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Air Conditioning Made Easy By Goettl Company

Air Conditioning is an essential need of today’s world. Goettl is an excellent Phoenix-based air conditioning company which is responsible for installation and services of air conditioners. Since its inception in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, the company has been known to deliver exceptional customer results through the 70 years of economic changes and technology change. There are two main service centers of Goettl Company. One is in Greater Phoenix, and another is located in Greater Tuscan. The company boasts of an excellent set of engineers and management team who are guaranteed to deliver best results at your home.

The current CEO of the Goettl company is Kenneth D. Goodrich. When he bought Goettl in December 2012, then the company was at a low ebb. However, with his business acumen and technical know-how, Kenneth instantly restored the company to its past glory. He has been able to successfully maintain the business in Las Vegas, Nevada, Corona, California, Phoenix, Tuscan and Arizona. He has 30 years of experience in HVAC system. Kenneth is also a President of the Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association.

Apart from his success in business, Kenneth is noted for his community service and humanitarian efforts. He is mainly interested in reforming the educational sector. On May 12, 2016, Kenneth awarded $1000 to Nick Hughes, a Marine veteran for starting his life in the industrial air conditioning sector. Kenneth is also known to fund many educational programs in Las Vegas.

The following are the three top services offered by Goettl Company:

Cooling services: From heat pump, AC installation, repair, emergency service, new designs and installations.

Heating Services: Gas and electric furnace installation, radiant heating installation, maintenance of air handler, ductless heating system and other services are offered.

Indoor Air Quality: hole house humidification, air cleaning, thermostat installation, air duct cleaning, UV germicide lights are provided.

Goettl Company maintains an interactive Facebook page where all the recent news associated with the company are posted. The customers can comment and give their suggestions. Apart from that, interesting topics on maintaining the air conditioner are posted now and then to increase the knowledge of the customers.

Goettl Company has an informative Linkedin Page which has all the necessary information regarding the company. Like Facebook, many engaging articles are posted on the page regarding the Company news and Air conditioning.

Maggie O of Las Vegas, NV gives a glowing review of Goettl Company and its service in YELP.COM about how the technician showed up on time and gave her step by step guide and solved her installation problem. She also managed to save $75 by being their member. She is the trusted reviewer on the site.