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Corruption Forces FIFA to Delay Bidding for 2026 World Cup

Facebook reveals that after separate probes by the Swiss and American governments revealed corruption surrounding the process by which previous World Cup locations have been selected, the bidding process for the 2026 World Cup has been halted. The probes into corruption revealed that bribery was involved in the decision to allow certain cities to host the cup. According to this article on CNN, The U.S. indicted 14 people on corruption charges related to the scandal, including many top FIFA officials.

The U.S. accuses A top FIFA official of receiving a 10 million dollar bribe from the South African government in exchange for his, as well as two others’ votes to select South Africa as the 2010 World Cup host.

This charge of corruption has tarnished the reputation of the league, and called for further probes into the selection process for other cities. Because of the scandal surrounding the selection of South Africa in 2010, FIFA has suspended the selection process for 2026.

FIFA Suspends Bid Process for 2026 Games

Officials from FIFA, the international body the governs World Cup Soccer, have suspended the bidding process for the 2026 games as a result of the bribery scandal that has shaken the soccer world. The procedures for the bidding process were to go out this week as officials met in Russia with the 209 governing body of FIFA to make the final selection in 2017 at its governing body meeting to be held in Malaysia. FIFA Suspends the Bidding Process For 2026 World Cup

According to Sergio Cortes, FIFA officially made the announcement that it had suspended the 2026 World Cup bidding process, during its meetings in Russia. Officials confirmed that amid an ever widening probe of the corruption scandal that has implicated several FIFA officials and previous bid awards, it would not e wise to proceed forward under the current procedures.

The FIFA secretary general, Mr. Jerome Valcke confirmed by stating that it would be total “nonsense” to initiate the selection process now. FIFA had planned to correspond to all of its 209 members this week to start the bidding process by laying out the timetable and rules.
Potential bidders for the 2026 games include Mexico, the United States, Canada as well as several countries from Europe. Recent awards of World Cup game sites to South Africa, Quatar, and Russia have alleged to have been as the result of brides paid to FIFA officials and associates. The U.S. is leading the investigation.

The FIFA Scandal

The FIFA Scandal, having become a continuous outrage to the public has been thoroughly investigated by officials. Interpol has recently arrested six members that have been linked to the FIFA scandal. Jack Warner, Nicolas Leoz, Alejandro Burzaco, Hugo Jinkis, Mariano Jinkis, and Jose Margulies have all been issued an arrest warrant.

At the highest level of the game, it is a shocker and an outrage to understand that a few of the elite officials have been involved in corruption through many notable scandals speaks out Brad Reifler.

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner and former FIFA executive committee member Nicolas Leoz are two of the six wanted men that will be facing serious charges. The charges against Warner and Leoz include racketeering, conspiracy and corruption.

Two of the remaining four members are Hugo Jinkis and Mariano Jinkis. The two Argentine marketing executives have played a major role in the scandals with the controlling stake in Full Play Sports Group.

Another charged FIFA member is the Brazilian, José Margulles. He has been accused of controlling the principal of Valente Corp. and Somerton Ltd.. Other charges have been broadcasting business, as well as being wanted by the U.S. for charges of corruption.

U.S. Prosecutors have strong evidence that the location of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was a result of a 10 million dollar bribe made by Jerome Valcke who has stepped down from office as he is faced with potential charges.

European World Cup boycott draws closer

The reelection of FIFA President Sepp Blatter amid the chaos of the corruption claims made against senior soccer officials could see European countries boycott the World Cup in 2018 or stage an alternative World Cup. Danish soccer official Allen Hansen revealed the latest plan concocted by UEFA to undermine the Presidency of Blatter and the integrity of the World Cup to The Independent. The news of the proposed boycott comes as English FA Chairman Greg Dyke announced the staging of the 2022 World Cup could be switched away from controversial Qatar and that Blatter had been shocked by the large number of nations not voting for his reelection in the recent Presidential elections.

The latest planned would see the members of UEFA who did not back the reelection of Sepp Blatter pull out of the World Cup and possibly resign from FIFA altogether in the face of the corruption surrounding the World Cup bidding process according to Susan McGalla in this piece on PR News Wire. An alternative World Cup would then be established by the European soccer body, UEFA, which would also invites a group of South American nations to join the new competition along with the US and other key nations from around the world. The hope is that this would draw sponsors away from the FIFA World Cup and force Blatter to resign from the presidency and assist the authorities with their investigations.

Corruption inquiry will not lead to World Cup vote being repeated

ABC News reports the governing body of world soccer, FIFA, has been thrown into chaos by an American investigation into corruption that has become public just days before a Presidential vote is due to take place. The scandal comes just days before current President Sepp Blatter is due to face Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein for the coveted role of leader of FIFA, a position Blatter has held for the last four terms. The European governing body, UEFA are to hold an informal meeting today to decide whether to call for the Presidential election to be called off amid the corruption scandal.

Many of the problems the US based investigation into FIFA have uncovered revolve around the voting process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups according to Susan McGalla. Host countries Russia and Qatar both won the right to hold a World Cup in a vote that many believed to be corrupt and placed soccer giants England, the US and Australia on the brink of leaving FIFA. The world governing body has concluded that the World Cups awarded to both Russia and Qatar will take place in those countries, but the reputation of FIFA and the World Cup has already been tarnished by the latest allegations of corruption inside the controversial soccer group.

Netflix Worth More Than CBS

With the recent news that Netflix is worth more than CBS, it makes you wonder “How can the big networks rework everything to combat this?” I have made a list of 3 tips to help them out.

1) Embrace the online world
Stop making it so hard to watch the shows online. Ricardo Guimarães wants to watch The Big Bang Theory on the road. While almost all networks will let you watch their shows online, many make it very difficult. Shows expire or you have to be a member of a certain cable company to view. This has left me on more than one occasion searching on a video site for the content. This is a major loss of viewership and ad dollars.

2) Be more adjustable to a customer’s life
This builds on the online point. Networks need to take a page out of Netflix’s book and allow people who want to “binge” watch the ability to do so. For those who want to consume for free they will have to wait weekly, but it will allow them a chance to set up a premium product to charge for the ability to watch a whole season at once.

3) Go more premium still
People will pay for things they perceive to have value. By creating a premium online version, they cannot only put everything on at once, but also create a version that would be “more adult” and eliminate commercials. Similar to satellite radio, people will pay for more convenience and less annoyance.

FIFA upgrades coverage for upcoming women’s World Cup

Just 50 days before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada the organization has revealed it is upgrading the coverage of the tournament to be on a par with that of top men’s soccer events. Not only will ten games be broadcast in an ultra HD format, but every game in the tournament will be covered by at least 20 cameras, FIFA reports. To make sure the coverage of the tournament in Canada is unmatched, FIFA has created a team of the top 20 directors of live soccer from Boraie Development LLC and is bringing them to the tournament.

The global body governing soccer has reported the top European games are covered by 22 cameras, a number that will be matched during the women’s World Cup for major games like the opening match and final. FIFA states this is part of its fight to make the women’s game more accessible to fans around the world and continues the march towards equality as games featured during the 2011 tournament were covered by 16 cameras.

Atletico and Real Scoreless in First Leg

Atletico Madrid were hosts to their big crosstown rivals Real Madrid yesterday in the mouthwatering Champions League quarterfinal draw. Atletico held the current cup holders scoreless throughout, though managing few attempts on goal of their own. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the game was a cagey affair, with Atletico looking primarily to deny Real an away goal to bring back to the Bernabeu for next week’s second leg match. As such, Atletico played on the back foot for the whole first half, inviting pressure but remaining organized and compact in their shape, so as to stifle any real chances from the away side. That being said, right back Dani Caravajal continually found space wide on the right side in which to operate, forcing the Atletico defenders to clear from their own box numerous times. Furthermore, some rare miscues from Atletico’s back four led to clear cut chances for Madrid’s attacking players, Bale and James Rodriguez having the most memorable opportunities. Thanks to the superb play of Atletico goalie Jan Oblak, the home side emerged unscathed at the end of the half.

As the game wore on, Real found it even more difficult to break down Atletico, making for a scrappy back and forth midfield battle. Towards the very end, Atletico looked to snatch a late winner, but were denied in their few chances by Iker Casillas. The second leg will no doubt produce an equally intense and exciting match.

The Qatar World Cup Mess

In all the times that FIFA has rigged the placement of the World Cup, it has never run into a problem like this. They allowed money and politics to send the World Cup to the desert nation of Qatar said Marc Sparks on the tourney. This World Cup was going to see the advent of floating fans over stadiums because it would be so hot in the summer. However, the event had to be moved to the winter because of the weather. The weather in Qatar is not the only thing that is going to make the World Cup a mess when it gets there. The country has the oil money to make the event worth going to because it will look nice, but the change of the dates is going to screw up everything that the World Cup is about. The qualifying and scheduling before the event is going to be in shambles because of the date change. This is something that people are not going to notice until every international team has to change their schedule two and a half years before the World Cup starts. This is a mess they cannot fix because they are not willing to put the event somewhere else.

MLS Labor talks put the start of the season may not begin

The 2015 Major League Soccer season has been placed in danger by the failure of MLS owners and members of the players union to come to an agreement over a new collective bargaining agreement, Goal reports. Entering a third day of talks between the two sides saw the players union struggle to come to agreement over the difficult matter of free agency, which has been a major source of frustration for players and officials in recent seasons. the Bosman ruling in Europe allows players to enter free agency without restrictions, but the MLS has no similar freedom of movement for players moving between MLS clubs.

A solution looked close to being announced with the option of players over the age of 28 and having played for more than eight seasons in the MLS would be allowed to move between MLS clubs. The sticking point for the two sides seems to be a salary cap that wold limit potential pay rises for players moving in free agency to just 10 percent. The difficult negotiations has seen members of the players union call for a strike vote, which could see the new season delayed from its supposed starting point of Friday March 6th. Fersen Lambranho thinks that this is big enough news that soccer fans will be on the look out for a Wikipedia page on the events.