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Online Reputation Management Gets An Investment

One of the activities that are worth investing in is online reputation management. A company that is established with the purpose of improving people’s online image deserves every penny it could get. Recently, a group which includes Ascension Ventures has invested $20 million in This helps the company with the products and services it offers clients. This also helps clients get the help they need in the case they are faced with a scandal. Online reputation management is very important for people who have a huge presence. With and similar companies, people will have an easier time managing their online image. offers people tools that will help them keep track of every mention of them, their company, or brands. This makes it easier to keep a positive impression. For one thing, all it takes is one bad review for businesses to lose customers. With online reputation management, steps can be taken which could turn a bad review into something much better. One of the best ways for business owners to manage their reputation is by keeping in touch with their customers. Customer support is very important in this respect. One of the common complaints from customers is that they can’t get in touch with a customer service rep when they have a problem.

There are many forms of online reputation management that the business owner could do by himself. As a matter of fact, one should always be working on managing his reputation. Customers are not going to want to do business with a company that shows signs of not being trustworthy. While every company is going to make mistakes, it is good to learn and grow from these mistakes. This will increase trust in the brand. As the brand gets more positive feedback, it will gain more customers.


The Artform of Making a Wikipedia Page

If you would like to create a Wikipedia page to promote a business, it is not difficult from a technical standpoint. The open-source platform that Wikipedia has enabled requires little more than cutting and pasting text and hitting the save button. Anyone who wishes to make edits at a later date is allowed to do so. Of course, there is a tremendous difference between being able to submit and save content and actually being able to produce well-written material. Any businessperson hoping to impress readers cannot publish sparse, dull, or unfocused content. The material may end up remaining on Wikipedia’s site, but low-quality material is not going to help any commercial pursuits.

Just as a good advertising campaign must grab an audience, a solid Wikipedia page must also grab the reader’s attention and leave a positive impression. Promotional strategies have to deliver effective results or else they serve no real purpose. While Wikipedia has strenuous rules and does not allow content to veer into public relations, marketing, and advertising copy, factual material does have the potential to impact readers in all these areas. How well the writing does this is going to be based on the skill of the person creating the page.

The page definitely should include all the necessary identifying information about the business. Where the business is located, the principle industry it is involved, the founding of the enterprise, and anything else that establishes the business with supreme clarity. The basics count for a lot and this type of basic information should never be omitted.

The writing should also note things that are going to be intriguing to a reader. A business that has won numerous customer service awards, has a very storied history, or is involved with charitable endeavors is going to look good in the eyes of potential customers. Any facts or points that present the company in a good light surely has value to readers. 

The wording should have a bit of flair. Flowery content is not acceptable on Wikipedia. Wiki writers who are skilled with creating non-fiction can still make the content read well without going overboard with the wording. A talented and experience writer surely is capable of writing material that is engaging and impressive even when sticking to the facts.

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