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COTEMAR Petroleum, Mexico’s Specialized Oil, and Gas Industry

Cotemar Petroleum has been in business for 37 years servicing the oil and gas industry. This is a completely Mexican company whose services are many and varied. They develop offshore oil fields. Provide maintenance and construction services that include maritime support operations, using specialized vessels to transport supplies and personnel, catering, and accommodation.

For their customers, they provide services that are focused on the modernization of oil rigs and the centers for processing on the offshore facilities. Their specialized vessels include firefighting boats, food and light material, and barges and towing vessels that transport large structures.

Food service and lodging are provided offshore on the rigs and ships operated by Cotemar. Food preparation, cleaning of common areas, washing and ironing, and beds in each cab.

In the offshore oil and gas industry Cotemar contributes to the production of hydrocarbons, that are based on the efficient processes that are implemented with committed people and using state of the art technology.

When it comes to protecting the environment, it is the duty of any who work for Cotemar or anyone that is within one of their facilities to comply with the policies that have been set by the Environmental Protection Agency. When they deal with materials or a residual substance that is corrosive, explosive, flammable, toxic, reactive, or biologically-infectious it is put into the recommended containers and sites that comply with regulations.

They follow a Code of Ethics and Conduct that defines their principles and values of the company that governs the actions of their employees and live up to what the stakeholders expect. The code was established by the senior management and was worded to express their corporate commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in their performance of their company. They have a commitment not only to their customers, partners or their shareholders and employees but also with the government, society, and their competitors.

Being a sustainable company they are committed to community development, the welfare of their people, care for the environment and corporate governance. They have, for that reason, established a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that documents and integrates all the actions that are carried out. Because of this program, good practices and innovative projects are managed and therefore fulfill the corporate mission, visions, and their objectives.

Cotemar offers different training programs that are focused on developing their employees. By strengthening their skills with a large focus on safety-related subjects. They also offer the potential employees different internship programs with Nautical Institutes and Universities in different parts of Mexico,