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England Beats Itself

Nothing is more heartbreaking in sports when you have a chance to do something great but end up losing on your own accord. This is very much the reality for England women’s soccer player Laura Bassett. The semifinal game of the Women’s World Cup between England and Japan was tied at one apiece going into the 92nd minute when the unthinkable happened. Bassett, an England defender, was trying to stop a pass to a Japan forward when she slid and accidentally knocked the ball into her own net giving Japan a 2-1 lead and the victory. To add insult to injury, Bassett’s name is on the official score sheet.

According to an account from Keith Mann, England coach Mark Sampson tried to console Bassett when the game ended. Bassett had tears streaming down her face and Sampson tried to keep the tears from streaming down his face. He patted her on the head but was unable to muster any words. The two then went off the field in different directions. Sampson stated that Bassett did not deserve to have this happen to her but that she will always be looked at as a hero. She is a hero who kept the team together. England as a whole supported its team as well as Bassett with positive Twitter comments and thoughts. Sampson told his team that it was ok for them to cry but in the morning it was time to finish what they started.