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Foresite Capital and Jim Tananbaum

Under the leadership of Jim Tananbaum, Foresite Capital is heading for some great new heights. Foresite drives development in the healthcare space. Thanks to Foresite, patients with conditions like immunosuppression or food allergies can look forward to a bright future with fewer limitations.

Dr. Molly He Joins the Team

Recently, Foresite Capital has added another great member to their team. By bringing in venture partner Dr. Molly He, Jim Tananbaum has added an experienced winner with just the skills he needs. He’s background includes a stint as head of protein sciences at Pacific Biosciences.

More recently, Dr. Molly He was director of scientific research at Illumina. Her experience in pharmaceuticals has seen her tackle issues related to the structure of antibodies. She has also worked on drugs designed to treat cancer and immune disorders. All of this experience relates to big projects on Foresite’s slate. Everyone is excited about Dr. He coming on board.

Foresite’s Leadership

Dr. Jim Tananbaum, MD MBA, really sets the tone that has led to Foresite’s success. As both managing director and founder, he feels viscerally connected to Foresite’s mission in a way that some CEOs never will.

Tananbaum is also one of the smartest guys in the game. He did his undergrad at Yale and earned his professional degrees at Harvard. He has even served on engineering advisory boards at his alma maters.

In an article on Fierce Biotech, Jim Tananbaum’s successes haven’t just been academic. He’s been supporting innovation and entrepreneurship for years. For example, Tananbaum has invested in Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Sequenta. He founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which was eventually purchased by Genzyme.

Tananbaum has great instincts about business and medicine. In his role at Foresite Capital, he uses his intelligence to do work that helps make everyone’s life better. Best of all, he doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. He is secure enough in his own success to let other pros like Dr. He, and many young entrepreneurs, shine. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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