, MDF boards and other construction materials. By then, the acoustical tile business was the key business, yet the furniture business was still another area that fitted the organization’s long haul strategy. It is at that point that Eucatex began building doors and dressers and panel’s materials for other furniture parts. The Eucatex item blend gave everybody in the furniture and construction business a thing to talk about. While headed by Flavio, the company has continued to do amazing things across the world.


Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex To The Next Level

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become when he entered the Fundacao Foundation University based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For him, this business was entitled to become a success under his exclusive leadership. When he was still in college, he was determined to graduate with the highest honors and secure the necessary credit to join the family business. When Flavio Maluf was in college, he also worked hard to attain the appropriate credit to accede to the New York School of Business. During that time, the company was suffering losses. For this reason, his education in business was essential to develop high-end capabilities indecision-making.


Flavio Maluf graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and secured a place in the New York University. He went to the United States for two years and graduated with the best education. When he came back home, he wanted to revolutionize the business environment in Eucatex Group. In 1987, he joined the company and started working in the trading department of the enterprise. During that time, the company had no exports to other parts of the world. He used his knowledge to develop business models and relationships to attain better business management.


Flavio Maluf worked in that department for more than five years. He later went on to work in the manufacturing department of the company. For this reason, he attained better business management capacities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For many decades, the company has made most of its products using eucalyptus as the main raw material. Flavio Maluf has made the company attain its fullest potential in Brazil and other parts of the world. In the recent years, he has dominated the world of exports in the lowest rates possible.


During that time when Eucatex Group of Companies was founded, the country had few regulations concerning the conservation of the environment. However, the company determined that it would protect the environment for the sake of the future generations. While they have protected the safety of the people, their products have been adopted in the Brazilian market in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.


The Career and Industry Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman in the United Arab Emirates. He is additionally the co-founder of DAMAC where he also serves as the chief executive officer. Aside from his business endeavors, Hussain Sajwani is a good friend of the US President, Donald Trump. Trump and Sajwani are not only wealthy, but they are also sharks in the real estate world.

In the realty business, Hussain Sajwani has increasingly gained in profile through the inception of the DAMAC organization. DAMAC is a real estate firm, which primarily operates in the United Arab Emirates and it utilizes robust marketing stunts. In its marketing strategy, DAMAC provides a free Bentley for every purchase of a luxury apartment. Recently, the US President, Donald Trump and Sajwani ventured into developing a golf course, which features exclusivity, within the newly established project.

Apart from his endeavors in the real estate industry, Hussain Sajwani has had an attachment with the food industry. He ventured into the food sector in the 1980s, where his enterprise was responsible for providing catering services through some contracts with the United States Army as well as Abu Dhabi. With more growth, Hussain Sajwani grew additional interests in other sectors where he managed to successfully build and sustain a business empire that runs as market leaders in their respective industries. Hussain Sajwani has transformed DAMAC since its establishment to a multi-billion firm featuring a robust reputation from the various real estate projects the company has covered with success.

Through his vast wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and better comprehension of the markets, Hussain Sajwani managed to propagate the success of his DAMAC properties after he co-founded it in 2002. After its launch, DAMAC, through the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, was contracted to develop various state of the art establishments in the realty business sector. Through its successful developments, Hussain Sajwani was able to market DAMAC’s products and services in a competitive manner. Just as a start-up company, Hussain Sajwani managed to arrange many successful off-plan sales for DAMAC, which played a central function in the firm’s growth, success and reputation in the greatly versatile real estate markets. Over the years, the real estate guru, Hussain Sajwani, has been instrumental in setting robust industry standards.