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Beneful Leads the Industry with Great Tasting Nutritional Products

Dog owners will often go to great lengths to ensure the health and well-being of their pets. This care and concern is reflected in the increase in sales of premium dog foods. Market analysts predicted the total amount in dog food sales for 2015, would reach one billion dollars. Dog food manufacturers contribute the rise in sales to the changes they have implemented in the quality of products they now produce. In addition to some lines of organic and grain-free products, these companies are offering products with higher nutritional values. Premium dog food now contains real pieces of poultry, fish and beef.

Better Nutritional Values

When it comes to dog food companies providing more nutritional products, one company definitely stands apart from the rest. The Beneful line has been around since 2001, which makes it a leader in the nutritional dog food industry. As a company that cares about the health and well-being of dogs, Beneful offers specially formulated foods for overweight dogs. This formula provides the dog with the necessary protein and calcium to build strong muscles and bones, while reducing the amount of calories. The team of nutritional experts at Beneful know how important good taste is for a premium dog food, which is why they put real chicken, fruits and vegetables in their healthy weight formula.

Not only does Beneful offer a complete line of nutritional dry dog food products, but they also have a wide variety of wet foods. Their line of wet dog food products incorporates the good nutrition dog owners want with the premium taste dogs love. For those pet owners who prefer giving their dogs products that closely resemble the meals they have at their own tables, Beneful offers varieties modeled after real human recipes. Their Romana Style Medley is made with chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots to give dogs a real taste of Italy. Dog owners could choose to feed their pets one of the many stew varieties for a taste of homestyle cooking. When choosing products from the Beneful line, dog owners never have to skimp on nutrition, quality or taste.