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Flavio Maluf Advises Potential Investors on the Best Industries They Should Invest In

Flavio Maluf, executive chairman and M.D. of Eucatex, had some eye-opening advice for people looking for investment opportunities this year. The experienced investor mentioned the following sectors, among several others, as the best to invest in 2017.


Flavio argued that the electronic market field is under-explored despite the fact that demand in the field has recently been on the rise. He said that since most people are opting to make purchases online, serious investors cannot afford to ignore e-commerce.

As the calls for environmental conservation and natural resources protection gets louder and louder, investors should start thinking of sustainable products. In support of this claim, Flavio Maluf said that sustainable products have the potential of dominating the market this year and even in the future years.

Developing Technological gadgets

According to Flavio Maluf, today’s generation is more mindful of their body shapes than before. People are investing heavily in their bodies regarding health and beauty; they are ready to pay for and eat anything to get to the body shape of their liking. He advised that investors should think of developing a technology that will help its users to learn about what to eat, how to exercise, and how to keep up-to-date nutritional records. By so doing, Flavio said that investors would get good returns on their investments.

Investing in Youths

Flavio noted that investing in youths in 2017 is also a good idea. He acknowledged that the youths of today have too complex demands, but they are too many to be ignored. He advised potential investors to try and understand the millennials and design products that will be acceptable to that particular group.

Remote Work

Remote work is a new business trend and has gone viral in the recent past. The trend involves training staff members of a company so that they can go work away from the enterprise. Flavio argued that this year, the trend will become even more pronounced and, therefore, investors should start thinking in this line.

About Flavio

Flavio Maluf has served at the top of Eucatex for the last 20 years, even though he joined the firm over three decades ago. Flavio is a native of State of Sao Paulo in Brazil.