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Pogba Pleased at Juve

Ahead of the Champions League final in Berlin on June 6, Juventus star midfielder Paul Pogba was asked if he had any regrets about leaving Manchester United at a young age to play in Turin. The Frenchman clearly indicated that there were, in fact, no regrets to be had regarding his move to the Italian club. Pogba also dismissed claims that the final would be his last game in a Juventus shirt, amid speculation that the rising star will look to apply his trade at an even bigger club next season, without outright stating that he has committed himself to the club for the upcoming campaign.

If anything, the regret should rest in Manchester, among board members and fans alike, having seen arguably their most talented prospect in years leave on a free transfer. Add to that, that United have been in dire need of a commanding attacking midfielder for some time now, (prior to the purchases of Ander Herrera and Angel DiMaria, who have performed reasonably well though without making huge splashes,) Pogba’s inclusion in the United squad would have seriously strengthened their chances at challenging for the title, not the top four. All United can do is hope that the Frenchman will look kindly on them when they put forth an offer to bring him back to Manchester, a pipe dream if there ever was one. Sam Tabar fears that ship has sailed for good.