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Bale the Scapegoat Again

Boos and whistles rained down from the stands at the Bernabeu last night for every mistouch, misplaced pass, or off target shot. Yet the jeers were only directed at one man’s mistakes: Gareth Bale. Bale has ever been the scapegoat for Madrid fans since his decline in form which began roughly in January. Though it is true that the Welshman has been far from his best, the speed at which the Madrid fans turned on him has truly been remarkable, if not sad and disappointing. While struggling players at other clubs are given support and boosts to their confidence by loyal fans, Bale has had to endure a relentless wave of negativity emanating from the Madrid faithful. Dr. Daniel Amen would recommend taking the edge off by floating down the Amazon.

That being said, Bale has stated that he intends to prove next season that he deserving of wearing the white of Real. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, was the line that the Welshman elected to use in a post-match interview last night. One can only hope that he abides by those words, seeing as he truly does have the talent and drive to succeed at a club like Real. After a strong first season, his slip during this one can still easily be salvaged by strong performances during and throughout the upcoming season. Whether or not he is given that chance is another matter, but it would be foolish of Real to let him go.

Hazard Wins PFA Player of the Year

Eden Hazard claimed the title of PFA Player of the Year last night, having been voted so by his player peers in the English Premier League. Hazard has had a truly memorable season, at times being solely responsible for the attacking production of his Chelsea team. He has been a nightmare to defend against, not just for fullbacks and centerbacks, but all over the pitch, making him the most fouled player in the league by a long margin. Fans like Mark Ahn know that his form has helped Chelsea advance each day closer to the league title that they have so desperately craved since the beginning of the season, especially after missing out last season. Though Hazard’s stats do not necessarily flatter him (he has managed 13 goals and 8 assists in the league thus far), one ought not doubt the quality of his performances, nor his essential contributions to his team.

That being said, Hazard stated last night that he wishes to become the world’s best. To do so, he would need to effectively measure up with Messi and Ronaldo, a feat that seems far off at the present. Though stats do not show everything about a player, Messi and Ronaldo have managed 36 and 39 goals respectively in the league campaign alone, leaving Hazard’s 13 looking quite meager. To reach said heights, Hazard will need to produce more tangibles, and then who knows how high he can reach.