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How End Citizens United Is Fighting For Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is trying to save the United States government and people are starting to realize it. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working for years to try and subvert the damage done by the Supreme Court ruling regarding Citizens United, a right wing political propaganda group. End Citizens United is not the first political action committee to take aim at the Citizens United ruling but they appear to be one of the most successful to make the attempt. Let’s look at the important work End Citizens United has done since President Trump has taken office.

As a political action committee the team at End Citizens United relies upon donations in order to fund their mission statement: to introduce a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United ruling. The Citizens United ruling, which we’ll dig into later, essentially repealed the rules and provisions that kept special interests and corporate lobbyists from flooding Washington D.C. The reason this is a big deal is pretty simple: when billionaires and millionaires can subvert the votes of the people with money, the entire democratic system is not in operation anymore.

The 2016 Presidential Election saw one of the most divisive voting splits in the history of the nation. The right wing arm of America coalesced around the bloviating mess that is Donald Trump. Trump, a former reality TV star notorious for being sued, used his exorbitant wealth and financial connections in order to win his nomination and, eventually, the Presidency. You can see why End Citizens United is focused on tapping into those angered by his election.

Through the first full three fundraising months of 2017 End Citizens United had raised more than $4 million in donations. Over 100,000 donors came to End Citizens United in order to put money where their beliefs were and nearly 40% of those donors were doing so for the first time. While this $4 million was impressive there is still a long way to go. End Citizens United is trying to raise nearly $35 million in order to start fundraising for the 2018 congressional races. The team at End Citizens United is using those funds to back legislators like Senator Warren who have committed to campaign finance reform. In order for progressives like Warren to defeat their right wing counterparts, who are known for being big spenders, these funds will be hugely important.

Now, Citizens United is led by lawyer James Bopp. Bopp argued before the Supreme Court in 2010 that corporations were people and that money was their way of engaging in ‘free speech’. While this is transparently devious, it still held enough legal ground for the Supreme Court to hear him out. Now, the country is trying to fix the mess it’s been in ever since.

The Involvement of George Soros in Democratic Politics

George Soros is a business magnate who was born on August 1930. He is of Hungarian-American descent and is also an active philanthropist and investor. George Soros has been described as one of the world’s most successful investors. He had a net worth of approximately $25.2 billion by May 2017. This put him on the list of the world’s most richest individuals. George Soros who was born in Budapest is a survivor of the famous Nazi Germany. He graduated from the London School of Economics where he studied both bachelors and masters degree in Philosophy. George started his first company, Double Eagle which is a hedge fund in 1969. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros is a very popular and active supporter of the American progressive and liberal political causes. He gives out his donations via the Open Society Foundations which he founded. Soros gave out approximately $11billion from 1979 to 2011 to many different philanthropic causes. He mostly supports civil initiatives that are aimed at eliminating poverty and enhancing transparency. George Soros also gives out scholarships to needy students across many universities in the world. During the early 1990s, Soros played an important part in a peaceful move of communism to capitalism which was in Eastern Europe. Learn more about his profile at

Political recently published an article about the rise of George Soros. It was stated that the billionaire investor gave out $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton. Hillary was running for the US presidency in the recent elections and Soros was her huge supporter. George Soros has been described as a top funder when it comes to Democratic politics in the US. According to Politico, Soros has a 25-year long relationship with Clinton and that he planned to give out more funds as the Election Day came closer. Sources close to George stated that this election period he seemed more engaged politically compared to the past years. George believes that Clinton needs to win the presidency since her rival Donald Trump is not well suited for the seat. Soros also compared Trump with ISIS by saying that he strokes fear. Michael Vachon who serves as the political adviser of George Soros stated that his boss had for a long time being a huge donor when it comes to Democratic causes. He however added that the political stakes were higher this time round.

On an article that was written by Kelly Riddell of The Washington Times, George Soros was involved in the recent Ferguson protest movement. Soros is said to have funded the movement for years as well as mobilizing groups all over the united States. All together, George contributed $33 million in a span of one year to the Ferguson protest movement. This was according to the recent tax fillings of George Soros Open Society Foundation.

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The Political Future Of The U.S. Concerns George Soros

The Hungarian born hedge fund specialist George Soros has recently made his successful return to the world of U.S. politics after spending the last few years working to bring democracy to the people of the world. George Soros had not made a large splash in the U.S. in a political sense on nybooks.comsince the 2004 Presidential election when he provided around $27 million in funding for the campaign of John Kerry; Soros decided to return to U.S. politics in 2016 in a bid to propel former First Lady Hillary Clinton to the White House and halt the rise of the political right in the U.S.

Soros made his return to U.S. politics in 2016 and has followed the victory of President Elect Donald Trump with an appearance at the Democracy Alliance event held in Washington D.C. in the days following the shocking Presidential election results on; Soros himself established the group to give a forum for leading figures in the Democratic Party and wealthy donors a stage on which to discuss the future of both the party and the U.S.

George Soros had initially returned to politics in the U.S. in 2016 after being given an open door to the office of Hillary Clinton to discuss policy options and bring his own view of world events to the former Secretary of State. Over the course of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election season George Soros has been providing funding for many different Democrat candidates in the U.S. over the course of 2015 and 2016, including around $3.5 million to candidates for state level elections. The election campaign of Hillary Clinton was the major beneficiary of the funds of George Soros during 2016 to the tune of around $25 million.

In the wake of the Republican victories in the U.S. Congress and the Presidential elections George Soros has doubled down on his commitment to the Democrat’s and is hoping to play a major role in the coming years. The former refugee has used the Democracy Alliance event in Washington D.C. to begin plans for fighting back with state elections in 2017 and 2018 the first steps in bringing success to the left wing for George Soros.

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