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How Beneful Became the Dominant Player In Dog Food

Consumers may not be able to talk to their dogs, but they assume that their pets – much like humans – will appreciate the variety. That is why so many people will buy the Beneful brand. It has all the variety that their pets could possibly need. That is the reason that this company has become the most dominant player in the industry.

Dental Twists

It takes these types of dental treats to help people preserve the teeth for their dogs. I think that this is part of the dog treats that Beneful produces. I know that my dogs likes these treats.


I had a couple of coupons for Beneful Incredites so I gave this a try as well. It was one of the dog foods that has managed to become a staple because it seems to give my dog energy. I think that the Incredibites are good for their health. It has some nutrients that I didn’t even know dog food creators considered. This is what I like about the brand. I actually got educated about the concept of dog foods and the ingredients when I started buying the Beneful products.

Chopped Blends with Beef

The concept of the chopped blends burrows from the Incredibites that are on the market. I like this brand on facebook because it has managed to add foods that are apparently the same ingredients that many humans consume when they are concerned about their own health. I like the fact that the creators of this dog food cared enough to start a brand of healthy dog foods that gave consumers many choices. The beef selection from this group seems to be the best thing for my dogs. They like this flavor the most.

Beneful Originals with Beef

The Beneful brand has expanded, but it wasn’t always this way. I have discovered, over time, that this brand has changed a lot, but people still like the original brand. This is one of those brands that has always had good beef ingredients. The vegetables would come a little later down the line. I think that this brand was smart to expand, but I still like to give my pets the original brand with beef.