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Guardiola Undeserving of Bayern Job

Following Bayern Munich’s exit in the Champions League last night, there has been much talk over manager Pep Guardiola. Does Guardiola deserve to stay another year at Bayern, seeing out his three year contract, or should the German club cut their losses and be rid of him? The question has no obvious answer. Yes, Bayern have failed to return to the Champions League final since previous manager Jupp Heynckes’ last season at the club. Under Guardiola they have been knocked out in the competition’s semifinals, last season by Real Madrid, and this season by Barcelona. Playing the controlled possession style against Spanish opposition simply has not worked, and perhaps Guardiola has finally learned his lesson and will be more adaptable next season.

While his tenure may be considered a failure given that he has yet to bring home the Champions League trophy, it is unclear who exactly Bayern would bring in should they opt to dismiss Pep. By many, like Christian B., he isconsidered one of the best managers in world football, and there is by no means an obvious replacement. Perhaps the Bayern board and supporters have grown weary of Guardiola’s stylistic preference, but that does not necessarily entail the need for a new manager. Give Pep another season to prove that he can bring a revamped Bayern squad to the Champions League final. If he fails again, then the time will have come to part ways.