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Hospital Supplies link to Economic Woes in Venezuela

One of the largest hospitals in Venezuela, University Hospital of Caracas, is a worrying representation of the economic state of Venezuela. The BBC News May 7th reports on the lack of electricity, essential supplies, and resources available to patients and doctors. Local doctors describe the shortages as all encompassing that requires them to come up with ingenious ways to help patients. This includes recording X-Rays via personal phone and finding other materials to write on since paper is a scarcity. These shortages can easily be dismissed as an anomaly specific to the medical field but zooming the lens to the whole of Venezuela suggest that this anomaly is more common than previously assumed.

Recent news reports by El Venezolano of government workers only allowed to work two days a week and electricity being cut from neighborhoods for days suggest the dire economic issue surrounding Venezuela. Not only have oil prices greatly decreased, an important commodity for Venezuela, but local droughts have caused the states’ hydro-electric dam unable to produce consistent electricity. There are supports and detractors from both sides on the role the government has played in the current economic status of the country. The question from analyst David Osio remains if the Venezuelan government can come up with a sound economic plan to revitalize the economy as well as the people.