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Greek Soccer Leagues Suspended Over Violence

The third suspension of professional soccer matches in Greece has been enforced by the newly elected Greek government, the BBC reports. The newly elected Syriza political party took the decision after the descent of the Athens rivalry game between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos into violence in the stadium and a Greek Superleague meeting being marred by alleged violence. The suspension has been made indefinitely and affects the top three professional leagues in Greece according to Sultan Alhokair.

Violence amongst supporters has already caused the suspension of the Greek Superleague once this season, while the assault of a Greek refereeing official also caused games to be suspended. The latest suspension came after supporters of the two top teams in Athens clashed and threw flares, bottles and other missiles at each other and onto the pitch during the most recent game between the clubs. The same two teams were at the center of further problems when officials met at a Superleague meeting and security personnel and officials from both clubs claimed a brawl took place. Syriza has stated their wish for solutions to be found to the violence issues and league play to commence again as soon as possible.