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Kevin Seawright The Brilliant Economic Strategist

Kevin Seawright is a manager and administrative leader well known for his strategic financial ability in achieving organizational long and short term objectives. Through out his career over 13 years now, Kevin Seawright has used his economic strategies to lead the people of East Coast in corporate responsibility.

He is currently the Vice President and Chief Officer of Finance Netwark Economic Development Corporation, through his superb economic strategies he has earned a positive reputation of himself and lead to appointment of his current position in the company.

Highlighting his success strongholds is that, Kevin Seawright has been able to formulate the finance/account department to align with the long term objectives of the organization and produce brilliant results through the use of technological initiatives.

He has also been able to formulate a strategic planning process in the company which has efficiently and effectively worked across branches in the Mid Atlantic region.

His main career accomplishment includes:-increasing customer satisfaction which has in turn rendered 25% increase in profit margin in the organization.

He has also enhanced better human resources services through; improving staff retention, job creation opportunities, improved customer relationship and overall company’s performance towards meeting its main objective. In turn these strategies has lead to good reputation of the company, supply of quality products and customer satisfaction.

Through out his profession he has set a pace as role model that is, a excellent leader we can all emulate, a man of the people as he has built a good rapport with managers, staff, leaders and most paramount the clients.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been awarded oftenly for his financial efficiency and extraordinary strategies and techniques in meeting the long term objectives. Kevin Seawright holds an MBA, and of current he is attending School of Business at Notre Dame Mendoza. What a brilliant leader and financial economist.