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ClassDojo Looks To LInk Every Parent, Student, And Teacher

No matter which school a student attends it can be difficult for parents and teachers to feel as though they are connected when students are entrusted with bringing important messages to either of these vital people in the life of a child. ClassDojo has been looking for the best ways of making sure every parent, student, and teacher are linked through a communication app that makes it easy for each and every person involved in a classroom to create the best possible learning culture and experience for their students.

Each and every classroom has its own needs and decisions to be made, including the creation of an exciting digital classroom where the progress made by every student can be tracked and monitored at home and in school; the days of lost notes and communications between teachers and [parents are now long gone with every parent receiving messages through a dedicated area of the ClassDojo app from their student’s teacher. Parents can also be kept up to date with the stories of individual students and a class as a whole with the stories aspect of the ClassDojo app.

Established in 2011 by two U.K. based technology experts, ClassDojo is now used in more than 90 percent of U.S. classrooms and has been developed for use in more than 180 nations across the planet. Although initially developed as a way of tracking progress and providing communications between teachers and parents the ClassDojo app has now been developed in such a way that it can aid students in growing and learning empathy for others.

ClassDojo Builds Better Classroom Communities

A teacher, Mrs. Rhodes, has used the app, ClassDojo, for three years now in her classroom. It has changed the way she teaches and how she communicates with her student’s parents. Parents enjoy when she posts pictures of what they’re doing in class.

ClassDojo was launched in 2011 and has become rapidly popular ever since. It is used both in the U.S. and in countries around the world. It is one of the few pieces of technology that has become common in the classroom. In 2 out of 3 of schools, at least one teacher uses the communication platform.

Its first claim to fame was the point system in the app that lets teachers reward their students for their behavior, almost like giving out gold stars. ClassDojo has evolved into a service that allows parents and teachers to have constant communication with what their children are learning each day and creates a community between parents and teachers.

 The app creates a positive culture within the classroom. Mrs. Rhodes claims that it allows parents and students alike to see positive feedback. It is a difficult task for a teacher to call each parent everyday just to tell them what a great job their child is doing, so the app allows an easier way to positively enforce each child.

The design of the app looks much like Instagram, where teachers can post pictures and the parents can comment on them. ClassDojo even added a feature that allows students to post pictures and videos about their day.


No 5 years old, ClassDojo is turning its head towards the next step: making money on their service. They have no plans to sell advertising, but instead plan on looking into selling educational content. There is an enormous capability to spread educational videos to large audiences of teachers and students.

ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent the classroom experience by bringing together students, parents and teachers in a way never seen before. Classrooms can become more positive places, which results in a classroom that doesn’t just get managed, it gets enjoyed. Classroom attitudes and communication can thrive with ClassDojo.

There are 8,000 moments shared by teachers every minute and 15 million students use it, creating a ground-up change in the education communication world. The ClassDojo team is led by Chris, who manages the engineering, Jenna, who manages the community and Blake, who takes care of the mobile aspect.

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