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Andrew Rolfe and his work leading to the Ubuntu Education Funds

The Ubuntu Education Fund held the Everything Everyday Charity Gala in London and has invited over 300 guests. In accordance to Andrew Rolfe, he has the delightful pleasure to entertain the guests with fine dining and lively music. After dinner, the guests were presented with the speeches from two very special guests, one of whom, shook the crowd with her story on growing up with an abusive father. The Ubuntu Scholar, Sineshipo, brought her story to the crowd in hopes to raise awareness of the grave situation happening in Africa where children are malnourished, unable to receive any education, and the lack of health care.

The Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe, has contributed his work for a better future for children in Africa. Working alongside with the CEO and Founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, has created breakthroughs, especially with the contribution towards the research on HIV. The gala’s auction was incredibly lively with donors giving paintings and African holiday adventure tickets. These few items were collectively worth £33,000 pounds.

The successful funding attained from the gala was credited to Andrew Rolfe and his brilliant mind. Before he received the position as Chairman for the Ubuntu Education Fund, he was the Vice President for PepsiCo, followed up to as receiving the Chairman & Chief Executive position at Pret A Manger. After that, Rolfe was invited to become the President of Gap Inc International, a retail store that sells clothes for men, women, children and babies.

Rolfe’s work with Gap Inc has gone popular among the years as one of the most successful brands to be able to gain international recognition. Rolfe managed to get Gap Inc’s Banana Republic to spread towards Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. However, in 2006, Rolfe quit his position as President and joined the TowerBrook Capital Partners, a private equity firm while still working with the Ubuntu Education Fund.

The Ubuntu Education Fund continues to become the most important and leading organisation. With Rolfe’s help, they can constantly receive the ability to bring world-class health and education to the children of South Africa.