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Saving Our Environment Starts with Our Youth

Catastrophic weather events, eroding of shorelines and an increase of toxic waste are just a few of the events that are contributing to the decline of our environment. Water, Air and food are many of the things we take for granted but are adversely affected by the decline in our environment. Unless we take action, things will only get progressively worse.

Jon Urbana has always been passionate about environmental issues and working with young people. Rather than sit back and wait for the world to change, Jon is actively working to shift the way we think about and treat our environment and he’s starting with our youth.

As indicated on Crowdrise, Jon Urbana received his B.A. in 2005 from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, where he played on their lacrosse team. Urbana is co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and has spent the last several years as Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies, a medical device company. In addition to his other roles, Jon collaborates with local youth and encourages them to think about ways they can improve the environment. This fosters personal ownership of our environmental problems and assists the youngsters in thinking of new and innovative ways to improve the state of our planet. As his videos show, the youth Jon works with are able to experience nature and learn about the effects our actions today have on the environment in the future.

Jon has partnered with Earth Force, an organization that engages youth to learn about environmental issues. In partnership with large corporations, Earth Force, Inc. encourages youth to learn what they can do to foster a healthier environment. Their focus areas are clean water, sustainability and health.

Jon’s passion and dedication to working with youth shows in his commitment to ensure that our youth know even one person can make a huge difference in fixing our environment.